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(VOLUMES I – XLV, 1969 – 2014)
by Steve Higham
Revision History: 12/14/14


The codes used are as follows:

a accident, rescue access,
b biology h history p photograph
c conservation
d description
g geology/hydrology
h history
i illustration
m map
o owners, gating
p photograph
r rumor or report
x location
Caves in United States
District of Columbia
Maine - Androscoggin County
Maine - Aroostook County
Maine - Cumberland County
Maine - Franklin County
Maine - Hancock County
Maine - Knox County
Maine - Lincoln County
Maine - Oxford County
Maine - Penobscot County
Maine - Piscataquis County
Maine - Sagadahoc County
Maine - Somerset County
Maine - Waldo County
Maine - Washington County
Maine - York County
Maine - county unknown or unspecified
Massachusetts - Berkshire County
Massachusetts - Bristol County
Massachusetts - Essex County
Massachusetts - Franklin County
Massachusetts - Hampden County
Massachusetts - Hampshire County
Massachusetts - Middlesex County
Massachusetts - Norfolk County
Massachusetts - Plymouth County
Massachusetts - Suffolk County
Massachusetts - Worcester County
Massachusetts - county unknown or unspecified
New Hampshire - Belknap County
New Hampshire - Carroll County
New Hampshire - Cheshire County
New Hampshire - Coos County
New Hampshire - Grafton County
New Hampshire - Hillsborough County
New Hampshire - Merrimack County
New Hampshire - Rockingham County
New Hampshire - Strafford County
New Hampshire - Sullivan County
New Hampshire - county unknown or unspecified
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York - Albany County
New York - Bronx County
New York - Bloome County
New York - Cattaraugus County
New York - Cayuga County
New York - Chautaugua County
New York - Clinton County
New York - Columbia County
New York - Delaware County
New York - Dutchess County
New York - Essex County
New York - Franklin County
New York - Greene County
New York - Hamilton County
New York - Herkimer County
New York - Jefferson County
New York - Kings County
New York - Lewis County
New York - Livingston County
New York - Madison County
New York - Monroe County
New York - Montgomery County
New York - Nassau County
New York - New York County
New York - Niagara County
New York - Oneida County
New York - Onondaga County
New York - Orange County
New York - Oswego County
New York - Putnam County
New York - Queens County
New York - Rensselaer County
New York - Rockland County
New York - Saratoga County
New York - Schenectady County
New York - Schoharie County
New York - Schuyler County
New York - St. Lawrence County
New York - Steuben County
New York - Sullivan County
New York - Tioga County
New York - Tompkins County
New York - Ulster County
New York - Warren County
New York - Washington County
New York - Westchester County
New York - Wyoming County
New York - Yates County
New York - county unknown or unspecified
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Vermont - Addison County
Vermont - Bennington County
Vermont - Caledonia County
Vermont - Chittenden County
Vermont - Essex County
Vermont - Franklin County
Vermont - Grand Isle County
Vermont - Lamoille County
Vermont - Orange County
Vermont - Orleans County
Vermont - Rutland County
Vermont - Washington County
Vermont - Windham County
Vermont - Windsor County
Vermont - county unknown or unspecified
West Virginia
Caves outside United States
Belize Canada, Alberta
Canada, British Columbia
Canada, New Brunswick
Canada, Newfoundland
Canada, Nova Scotia
Canada, Ontario
Canada, Prince Edward Island
Canada, Quebec
Dominican Republic
New Zealand
South Africa
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom

Caves, extraterrestrial

Anderson Cave 40-45r
Fern Cave 27-53a ,28-43o,40-45r
Kennamar Cave 28-43o
Neversink 26-112o, 28-5o,40-73p
Nick-a-jack Cave 25-67i
No Cave 40-12r,44-39b
sinkhole near Montevallo 4-40d
Valhalla Cave 33-43o

Black Cave 28-43a
Dougals Cave 26-63g
Rampart Cave 8-29d
shelter caves, Canyon de Chelly 26-61g,78g

Castaic Gold Mine 40-18a
Cavern of Gold 1-109r
caves in Sierra foothills 33-82r
mine tunnel, Alta 37-48a
sinkhole in La Jolla 38-109rp

shelter caves, Mesa Verde 26-61g,78g

Abrahams Cave (Dead Mans Cave) 40-42dh,43-70r
Bashful Lady Cave 33-18h,43-95p
Bears Cave 43-31p
Bill Stuarts Cave 30-95rh
Black Sals Cave 44-73r
Bonnies Crack 35-16r
Bridgewater Cave 30-95rh
cave in Moodus 29-28r
cave in New Milford 6-22r
cave in Salisbury 29-28r
cave near Hartford 38-128r
Cave of the Indian Chief 37-142p
cave on Candlewood Mountain 6-22r
cave on Indian Mountain 30-94r
cave on Mine Hill, Roxbury 30-95r
cave system near Canaan 7-93r
cavern in Granby 41-33r
caves at Ben Venue 31-71p,78r
caves in Bolton Notch 44-73r
caves in Litchfield County 6-100d
Colebrook Cave/Cavern 1-20d,76r,38-84h
Copperhead Cave 35-17dm
Devils Den, Sterling 29-28r,41-60r
Dragons Hole (Devils Den) 44-54d,55xpm,73r
drains below Hartford 38-28r
Glawackus Cave 28-78dp,81m
Glory Hole 35-18dm
Indian cave in Salisbury 30-94r
Indian Council Caves 20-14d
Jack in the Pulpit Cave 43-94p
Judges Cave 26-54i,34-62rp,41-99h,44-59r
King Phillips Cave 1-72dxm,20-13d,27-101p,34-62rp,110rg,40-75a
Leather Mans Cave 44-4r
Leatherman Cave, Jericho Bridge 30-96r
Leatherman Cave, Watertown 30-95r
Leetes Island Cave 37-3c
Lions Den, Brooklyn 29-27r
Lost Creek 15-14r
mine tunnel, Cheshire 37-48r
Moodus Cave 44-73r
Natural Ice House near Meriden 7-22d
Natural Ice House of Northford 7-22d
Newgate Prison Mine 40-40b
Not Federal Offense Cave 35-16d,17m
Old Indian Cave, East Hampton 43-31p
Philips Cave 34-63rp
Pootatuck Indian shelter caves 30-95r
Queen Annes Cave 1-72dxm
reported cave in marble 6-101d
Roxbury Mine 30-87dc,34-111cp,37-60hp,61dp,62m,64p,65p,66p,83c,89r,40-45b
Salisbury Cave 9-69d
Shouldabeenmore Cave 1 41-122d,123mp
Shouldabeenmore Cave 2 41-122d,123m
six Leatherman caves, Woodbury 30-95r
small marble cave, Bolton 37-7r
Squaw(s) Cave 42-73r, 44-73r
Squaws Kitchen 44-123hdp Talcott Mountain Caves (see King Phillips and Queen Annes Caves)
talus caves near Norwich 21-31r (S)
talus caves near Squaw Rock 44-124r
talus caves, Sleeping Giant State Park 37-3r,7r
Three Judges Cave 35-16r
Tory Cave, New Milford 30-95d
Tory Den, Burlington 30-94d,95x
Tory(s) Cave 37-7r,47c,38-75c,107c,39-38c,44-70a
Twin Lakes Cave (Bashful Lady, Miles, Jack-in-the-Pulpit Caves) 6-100d,9-36r,11-78m,21-110r,26-5r,28-51r,
Twin Lakes Cave System 37-7ro
unnamed #1 near Prophet Rock 21-30i,31r
West Rock Cave 40-133r
Wolfs Den 33-113r
Wolf(s) Den, Pomfret 37-142p,43-31p
Wolfs Den, Putnam 37-142p,40-32rhp
Wolfs Den, Stonington 37-142p
Wolfshollow Cave 7-22d

