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Mid-Appalachian Region of
the National Speleological Society


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The MAR-NSSserve is an informational discussion & mailing list for the Mid-Appalachian Region of the National Speleological Society, commonly referred to as MAR.

General Information

The purpose of the listserv is to facilitate email communication among cavers about cave related happenings in the MAR region.

MAR, an association of caving clubs and grottos within the general geographic area, or "region", of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey, and an internal organization of the NSS, is dedicated to the principles of the NSS, to promote fellowship among its members, and to advance the science of speleology.

The listserv of the Mid-Appalachian Region of the National Speleological Society is open to anyone, however, it is primarily focused for individuals belonging to a grotto within the MAR region.

Do I need to reside in or cave within Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, or New Jersey to be a member on the list?

No. But, the information posted here should be of interest to the cavers within that geographical region.

How do I subscribe to the MAR-NSS listserv?

Step 1) You can subscribe by visiting the listserv webpage at and clicking on "Subscribe" or "+ Join Group". Then follow the prompt boxes and add information as necessary.

Step 2) Once you have completed "Step 1", a confirmation email will be sent to your email address with a number. Respond to the message and enter the confirmation number. You are now subscribed to the list.

*  Please remember to add your full name (required) and any other information desired under your "Yahoo! Profile". To edit your profile, see next question.

How do I edit my Yahoo! Profile and Public Profile?

As a requirement for the MAR Listserv, all subsribed members are strongly encouraged to edit their Yahoo! profile and public profiles so that their full name properly appears in the listserv's membership list next to their email address.

   A step-by-step instructions as to How to edit your Profile is available for your use and can be accessed by clicking on the button.

How do I send a message or post to the MAR-NSS listserv?

Once you have subscribed and are a list member, address your email to    Please keep in mind that everything you send to this address will be sent and viewed by ALL members on the list.

Why does my first message not appear on the list?

The listserv is generally un-moderated. However, it is set up so that when you subscribe and send your first message, it is sent to the listserv moderator for approval and posting. All proceeding messages/posts are then sent directly to the listserv, however, due to "lag time" on the internet, your post may not be posted immediately. * Please do not send multiple messages if your message is not initially posted. Please allow a minimum of 24-36 hours.

Do I have to send something to this list?

No. You can remain a subscriber and receive all the postings. You are not obligated to send anything. The list is provided only as a convenience to its members and is for the dissemination of relevant information.

How do I change my email address?

A subscribed member can NOT change his or her email address as your membership account is recognized by the email address that you entered when originally subscribing to the listserv. If you wish to have postings from the listserv sent to a different email address, you MUST re-subscribe to the listserv using your new email address. Please kindly notify listserv moderator of change so that your old account can be removed.

Who administers this list?

The listserv moderator is C. Catherman (, NSS #48062, NG #1711, Nittany Grotto.  


Post information that is of general interest to the cavers in this area.
As a guideline, your message should be relevant to the MAR region, consisting of the following states: PA, MD, DE, and NJ. However, informational messages that are posted on other caving listservs, such as VAR, NRO, and etc., are also acceptable as long as it will be of interest to the members on the MAR list.
Do use this list to communicate activities and happenings in your grotto.
No posting of discretional information or practices that may offend members of the list.
No flaming or personal attacks.
No spam or posting of commercial messages of an kind!
It is not acceptable to post specific cave locations or directions to caves. It is generally acceptable to give the county and state for a particular cave. Obvious, but cautious, exceptions to this rule are allowed for cave clean up projects or for cave rescue notifications.

Helpful Addresses

To Subscribe Please visit the Listserv Website below
To Post a
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Listserv Website

Conditions & Disclaimer

ANONYMOUS subscriptions are not permitted on the listserv. If your email is not recognized by the moderator or if your name is not included in your "Public Profile", you may be notified by the moderator to promptly edit your "Profile", see editing Profile above under "How do I edit my Yahoo! Profile and Public Profile?". A reasonable amount of time will be given for you to comply, at which time your subscription may be warranted for possible cancellation.

Messages and opinions expressed on this listserv are those of the author and are not necessarily the opinions of the Mid-Appalachian Region, its officers, the general members, and/or the listserv moderator.

The Mid-Appalachian Region and/or the listserv moderator reserves the right to terminate the "listserv" or any individual member's subscription to the list at any time if warranted. Individual subscription is considered a privilege and may be revoked for non-compliant behavior or posting practices as set forth in the Rules.

The Mid-Appalachian Region and/or the listserv moderator reserves the right to make changes and modifications to this listserv and these disclaimers, terms, and conditions at any time for any reason.

Listserv online since January 2001.

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