September 1977

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September 1978

Spring 1993

Acts of the N.R.O. Board

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The Board fulfilled its obligations under Article V of the Constitution on September 23, 1978 by passing the following Acts at its September 23, 1978 Board Meeting:

Act 1. Membership Requirements:

Only NSS members living in the Region shall be entitled to voting membership in the NRO.

Act 2. Independent Board Members:

The Board Members representing the independent members (NRO NSS members not belonging to any internal organizations of the NRO) shall be elected in the following manner. Prior to the General business meeting the officers will hold an election of the independents present. They shall elect one board member if ten or fewer are present and two board members if more than ten are present. The term of office shall be semi-annual lasting until the next general meeting of the NRO.

Act 3. Appointments:

The officers shall be empowered to make appointments.

Act 4. Internal Organizations:

The following organizations shall be considered internal organizations of the NRO and shall be entitled to send one board member to represent them at board meetings. Regular NSS Grottos, Student NSS Grottos, and Outing Clubs affiliated with the NSS, which are in the Region.

1993 - SPRING:

At the Spring, 1993 N.R.O., the following motions on management of N.R.0. weekend fees were adopted:

1) Moneys collected will be split as follows $1 to the N.R.0. $1 PLUS EXPENSES will go to the sponsoring grotto.

2) All profits derived from meals and any other paid activities will go to the sponsoring grotto.

3) Days fees & Camping and Registration fees will not subsidize each other.

4) All profits above the break-even point from Registration will be split 50 - 50 between the sponsoring grotto and the N.R.O.

5) A final budget will be submitted to the Treasurer AFTER the event but BEFORE the next N.R.O. weekend.


It was voted that $2 of the registration go to the sponsoring grotto and $1 to the NRO. (This amends the first act of 1993 - SPRING)