District of Columbia
cement cavern, Lincoln Mem. 10-20d

Big Dismal Sink 30- 75r
Blue Sink 3-135a,10-39a
cave used to grow marijuana 16-29r
Cheryl Sink 30-75r
chimney at Narianna 3-135r
Injun Joe Cave 14-51d
Leon and Wakulla Springs System 38-109r
Little River Springs 3-133a
Little Salt Springs 3-135r
Magic Magnetic Mine Cave 14-51d
Ponce de Leon Springs 3-134a
Runaway Ore Train 14-51d
sinkholes 4-3d,13d
underground Santa Fe River 3-135r

caves, northern Georgia 43-90r
Cemetery Pit 28-74o
Ellisons Cave 1-68r
Fricks Cave 28-74o,40-6c,40-45r
Hurricane Cave 28-74o
Rock House Cave 43-89r
Rustys Cave 28-74o

Kazamura Cave System 26-112r
lava tube 43-104a
Na One Pit 26-81rm
volcanic pit 25-5r

Cherry Mine 35-63a

Bee Tree 4-49m
Binckleys Cave 1-146r,4-45d
Blue Springs Cave 4-45d
Brinegar Cave 4-44dm
Buckners Cave 4-45d,13-31d
Ellers Cave 4-45d
Gory Hole 4-44d
King Blair System 4-43dm
Lamons Latter Cave 4-46d
Marengo Cave 4-46d
Salamander-Crystal Cave 4-44dm
Saltpeter Cave 4-43dm
Shaft Cave 4-44d
Sullivan Cave 4-45d,29-77c
Trap Door Cave 4-49m
Triple-J Cave 4-44dm
Waynes Cave 4-43dm
Wyandotte Cave 3-47d,4-46d,40-6c

caves, Maquoketa 42-42b
Cold Water Cave 1-145r

Bangor Cave 38-48r
Carter Caves 40-6c
cave, Trigg County 42-40b
Colossal Cave 38-76r
Fisher Ridge Cave 28-19r,31-5r
Fisher Ridge Cave System 18-77r
Flint Ridge Cave System 1-109r,2-4r,127d,18-77r,78r
Frenchman Knob Cave 40-45r
Floyd Collins Crystal Cave 28-5r,42-106r
Great Saltpetre Cave 34-41r
Hester Cave 11-27d
Logsdon Cave 40-45r
Long Cave 44-4b
Mammoth Cave 1-109r,110i,2-4r,3-127d,25-5a,28-19r,32-79c,35-62r,37-48i, 41-40r,42-106r,115r
Neelys Creek Cave 38-48r
Sand Cave 33-20h,42-106r
Sloans Valley Cave System 18-77r
State Trooper Cave 33-43r

Maine – Androscoggin County
cave at Sabattus Mountain 29-30r
Devils Den, Turner 29-140dx
fault cave near Leeds 3-74r,25-21r
Ledge House Cave 29-30r

Maine – Aroostook County
Colony Brook Cave 31-109dx,32-33r
Deboullie Cave #1 29-128dm,32-33r
Deboullie Cave #2 29-128m,129d,32-33r
Deboullie Ice Cave 29-128d
fissure cave, Deboullie 29-129r
Galilee Talus Field ice cave 29-129r
Haystack Cave 32-33r,35-112dxm
ice cave, Gardner Mountain 29-129r
shelter cave, Deboullie 29-129r
talus caves, T15R9 25-122r,28-7r

Maine – Cumberland County
cave at Sebago Lake 29-29r
cave in Cornish 29-140r
Gully Oven 29-29r
Pirates "Cave", Bailey Island 33-105p,43-29p,38r

Maine – Franklin County
Bigelow Range talus caves 21 108r
Cranberry Pond Cave 35-123dmp
Fat Mans Dilemma 27-88d,89m,32-33r
Fat Mans Misery 27-88d,32-33r
Granger Mine 24-86r
Northwest Saddleback Satellite Cave 32-33r
Piazza Rock Overhang 32-33r
Piazza Rock talus caves(see also Saddleback) 3 70d;36-50r
pits on Quebec border 25-21r
Saddleback Mountain Ponor Cave 32-33r
Saddleback Mountain Southeast Cave 32-33r
Saddleback Mountain Talus Cave 9 33dm,112dm,14-24r,21-110r,22-21r,26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,32-33r,33-52r
Saddleback South Flange Cave 32-33r
Saddleback West Cave 32-33r
sinks near Arnold Pond 23-18r
small caves, Tumbledown Mountain 36-50r
talus cave, Mount Abraham 34-23r
talus caves, Saddleback Mountain 36-50r,51r
Tumbledown Mountain Cave #2 32-33r
Tumbledown Mountain Cave #3 32-33r
West Cranberry Pond Cave 32-33r

Maine – Hancock County
60-footer west of Cadillac Mountain 38-101p
Acadia National Park caves 21 109r
Anemone Cave 20 61i,63d,65m,68g,26-64g,29-28r,32-33r,33-75p,105p,35-67p
Beech Cliff Cave #1 38-98xr,99m
Beech Cliff Cave #2 32-33r,38-98xr,99m
Bernard Mountain Sea Cave 32-33r,33-88pdg,89pm
Big Bald Porcupine Sea Cave 29-134rx,135p
Big Ironbound Sea Cave 29-135rp,31-138rx,139p,32-34r
Big Long Porcupine Sea Cave 29-134rx,135p,32-33r
Black Hawk Mine 24-85r
Blackwoods Cave 38-96rx,97m,101p
Blue Hill Mine 24-85r
Blueberry Cave 29-122dp,123m,30-9r,32-33r
Bubble Pond Cave 21-47r
Bubble Pond Caves #1, #2 32-33r,38-96rx,97m
Bubble Pond Cave #2 Northwest 32-33r
Cadillac Cliffs Sea Cave 20 66d,68gm,32-33r
Cape Rosier Mine 24-86r
Cave 2, Long Porcupine Island 29-134rx
Cave 4, Long Porcupine Island 29-134rx
cave at Cave Hill, Waltham 29-30r
Cave Hill Cave 34-117dpg,118m
cave in Oak Hill, Otis 29-29r
cave in Orland 29-29r
cave on Bald Porcupine Island 29-28r
Champlain Cave 14 98m,99d,21-110r,22-21r,26-5r,28-51r,93r31-49r,95r,33-52r,36-51r,38-99rx,100m,101p
Champlain Mountain Cave 32-33r
Day Mountain Cave 32-33r
Deer Isle Mine 24-86r
Dorr Notch Caves #1 - #3 32-33r,38-95rm,96x
Dorr Point Cave 29-134p,135r,30-110r,31-7r
Dorr Tarn Cave #2 32-33r
Dorr Tarn Cave #3 32-33r
Dorr-Tarn Caves #1-4 38-97r,98xm
Douglass Copper Mine 24-86r
East Champlain Cave #1 32-33r,38-96rx,97m,99rxm
East Champlain Cave #2 32-34r,38-96rx,97m,99rxm,40-126d
East Champlain Cave #3 32-33r,38-96rx,97m,99rxm,40-125r
Eggemoggin Mine 24-86r
Emerson Mine 24-86r
Enchanted Hall Cave 41-125rm,126p
fissure-block cave near Monument Cove 38-96x,97r
Floods Pond Cave 32-33r
Floods Pond Caves #1 - #3 30-88dmx
fracture caves, Champlain Mountain 38-96x,97r
Franklin Extension Mine 24-86r
Gorham Mountain Sea Cave 33-88dmg
Gouldsboro Mine 24-86r
Great Head Cave 20 64r,67m,68g,32-33r,38-96x,97r,98r,99m,101p
Great Mountain Cave 32-32r,34-118dpg,119m
Grotto Cave 29-138dxp,139m,32-33r
Harvey Elliot Mine 24-86r
hollow ground, Blue Hill 25-24r
Huguenot Gulch Cave #1 32-33r,38-96x,97mr
Huguenot Gulch Cave #2 38-96x,97mr
Ironbound Grotto Cave 31-138rpx,32-33r
Kidd Cave 37-143p
Kimball Terrace Hall 41-126rmp
Little Bald Porcupine Sea Cave 29-134rx,32-3r
Little Ironbound Sea Cave 29-135r
Little Long Porcupine Sea Cave 29-134rxp,32-33r
Lower Champlain Cave 32-33r
Mammoth Mine 24-86r
Mermaid Cave 32-33r
Milton Mine 24-86r
natural bridge, Orland 27-90r
newly discovered emerged sea cave, Acadia 32-112r
Newport Cave 32-33r
Newport Cove Cave 20 64r,67m,68g
Ovens, The 25-54d,29-28r,31-132rpx,133mp,32-34r,34-71r,43-29p
Pillar Cave 31-138rx,139p,32-33r
Pirate Cave 29-28r
Precipice Cave 32-33r,72dx,73mp
Sea Arch 25-54d,31-132rxp, 133mp
sea caves, Bear Island 31-7r
sea caves, Ironbound Island 31-138rpx
sea caves, Porcupine Islands 25-54r
sea caves, Sutton Island 31-7r
Seal Bay Caves #1,2 38-96rx,97m
Spouting Horn 43-30p
St. Sauveur Mountain Cave #1 32-33r,38-98rxm
St. Sauveur Mountain Cave #2 38-98rxm
Stewart Mine 24-86r
Sullivan Mine 24-86r
talus cave, Cadillac Mountain 36-51r
talus caves below Champlain Mountain 40-126r
talus caves in vicinity of Champlain Cave 40-125r
talus caves, Mount Desert Island 36-51r
talus caves, Orland 27-90r
talus caves, Otis 29-56r
talus caves, Precipice Trail 40-125r
Tapley Mine 24-86r
Thunder Cave 29-28r;37-143i
Thunder Hole 33-105p
Twin Lead Mine 24-86r
Underboulder Cave 41-125m,126rp
uplifted sea caves 31-95r
Valley Peak Cave #1 32-33r,38-98xr,99m
Valley Peak Cave #2 38-98xr,99m
Via Mala 29-28r
Waukeag Mine 24-86r
Weil Freddie Mine 24-86r

Maine – Knox County
Annis Road Cave 31-93dm,32-34r
Bear Cave 31-92r
Delano Hill Luminous Moss Cave 32-34r,33-130dbmx
Devils Den, St. George 29-29r
Inmans Cave 28-102dmh,31-97dhmp,32-34r
limestone cave in Rockland 23 18r
Mount Megunticook Cave 31-98dmp,32-34r
Mount Megunticook Talus Cave 32-34r,37-103dm
Pirates Cave, Oakland Park 43-30p
Quarry Cave/Mine 31-92dm,93p,32-34r
Seal Island Sea Cave 31-76r,39-56hd
Wawenok Cave 31-92r,32-34r

Maine – Lincoln County
Birthday Cave 32-34r,36-11r,42-79r,106r
Boars Head Cave (#1) 32-34r,36-11r,42-78dg,79mx
Boars Head Caves #2,3,4 (The Three Little Pigs) 42-78rg,79x
Broochers Cave 29-29r,39-56r
Brooks Cave 37-143p
caves on Monhegan Island 35-108r,36-11hr
Howitzer Cave 32-34r,36-11r,42-79r
Nightshade Cave 32-34r,36-11r,42-79r
Norton Ledge Caves 36-11r,42-79r
Nortons Ledge Caves #1 - #3 32-34r
Schooner Cave 32-33r
Stag Cave 32-33r

Maine – Oxford County
Amphitheatre Cave 41-65r
Blood Cave 23-129dm,32-34r
Bumpus Mine 24-85r
Carlo Col Cave 32-34r
cave south of Rumford 3 74r,4 29r
Devils Den, Andover 29-28r,43-28p
Devils Den, Porter 44-65p
Devils Oven, Andover 29-28r,43-28r
East Royce Stream Cave 39-133dm
fault cave southeast of Rumford 25-21r
Goodrich Cave 23 129m,130d,32-34r
Grafton Notch caves 21 108r
Greenwood Ice Cave #1 28-28d,29m,39r,32-34r
Greenwood Ice Cave #2 (see also Walleys Cave, Wentworths Cave) 28-28d,29m,39r,32-34r
Greenwood Ice Cave #3 28-28d,29m,32-34r
Greenwood Ice Cave #4 28-29d
Greenwood Ice Cave (Wentworths Cave) 21 120dm
Greenwood Ice Caves 3-70d,21 108r,26-78g,29-29r,36-50r,41-65m
Harrington Cave 23 130d,32-32r
ice cave, Rumford Falls 37-143p
Jenks Cave 23-128r,129m,32-34r
Laughing Lion Cave #1 44-98dm
Laughing Lion Cave #2 44-98dmp
Lone Star Gold Mine 29-30r
Lower Mahoosuc Ice Cave 32-34r
Mahoosuc Ice Cave 21-110r,22-21r,23 131d,132m,26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,32-34r,36-51r
Mahoosuc Notch 150 footer 23 130r,131r
Mahoosuc Trail Tunnel 32-34r
Middle Mahoosuc Tunnel 32-34r
mines near Rumford 33-5b
Molly Locket Cave 32-32r
Moose Cave 21-120dm,29-29r,32-34r
Mother Walker Falls Cave #1 32-34r
Nevel Mine 24-86r
Pychowska Cave 32-34r,23 129m,130d
Ragged Jack Gorge Cave 42-76d,77mp
Ragged Jack Pinnacle Cave 42-76dm
shelter caves, Black Brook Devils Den 43-38p
shelter caves, Ragged Jack Mountain 42-76r
Snake Passage 41-64r
Table Rock Base Talus Caves #1 - #5 32-34r
Table Rock Slab Caves #1 - #3 32-34r
Table Rock Slab Caves 21 119dm,26-78g
talus caves, Mahoosuc Notch 21-108r,36-50r
talus caves, Table Rock 36-51r
Tri-Boulder Cave 32-32r
two Oxford County mines 42-71b
vanishing stream near Upton 3 74r
Walleys Cave (see also Greenwood Ice Cave #2, Wentworths Cave) 41-64r,65r
Wardwell Mine 24-85r
Well Cave 41-64r
Wentworths Cave (see also Greenwood Ice Cave #2, Walleys Cave) 32-34r
Youngmans Mine 29-29r

Maine – Penobscot County
Hercules Mine 24-86r
Little Peaked Mountain Cave 28-99d,101pm,32-34r
Marble Pond Cave (Marble Pond Island Cave) 23-18r,28-1p,8rp,9mp,10p,32-34r,41-59dh
sink near Shin Pond 3 74r,4 29r
Swantons Cave 29-28r

Maine – Piscataquis County
50+ footer, Witherle Ravine 44-52r Allagash Ice Cave 25-120d,121m,26-77o,28-22rhl,42c,51r,93r,31-49r,52hp,53dp,54mx,55p,96m,32-25r,35r,33-52r
Bald Mountain Cave #1 32-35r
Big Reed Cave 32-32r
Cave, The (Hunt Trail) 32-32r
caves at base of Dudley Trail 41-123r
caves in North Basin 41-123r
caves in the Traveler Range 41-123r
caves in Witherle Ravine 41-123r
caves near Lower South Branch Pond 41-123r
caves on Billfish Mountain 41-123r
caves on Elephant Mountain 3 74r
Chimney Pond North Cave 31-7r,36-96dxp,103m,37-117dm
Davis Cave 32-35r
Debsconeag Caves #1 - #3 32-25mx,26d,35r
Debsconeag Ice Cave 28-137dm,32-24d,25mx,26p,34r,44-5op
Debsconeag Ice Cellar (Debsconeag Cold Cellar) 32-25mx,26d,35r
Double Top Cave 32-35r
East Witherle Cave #1 32-35r
East Witherle Cave #2 32-35r
fault cave, Doubletop Mountain 25-21r
fissure cave, North Brother 28-7r
fissure in Witherle Ravine 30-17r
fissure on The Owl 30-17r
Gateway Cave 32-35r
Horse Mountain Cave #1, #2 32-34r
Huff Silver Mine 29-30r
ice caves, Baxter State Park 31-78r
ice caves near Sebec Lake 10 21dx,43-28p
Lower Allagash Ice Cave 28-22dp,23m,32-34r
Lower Pamola Cave 35-93d,94pm,41-123r
Middle Moose and Squirrel Cave 32-34r
Middle Pamola Cave 35-94pm,95d,41-123r
Moose and Squirrel Cave 24 16d,18m,25-88r,26-5r,78g,28-51r,93r,31-49r,32-4r,33-52r
Moose and Squirrel Satellite Cave 25-88r,32-34r
new talus caves, Baxter State Park 32-8r
North Basin Caves A - G 32-35r
Northeast Fort Mountain Cave 32-35r
Northeast Pathfinder Cave 32-35r
Pamola Caves 36-50r
Pamola Ice Cave (Pamola Cave, Pamola Purgatory, see also Upper Pamola Cave) 3 70d,21 109r,32-35r,35-93p,95dpm,96p,41-124p
Pathfinder Cave 12 34d,36m,14-24r,21-110r,22-21r,26-5r,36-51r
Peak of Ridges Hari-Kari Cave 32-35r
Peak of Ridges Trailside Cave 32-35r
Peak of Ridges Trailside Maze 32-35r
Ripogenus Gorge Cave #1 33-98pd,99m
Ripogenus Gorge Cave #2 33-99dm,100p
Ripogenus Gorge Cave #3 33-99dm,100p
Ripogenus Gorge Cave 25-121r
Satans Cave 34-64dpm
Sebec Ice Cave 31-134d,135m,32-25r,35r,43-28p
South Turner Mountain Caves C,D 32-35r
Southeast Russell Mountain Cave 32-35r
Southwest Pathfinder Cave 28-51r,93r,31-49r,32-35r,33-52r
Table Edge Cave 32-35r,44-52r
talus cave, Little North Basin 28-7r
talus cave, Northwest Basin 28-7r
talus caves, Baxter State Park 21 109r,36-51r
talus caves, Chimney Pond 36-96r
Traveler Summit Cave 32-35r
Twin Towers Cave 25-88d,89m,26-5r,78g,28-51r,93r;31-49r,32-34r,33-52r
Twin Towers Satellite Cave 25-88r
underwater cave, Baxter Park 6 76r
underwater cave, Shin Ponds 23-18r
Upper Moose and Squirrel Cave 32-34r
Upper Moose and Squirrel Satellite Cave 32-34r
Upper Pamola Cave (see also Pamola Cave) 41-123r
Wassataquoik Cave #3 32-35r
West Billfish Caves #1 - #3 32-35r
West Witherle Cave 32-35r
Witherle E T Cave 15 15d,16m,21-110r,22-21r,26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,32-35r,33-52r,36-51r,44-52r

Maine – Sagadahoc County
limestone caves, Phippsburg 29-140r
Mount Ararat Sea Cave #1 37-106dg,107pm
Mount Ararat Sea Cave #2 37-106dg,106p,107m
Murderers Cave 32-35r

Maine – Somerset County
250 footer, Safford Notch 35-123r
Avery Peak Foot Cave A 32-35r
Avery Peak Foot Cave B 32-35r
Bigelow Range talus caves 21 108r,36-51r
Enchanted (Lake) Cave 22 92dhm,95m,32-35r
Enchanted (Lake) Cave #2 22 94d,95m,32-35r
Enchanted (Lake) Cave #3 22 94d,95m,32-35r
Enchanted System 23 17r
fissure, Shutdown Mountain 27-90r
Houston Brook Cave 29-29r,32-32r
Little Bigelow Cave A 32-35r

Maine – Waldo County
cave at Searsport 29-30r
Sears Island Sea Caves 34-51dm

Maine – Washington County
Bold Coast Heath Cave 39-12x,13rp
Bold Coast Hidden Cove North Side Cave 39-12x,13rp
Bold Coast Hidden Cove South Side Cave 39-12x,13rp
Bold Coast North End Cave 39-12xrp
Cherryfield Mine 24-86r
Cross Island Sea Cave 29-28r,32-32r,34-115dp,116m
Cutler Sea Cave 30-97dmx,32-35r,39-12xr
Gullivers Hole (West Quoddy Head Cave) 32-35r,38-133dpm,134m
Jasper Beach caves 39-12rpx
Kendall Head Cave 32-2r
Lamb Cove Cave 30-83mx
Lambs Cove Sea Cave 32-35r
lead mines, Lubec 29-29r
Lubec Lead Mine 24-86r
Magurrewock Cave 32-35r
Mill Cove (Sea) Cave #1 30-83xm,32-35r
Mill Cove (Sea) Cave #2 30-83x,84dm,32-35r
Mill Cove (Sea) Cave #3 30-83x,84d,85m,32-35r
Mill Cove (Sea) Cave #4 30-83x,84d,85m,32-35r
Ravens Head Cave 32-32r
sea cave, Hardwood Island 31-7r
sea caves, Cutler 30-97rx
sea caves, Machias Bay 31-7r
Shackford Head Sea Caves #1 - #8 32-105dhxp
West Quoddy Head Cave 32-35r

Maine – York County
Betty Moodys Cave 32-35r
Blowing Cave 25-24r,32-35r
Old Indian Cave, Sanford 29-29r

Maine – county unknown or unspecified
1000+ foot solution cave 28-7r
granite fracture cave, north woods 42-71r
Indian Pond Cave 32-32r
limestone caves, Indian Pond 28-119r
Mouse Cave 14-24r
sea caves, Downeast coast 30-79r

Crabtree Cave 42-40b
Grieses Cave 42-40b
Roundtop mines 42-40b

Massachusetts - Berkshire County
1605 Cave 42-108dm,109p
Arrowhead Through Cave 41-83mrp
Bakers Quarry Cave 23 54x,60m,66x,25-114r,36-107rp,37-57r,39-43b
Bards (Hessian) Cave 36-20r
Bats Den Cave 22 85g,86m,21-111r,25-114r,26-5r,28-51r,31-49r,33-52r,39-43b,41-10b
Bear Rock Stream Cave 21-111r,25-115r
Bears Den, Great Barrington 38-95r
Bears Den, Sheffield 41-9rp
Beartown Cave 27-119r
Beartown Karst caves 31-89r,36-19rg
Berkshire Cavern 31-20d,24m,49r,33-52r,38-131r
Bill Blackneys Cave 24-62x,63gh,70d
Blanket Cave 24-62x,63gh,68d
Blockhouse Cave 23 61g,66x
Blowing Porky Hole 42-112m
boulder cave, Pittsfield 37-7r
boulder caves, The Gulf 36-19hr
Brodie Mountain Cave 21-111r,23 54x,25-116r
Brodie Slot Cave (Hooker Pit) 42-110r
Brookside Cave 24-62x,63gh,70d,41-121g
Buckleys Cave 23 54x,57g
Cat Hole Cave 14 30dh,21-111r,25-114r,29-59r,34-110o,36-18g,38-61r,44-45r
cave “in Berkshire” 40-133r
cave in Adams 29-59r,40-133r
cave in Lanesboro 40-133r
cave in Lenox 6 50r
cave in Richmond 38-77r
cave near Hoosac Tunnel 27-119r
cave near lime quarry, Lee 27-119r
cave near Pulpit Rock 36-18pg
cave near West Stockbridge 40-133r
cave on Hawks Peak 37-15r
caves at Farnams 43-101c
caves in Lenox 28-20r
caves in New Marlborough 29-59r,40-133r
caves in North Tunnel, Farnams 27-119r
caves near Pittsfield 6 101d
caves near Williamstown 10 30d
China Room Cave 42-112rm,113p
Coffin Cave 21 99r,24-62x,63gh,68d,69m,25-104r,115r,26-6r,77o,36-20r
Cone Brook Cave 36-20r
Constitution Cave 23 54x,62m,63g,34-33p
Constitution Hill Cave 36-20rm
Convention Cave 10 69r,12 31d,32m,20 85m,21-111r,23 54x,63m,63g,25-116r,36-20r,38-48r,77r
Convention Crawl Cave 23 54x,63g
Coon Hollow Cave 7-93r,21-111r,23 54x,24-62x,63gh,65m,68d,25-116r,26-5r,77o,28-51r,31-49r,33-52r,36-20r,107r,43-63p
Coon Hollow Pit 24-62x,63gh,71d
Coon Hollow Resurgence #3 Cave 24-62x,63gh,67m,68d
Coon Hound Cave 40-58rp,59p,41-121g
Coreys Water Hole 40-123r
Corkscrew Cave 38-12r,40-124rp,125m
Counterfeiters Cave, Hancock 36-20r,38-95r
Cowbone Cave 23 67g
Crevice Cave (Cave of Beauty) 23 59g,66x
Crevice Caves 36-20r
Crystal Pool Cave 22 85g,87m,41-10b,105o
dark openings on Mount Greylock 21-68r
Devils Den, Alford 25-90g,91x,93m,28-55r,36-18g,40-52dmp
Disappearing Brook Caves 23 54x,61gm,66x,36-20r,37-57r
Dolo Cave 23 87d,88m,24-62x,63gh,66m,71d,25-115r,26-6r,77o,36-20r,107r,41-132rp,133m
Drag Rock Cave 22-29rm,23 54x,64m,67g,25-115r,38-12r
Easy Hole Cave 40-122dp
Eldon French Cave (Eldons Cave) 5-96dh,6 100d,7-41r,21-110r,111r,25-114r,26-5r,28-3o,51r,52hd,53m,56g,57x,58d,59m,76r,30-82c,31-49r,33-52r,36-18g,38-94r,109c,40-18r,41-1p,
Eldons Annex Cave 28-52d,58g,59m
Elephants Den Cave 23 54x,59gm,66x,25-115r,34-21r,36-20r,107r,111b
Elsie Venners Cave 36-18gd,37-7r
Enchanted Frog Pond Caves 22 88g
Everetts Hole 32-90r
Farnams Mine Tunnel 37-12b
Farnams North Tunnel (see also Pettibone North Tunnel) 13-56m,24-89r
Farnams Tunnel 24-89r,32-78b,118d,33-82b
Fern Falls Cave 38-12r
Fluted Cave 43-82rm,83p
Forgotten Karst Cave 40-56rp,57p,42-8o
Found Cave 23 54x,65m,67g,25-115r,36-20r,107r,38-48r
four caves near Johnsons Cave 42-111r
Frying Pan Springs Cave 28-55dm
Glendale Road Caves 36-18g
Gold Cave 28-52d,54m,76r
Goodale marble quarry (mine) 24-89r
Great Radium Springs Cave 6-100d,21-111r,25-115r,117r,26-5r,6r,28-51r,31-49r,33-7r,36-19g,40-73r,109rp,114r,41-70r,103r,44-3r,37r
Green River Caves 43-84rpm,85p
Growling Bear Cave (Waterfall Cave) 22 87g,88m
Harbor Cave 12 78h,83x,13 43h,59m
Hawk Crag (cave) (Bears Den, Elm Street Cave) 36-19r
Hawthornes Cave 22 81r,26-121r
Hermit Cave 1 100r
Hidden Valley Caves 43-87r,88m
Hillside Cave 22 87g
hollowed out boulder, Pittsfield 36-113r
Hoosac Tunnel 28-111r
Hot Pot 28-55r
Ice Cave, Great Barrington 34-20r
Ice Cave, Mount Greylock 34-20r
Ice Glen talus caves 22 80h,81d
Icy Glen caves 8 51d
Icy Gulf caves 8 51d
iron mine, Lenox 24-89r
Johnsons Cave 42-111rm,112p
Jug End caves 42-39b
Justins Cave 23 54x,66x,24 21rm
Kelly Caves 43-40rm,41p
Known Cave 42-110r
Landslide talus cave group 21-81r
leads near Coon Hollow Cave 6 50r
Lenox Canyon Caves (Upper Canyon Cave, Lower Canyon Cave) 42-110rm,111p
Liberty Cave 41-84m,85pr,86p
Lost Cave 28-20r
Lucky Seven Cave 26-64g,36-19r
Maelstrom, The 1-58dm
Man Made Cavern 33-82r
man-made cave, Hartsville 38-95r
Marble Hole Cave 22 87g
Marble Slab Cave 28-61r
marble tunnel, Stockbridge 24-89r
Markoffs Cave 36-20r
Mary Janes Cave 1-4r
Mass Hole 39-37r,46dp,47mp,101p,107dp,108p,109mp,110p,111p,112p,113dp,114p,40-10rbg,23rm,44b,134g,41-10b,42-101r,44-37r,45r,94g,95p,106r
McMasters Cave 1 52d,21-111r,25-103o,116r,26-77o,38-95r,39-20dp,21m
Mistooken Cave 43-83mpr
Monument Mountain talus caves 22 81r
Mud Hole Cave 31-95r
Natural Bridge Cave 33-93d
natural bridge, North Adams 10 22d
new cave, Lanesborough 36-111r
new discoveries near Lanesborough 7 93r
Nice & Easy Cave 42-8o
Nickys Cave 42-8o
Nobodys Fault Cave 32-119r
Nodding Bear Pit 13 51d,58m,27-119r,32-119r,37-57r
North Quarry Cave 29-124r
North Tunnel 32-118d
Nowornever Cave 23 54x,61g,62m,66x
ore transport tunnel, Cheshire 32-43rb
Overhang Cave 40-58m,123rp
Pettibone Falls Cave 1-4r,74r,2-2d,7-13r,12 76x,77d,83x,91p,13 29p,41h,50p,52p,54m,57m,20 88m,89m,21-111r,25-116r,26-5r,28-51r,30-82c,31-49r,32-78r,33-52r,37-12b,38-75r,129r,130r,39-18r,43-101c
Pettibone North Tunnel (see also Farnams North Tunnel) 25-29r
Pfizer Quarry tunnel 24-89r
Phantom Canyon Cave 7-42dm,12 77d,13 47d,56m,32-78r,119d,37-12b,51b,39-18r
Phelps Disappointment Cave 36-20r
Phils Cave 42-112rm,113p
Pitfalls Cave 41-82mrp
Plan B Cave 38-12r
Plumber Canyon Cave 2-2r,12 77d,13 47d,56m,21-111r,25-29r,116r,32-78r,119d,37-51b
Pokie Hole Cave 23 54x
Porcupine Caves 36-19g
Porky Hole 28-61r
Porky Poop Pit 42-112m
Pothole Cave 22 87g,88m
Pothole Spring Cave 23 54x,67g
Powderhouse Cave 12 77d,83x,13 29p,51d,52p,55m,21-111r,25-116r
Privacy Cave 42-109rmp
Ravens Ravine Cave 29-124r
Red Bat Cave 34-62rh,36-20r,37-58dp,88r,39-43b,133d
Replacement Cave 40-124dm
Revival Cave 29-124r
Richmond Cave 21-111r,24-100o,101m,102d,103g,25-115r
Rodent Caves 23 61g,66x
Root Pit 40-123r
Rosens Painted Cave 41-82rmp,83p
Rounds Rock Cave 38-95r
Scaces Cave (Wet Crawl) 36-18g
Scalloped Cave 43-82r
Scalped Woman Cave 25-104r,36-18g
Schist-Marble Contact Cave 36-12c
School Canyon Caves 43-83mr,84p
Separation Cave 1 40-123r
Separation Cave 2 40-58m,123r
Shelf Rocks Cave 42-111r,112mp
shelter cave, Bartholomews Cobble 26-12r
Shepherds Cave 40-58r,59p,60p,41-120dm,121pg,122p,44-37r
Short Cut Cave 23 54x,59g
Silver Cave 28-52d,54m,60m,61d,36-18g
Silver Street Quarry Cave 23 54x
sink cave in Sheffield 26-6d,7d
Skeleton Cave 40-130dp,131p,132p,133m,41-73r,105cp,43-7rp,44-107rp
Sky Cave 37-48r
Sky Peak Cave 36-19gp
Slime Hole Cave 23 54x,59g,66x
Slime Time Back Door Cave 40-58m,123r
Slime Time Cave 40-58m
Slot Machine Cave 21 99r,36-12c
small cave south of Eldons 28-61r
small caves in New Ashford 30-133r
small caves, Ice Glen 39-4r
small caves, Ice Gulch 39-4r
talus cave, Flag Rock, Great Barrington 39-105dp
talus caves near Cheshire Lake 12 62r
talus caves, Ice Gorge 37-85r
Temper Hole 24-62x,63gh,70d,43-85r,86mp,87p
Three Amigos Cave 38-12r,41-83mp,84r
Trurans Cave 36-20r
Two Amigos Cave 41-84rm
Two Feet Cave 40-124rp
two openings near Eldons Cave 1-69r
Undertree Cave 42-109r
Union Street Cave 1 74r,21-35r,36m,99r,22-4r
Unnamed Cave 42-109r
Unnamed Fissure Cave 40-122dp
Valentine Cave 43-39pgrm,41p,42p
Valentine Karst Contact Caves 43-87r,88pm
Walking Fern Cave 27-119r
Whose Fault Cave 32-118r
Widow Whites Spring Cave 23 54x,63g
Wills Well 22 88g
Wilsons Cave 24-103d,104m
Wilsons Cave #2 24-103d
Witches Cave 21 114d,22 3r
Worthless Cave 40-59r,123rp,41-121g

Massachusetts - Bristol County
boulder cave, Norton 29-115r
cave in Taunton 36-112r
caves in Swansea 31-89r
conglomerate caves, Swansea 29-115r
King Philips Cave 29-19r,31-8c
King Phillips Cave, Freetown 34-20r

Massachusetts - Essex County
Bears Den, Essex 34-20r
cave below Ship Rock 34-20r
cave in Nahant 40-133r
cave in Peabody 37-27r
cave near Salisbury 6 108d
cave on Hog Island 30-68r
caves at Den Rock, Lawrence 29-59r
caves, Fort Sewall, Marblehead 39-22r
Devils Chin (cave) 35-110r
Devils Cove (cave) 35-110r
Devils Den, Newbury or Newburyport 29-59r,44-65p
Devils Den, Rockport (Triangle Cave, Devils Triangle Cave) 37-45r
Devils Maze 35-110r
Devils Mouth 35-110r
Dungeon Cave 29-59r
Dungeon Rock “Cave” 43-5r
Indian Cave, Saugus 34-20r
Indian Shelter Cave 32-72rp
Irenes Grotto 35-80ri
Natural Bridge, Nahant 35-64p
Old Indian Cave, Peabody 37-28r
Pirates Cave 29-115r
Pirates Glen Cave 30-20rp,38-49r,60hr,61p
Swallow(s) Cave 30-17r,34-60irh,37-144p,41-57dhi,58p
Syrens Cave 35-64p
Turtles Cave 38-110r,111p
two caves, Essex County 33-7r
underground military base, Nahant 31-68dx,69p,77o
water caves, Saugus 38-95r

Massachusetts - Franklin County
Aunt Dinahs Den 30-133r
Barn Door Cave (Barndoor Cave) 28-20r,31-109r,40-114r,42-47rp
Bat Cave, The, Farley (see also Barn Door Cave) 42-47rp
Bears Den, Bernardston 28-76r,40-11r
Bears Den, Colrain 29-19r
Bears Den, Erving 38-95r
Bears Den, Greenfield 38-77r
Bears Den, New Salem 38-94r
beehive chambers near Leverett 27-119r
Boulder Cave 7 93r
boulder cave, Monroe 31-89r
Catamount Dens 29-19r
cave in Sunderland 36-80rp,40-133r
cave or mine in Charlemont 36-112rp
caves in Catamount Hills 28-20r,39r
caves in Leyden 31-46r
caves on Rattlesnake Mountain 28-20r,31-109r
caves, Sugarloaf Mountain 29-19r
Davis Pyrite Mine 24-89r
Graves Cave 35-126dp
Hermits Cave 28-20r,34-61pr
Hoosac Soapstone Mine 37-71dp,87h
Hoosac Talc Company Mine 24-89r
Indian Cave, Warwick 28-76r,29-19r
Ladder Cave (Cricket Hill Cave) 28-20r
Louise Pyrite Mine 24-89r
mine near Rowe 37-15r
mine prospect near Rowe 37-7r
monks caves, Warwick 29-19r
Mount Owen Bears Den 30-133r
new cave near Gill 34-69r
Northfield Ice Cave 34-22r
Oven, The 36-20r,37-7r,38-8rp
Ovens, The 28-20r
Pumpkin Hill Bears Den 37-27r
Rattlesnake Gutter Cave 28-20r,30rm,41-70ap
Rattling Porcupine Cave 43-40rmp
Rock Rift 37-144p
Scout Cave 30-133r
Serpent Cave 34-103r,41-91dp,92m,42-47r,113r,114m
Settlers Cave 38-8r
shelter cave, Colrain 28-39r
small cave in Gill 31-89r
soapstone mine, Rowe 31-44b
Stereogram Cave (see also Serpent Cave) 42-47r
Sunderland (Ice) Cave 8 12dh,9 31dmx,28-63dhm,34-22r,61pr,103r,35-124dhp,38-94r,44-33dh
Sunderland Cave and Fissure 1 110di
talus caves, Leverett 27-90r
talus caves, Mount Toby 29-19r
tectonic system, North Leverett 8-115
Wildflower Walk Cave 30-133r
Witchs Cave, Bernardston 38-95r
Wolves Den 37-7r,39-40r

Massachusetts - Hampden County
bears den cave, Hampden 40-5r
Cat Rock, Monson 30-68r
cave near Connecticut River, Westfield 36-101r
cave in Chester 37-7r
caves in Granville 30-68r
Chester emery mines 39-9b,43b
Chester Mine 28-5c,40-44b
Chester mines 42-6b
Counterfeiters Cave (Mt. Tekoa) 30-133r,36-101r
Counterfeiters Cave (Plunkett Cave, Tunkett Cave) 30-68r,133r
English Grass Cave 28-76r
Gulf Cave 30-133r
iron mine, Prospect Mountain 24-89r
Marcia Mine 24-86r
mine shaft, Hampden Co. 31-44b
Old Emery Mine 24-86r,89r,25-28r,29r,30r
Sackett Mine 24-86r

Massachusetts - Hampshire County
Bears Den 30-134r
Bears Den, Middlefield 28-76r
Bears Den, Westhampton 28-76r
cave at Clarks Ledges 30-134r
cave in Westhampton 40-114rp
cave on Norrotuck Mountain 37-15r
Cliff Cave 30-133r
freezing well, Ware 8 51d
Hatfield Mine 24-86r
Horse Cave, Amherst 29-19r
Horse Caves (Shays Horseshed Cave) 37-15r
Juniper Cave 30-133r
Manhan Lead Mine 24-86r
Rhenas Cave 28-20r,36-18r,38-94r
Shays Cave 36-18r
small cave, Williamsburg 29-19r
Southampton Adit 1 11d

Massachusetts - Middlesex County
aqueduct tunnels, Wellesley and Natick 40-78b
Bears Den, Middlesex Fells 29-59r
cave at Menotomy Rocks Park 38-69r
cave in Lincoln 29-59r
cave in Melrose 37-27r
cave in Newton 34-60pr
cave in Waltham 37-27r
Cudjoes Cave 38-49r,77r
Devils Den, Ashland 43-4cp,43-35c
Devils Den, Newton 35-64p,80r
Dwyer Cave 32-69m,71r,72p
Golf Ball Cave 32-69rmp
Goochs Cave 31-89r,109r
Healds Mine 29-60r
Indian Cave, Ashby 6 112r,29-115r,30-9r,134r
Indian Cave, Wakefield 29-60r,37-28r
Indian Cave, Waltham 37-28r
Panther Cave 29-59r,37-144p
silver mine, Middlesex Fells 29-59r
Thoreau(s) Cave 34-61pr,38-38r
Tower Cave #1 32-70rp,71m
Tower Cave #2 32-70r,71pm
Tower Caves 38-49r
Wolf Rock Den 30-134r,34-20r

Massachusetts - Norfolk County
aqueduct tunnels, Wellesley and Natick 40-78b
Bear Cave, Westwood 41-30rp
Boulder Cave, Wrentham 41-30r
cave below House Rock 34-20r
cave in Cohasset 41-31rp
cave in East Braintree 38-110r
cave in Weymouth 37-69r
cave in Wrentham 31-89r
Devils Den Cave, Needham (Billy Bruins Cave) 31-89r,41-29r,44-65p
Devils Den, near Holbrook 41-30r
Ellery Cave 41-30r
Fat Man’s Misery, Cavern Rock, Weymouth 37-69r,41-30rp
Grepeon Den 41-30r
Hatchs Cave 41-30r
Indian Cave, Medway 38-110r,41-28r,30r
King Phillips Caves, Sharon 30-134r,41-29r
Lions Den 36-137h
Lions Den, Cohasset 37-87r,41-30r
Maugus Cave (Devils Den (Wellesley), Nehoidens Cave) 31-89r,34-72rp,35-110r,41-29rp,44-65p
minor sea caves, Cohasset 37-87r
Odies Den 34-20r,36-137hp,41-30r
Old Bears Den 36-101r
Ovens Mouth (Devils Mouth, Westwood Cave) 37-26rp,41-29r
Quincy Cave 41-30r
Rattlesnake Den 41-30r
Robbers Cave 34-62pr,41-29r
rock shelter/cave, Wilson Mountain 41-30r
Sabrina Lake artificial caves 29-115r,31-89r,41-28r,29m
small cave in Blue Hills 30-134r
small cave, Cohasset 37-87r
tectonic caves, Wrentham 29-115r
Wampoms Rock (cave) 43-17d
Westwood Cave (see also Ovens Mouth) 31-109r,37-26rp,38-110rp
Wilson Mountain Den 31-109r

Massachusetts - Plymouth County
boulder cave, Brockton 29-115r
Cleft Rock Cave 31-89r,34-20r
Indian Cave, Brockton 34-20r

Massachusetts - Suffolk County
cave in Franklin Park 35-80r,39-118dh
Hancock Woods Cave 38-38r

Massachusetts - Worcester County
Bearsden Cave 6 148d
Cats Cave 6-148r,30-134r,38-49r
cave at Murders Rock 40-83r
cave in East Templeton 30-134r
cave in North Brookfield 29-56r
cave in Purgatory Chasm 32-44a
cave in Southbridge 30-68r
caves at Coggshall Park 33-7r
caves at Cooks Canyon 29-56r
caves in Boylston 30-63r
Church Cave 29-137rm
Dead Mans Cave 40-83r
Deneson Rock Cave 30-68r,34-20r
Forty Caves 7 13r,27-89r,39-40r
gold mines near Templeton 7-67r
King Phillips Cave, Norton 34-20r
King Phillips Cave, Uxbridge 30-79r
Moses Rock Cave 33-7r
Purgatories near Sutton 40-133r
railroad tunnel, Clinton 39-21r,40rp
shelf cave at Cooks Canyon 6 118r
shelf cave near Barre 6 118r
shelf caves, Hubbardston 30-134r
Smallpox Cave 29-137r
Tory Cave, Boylston 30-79r,134r
Upton Chamber 36-38o,37-84ohi,43-70r

Massachusetts - county unknown or unspecified
Beehive Cave 37-144p
cavern beneath Boston Harbor 25-69r
Ice Cave (Her Majestys Cave) 37-144p
Pirates Cave, Sakomet 38-95r
reported cave in marble 6 101d
underwater caves, Boston Harbor 34-52r

Quincy Mine 40-13a

Berome Moore System 1-145r
cave in Shannon County 41-42b
Crevice Cave 1-145r,18-77r
Mystery Cave 1-145r
Smallin Cave 1-17i,41-20rp

New Hampshire - Belknap County
Carbonneau Cave 40-92dm
cave in cliff, Meredith 29-62r
cavern, Sanbornton 29-63r,97r
Cross Link Cave 40-92dm
Hermit Cave 40-93r
Mount Major Crevice Cave #1 39-134dm
Mount Major Crevice Cave #2 39-134d,135mp
Mount Major Crevice Cave #3 39-134d,135mp
Mount Major Rockfall Cave #1 39-98dm
Mount Major Rockfall Cave #2 39-134rm
Quarry Mountain Cave 40-92dm
Rock Cave 40-93r

New Hampshire - Carroll County
Band M Megalith Cave 27-90r
Band M Second Rampart Cave 27-90rm
Big Rock Cave 25-56r,37-145rp,39-97dm
Big Rock Cave #2 39-97dm
Big Rock Cave #3 39-97dm
Bolles Cave 40-61d,62pd,63m
cave in Moultonborough 29-62r
Cave Mountain Cave, Bartlett 25-56r
Cow Cave 25-56r
Cyclops Cave 28-127dm
Devils Den, Cathedral Ledge (see also Devils Den, North Conway) 43-21phid,43-22pr
Devils Den, Mount Willard 25-55dh
Devils Den, North Conway (see also Devils Den, Cathedral Ledge) 35-65ph
Diamond Ledge Gold Mine 24-85r
Double Tunnel Cave 39-105r,40-93dm
Eastman Hill Mine 24-82r,84r
Falls of Song Cave 42-107rhp
gold mine, Chatham 24-84r
Green Mountain Ice Cave 38-136hp,137dm,39-77r
Green Mountain Shelter Cave 39-105r,40-93dm
Hitchcocks Crawford Notch Cave 39-98dm
Madison Lead Mine 24-85r
Mineral Hill Mine 24-85r
Moose Mountain Cave 35-128d,129mp
Moose Mountain Cave #2 35-129r
Moose Mountain Cave #3 35-129r
Nickerson Lead Mine 24-84r
Randall Lead Mine 24-84r
small caves near Falls of Song 42-107dp
Sundown Megalith Cave 35-128d,129m
Tin Mountain Mine 24-82r,84r

New Hampshire - Cheshire County
Bearden Fissure Cave 43-15r
Bearden Stream Cave 43-15rp
Bears Den 43-13rp,14m,15p
Bears Den Cave #2 43-14m,15p
Bingham Cave 43-14r
Blister Mine 24-84r
boulder cave in Marlborough 7 121r
Britton Mine 24-84r
Colony Mine 24-84r
Gilsum & Victory Mine 24-84r,87m
Hidden Glen caves 30-79r,40-11r
Lyman Mine 24-84r
mine, West River Mountain, Chesterfield 29-61r
mines in Gilsum 30-43r
Monadnock Mine 24-85r
Nichols Mine 24-84r
rumored long cave, Bearden Ledge 43-14r
slab cave, Mount Monadnock 35-65p
Surry Mountain Gold Mine 22-85r
three small caves, Alstead 39-4r
West River Mountain Silver Mine 24-84r
William Wise Mine 24-85r

New Hampshire - Coos County
Ball Cave, The 8-38dp
Blue Brook Cave 25-55d,30-136r,137m
Bonney Cave 25-55d,30-136r,137m
cave on Mount Weeks 6 112dr
cave on Pine Mountain (see also Chapel Rock Cave) 40-74a
cave on Wildcat Mountain 7 67r,25-21r
cave, Ammonoosuc River 35-66p
caves in King Ravine (see also Mount Adams) 2-46d,7 18d,21 108r
caves in Tuckerman Ravine 7 19d
caves north of Shelburne 36-51r
caves on Mount Washington 8 38d
Chandler Brook Megalith Cave 43-77d,78p
Chandler Brook Middle Rampart Cave 43-75m,76d,77p
Chandler Brook Moss Cave 43-77dpm
Chandler Brook Talus Cave 43-76md
Chandler Brook Upper Rampart Cave 43-76m,78d
Chapel Rock Cave 33-93adm,120r,40-74a
Chemin des Dames Talus Cave 14-24r
Dixville (Notch) Ice Pit/Cave 4 118dm,14-24r,21-108r,25-21r,29-61r,35-66p,36-50r
Dixville Cave Mountain caves 24-40r,26-78g
Howling Puma Cave 7 19d
Ice Gulch Nightmare Maze 11 30d,31m,14-24r,21-110r,22-21r,26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r
Ice Gulch talus caves 21 108r
Ice Hole, Dixville Notch (see also Dixville Notch Ice Pit) 34-23r
Jasper (Indian Jasper) Mine/"Cave" 7 128dh,29-61r,34-71r
Jeffersons Knee Boulder Cave #1 34-128r
Jeffersons Knee Boulder Cave #2 34-128dmp
King Ravine Subway 36-50r
lead mine, Shelburne 29-63r
Lions Head Cave 13 103d,104m,14-24r,21-108r,110r,26-5r,36-51r
Mascot Mine 22-79c,82r,24-84r,29-62r,36-39bc,37-67rb,68o
miarolytic cavity, Diamond Ledge 27-3r
Milan Mine 24-85r,89r
Mount Adams 700 footer 9 34dm
Mount Adams caves 2 46d,3 5d,69d,6-52d
Mount Adams Ravine Cave (Mount Adams Talus Cave) (see also King Ravine) 3-70d,14-24r,21 108r,110r,22-21r,26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r
Mount Washington Caves #1, #2 44-51rmx
Mount Washington Snow Talus Maze 9 33dp,35m,36r,14-24r,21-47r,108r,110r,22-21r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,26-5r,33-52r,36-50r,51r
Mount Weeks fault cave 6 112dr,21 108r
Shelburne Lead Mine 24-85r,89r
snow tubes, Tuckerman Ravine 36-51r
Speleonalp Cave 6-52d,8 38d
talus caves, Carter Notch 21-108r,36-50r
talus caves, Cave Mountain, Dixville 27-89r
talus caves, Huntington Ravine 21 108r,36-50r
talus caves, Ice Gulch 36-51r
talus caves, King Ravine 34-20r,36-50r,51r,136r
talus caves, Pine Mountain (see also Chapel Rock Cave) 31-130a,40-74a
talus caves, Tuckerman Ravine 36-50r,51r
Tuckermans snow melt cave 13 101d,102m
Wildcat Ridge Cave 33-120dm

New Hampshire - Grafton County
Attic Cave 6-75m
Atwood Gold Mine 24-84r
Atwood Mica Mine 24-85r
Bailey Mine 24-84r
Barn Door Cave (see also MBDATHS) 6-74mdh,7 133mdh
BDATH Cave (see also MBDATHS) 6-74mdh,7-133mdh,36-50rh
bear caves east of Mount Osceola 21 107r
Bear Crawl (cave) 32-96xg,97h,99d
Beebe River Mine 37-67rb
Black Jack West End Cave 44-90x,91d,129x
Black Mountain talus caves 21 107r
Boardman Mine 24-84r
Bristol Mine 37-67rb
Buddha Cave 44-90x,92d,93p,129x
Cap Rock Cave 44-90x,91dm,92p,129x
Cave 031 44-90x,92d,129x,131r
Cave 046 44-129x,130d
cave inside Old Man of the Mountain 39-115r,116m,40-65r
cave near Indian Head 21 107r
Cave of Odin 32-96xg,97hd
Cave of Silence 32-96xg,97h,98d
Cave of the Shades 32-100r
Cave of the White Rats 32-100r
cave on Cannon Mountain 21 107r
cave on North Sugarloaf Mountain 25-21r,36-50r
caves at Hobbitland 30-100m,101dx
caves in Eagle Pass 7 19d
caves near Eagle Cliff 21 107r
caves near Greeley Pond 9-129r
caves near Scaur Trail 35-128r
caves on Mount Lafayette 21 107r
Center of the Earth (cave) 32-96xg,97h,98dm,99p
Charles Davis Mine 24-84r
Cilleys Cave 25-56r,35-127dm
Devils Cave, Sugar Hill 35-67p
Devils Den, Black Mountain 3-69d,36-50r
Devils Den, Rattlesnake Mountain, Rumney 44-131r
Devils Kitchen (Cave of Lost Souls) 32-96xg,97hdp,98m
Dodge Gold Mine 24-84r,29-62r,37-67rb
Dunbar Graphite Mine 24-84r
Dungeon, The (cave) 32-96xg,97h,98d,99m
Essex Gold Mine 24-84r
Fern Hollow Cave 44-90x,92d,93m,129x
Franconia Falls Cave 42-108rp
Franconia Iron Mine 24-85r
Franconia Notch Coral Cave 10 15d,17m,14-24r,21 107r,110r,22-21r,26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r
Franconia Notch Ponor Cave 13 24d,25m,14-24r,21-107r,110r,26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r,36-51r
Franconia Notch Slabs Cave 10 14d,16m,14-24r,21 107r,110r,22-21r,26-5r
French Pond Ledge Caves 36-50r
Gardner Mountain Copper Mine 24-84r
glacial caves, Loon Mountain 28-119r
gold mine, Campton 24-84r
Gregory Mine 24-84r
Grotto Cave 35-127r
Haviland Copper Mine 24-84r
Hawaii 5-0 Cave 44-129dx
Hedgehog Chasm 25-56r,32-56rh,57m
Hi-Cannon Cave 39-97dmp
Hidden Crevice Cave 44-90x,92d,129x
Hidden Shelter Cave 44-90x,92d,129mdx,130p
Hogback Bear Dens 3 70d
Hole Attic Cave, The 33-102rmx
Hole, The (see also MBDATHS) 6-74mdh,7-133mdh
iron mine in Landaff 24-84r
Judgement Hall of Pluto (cave) 32-96xg,97h,99dp,100m,36-114c
Keyes Mine 37-67rb
Kilton Mica Mine 24-84r
KTS (Kinsman Talus System) West Cave 30-18r
Lemon Squeezer (cave) 32-96xg,97h,98d,43-117r
Little Barn Door Cave 33-102rmx
Little May Gold Mine 24-85r
Lost River talus caves 21 107r,29-62r,36-136r,43-117h,44-38r
Lower Vader Shelter Cave 44-90xd,129x
LRC Cave 6 100d
LRTC System (see also MBDATHS) 6 100d
Mahomets Coffin (cave) 35-65p
Maine Gold Mine 24-85r
MBDATH (Merrills-Barn Door-and The Hole) Cave (West Kinsman Cave) (see also MBDATHS) 6-74mdh,7 133mdh,33-52r,102rmx,38-60r,44-44r
MBDATHS Talus Network/Complex (Merrills-Barn Door-and-The Hole-Scotts Caves; also called LRTC,SMUDBATH, Kinsman Notch Talus Complex) 6 4d,74dhm,112r,7-133mdh,9-36r,74r,14-24r,21-107r,110r,22-21r,26-5r,78g,124d,27-3r,4r,5h,71r,31-44r,32-96r, 33-8rx,102rmx,36-50rh,51rh,136r
Merrills Cave (see also MBDATHS) 7 133mdh,36-50rh
Merrills Southeast Flange Cave 33-102rmx
mine near Landaff 24-84r
mine shafts near Bath 24-84r
mine south of Gardner Mountain 24-84r
mine, Mount Sentinel, Warren 29-63r
Misers Cave 36-97dm
Mount Morgan Cave 33-120r,35-127d,128m
Mount Percival Cave 29-76r,35-127d,128m
Mud Mine 24-84r
Nancy No.2 Mine 37-67rb
Nickerson Mine 24-85r
North Woodstock Silver Mine 24-85r,37-67rb
old gold mine, Beebe River 30-119r
Oliverian Notch Owls Head caves 21 107r
Orange Mica Mine 24-85r
Ore Hill Copper/Zinc Mine 24-85r
Ore Hill Mine, Lisbon 29-62r
Ore Hill Mine, Warren 29-63r
Paddock Copper Mine 24-85r,37-67rb
Palermo No. 1 Mine 24-83r,84r
Parallel Rocks (cave) 32-96xg,97h
Parking Lot Caves 44-90xr,129x
Pattuck Mine 24-84r
Pecketts Copper Mine 24-84r
Pharaohs Pass (cave) 35-66p
Plume Mine 24-84r
Polar Caves 21 107r,34-23r,36-136r,44-38r,131r
Pond Ledge talus caves 3-69d,21 107r
Precipidome (cave) 32-100r
Purgatory (cave) 32-100r
Ruby Mine 24-84r
Ruggles Mine 24-84r,37-67rb
Saunders Mine 24-84r
Scotts Cave (see also MBDATHS) 6-74mdh,7 133mdh,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r,102rmx,36-50r,38-60r,44-44r
Scotts Mideast Flange Cave 33-102rmx
Scotts Southwest East Flange Cave 33-102rmx
Shadow Cave 32-96xg,97h,99d,100m,101p
Shark Tooth Cave 44-90x,92dm,93p,129x
SMUDBATH Cave (see also MBDATHS) 7 133h
South Franconia Notch Slabs Cave 28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r
Starship Talus Front Cave #1 44-129x,130d
Starship Talus Front Cave #2 44-129x,130dp
Swallows Nest Cave 44-90x,92d,93p,129x
talus cave, Zealand Notch 36-51r
talus caves at North Sugarloaf 21 107r
talus caves below Cannon Mountain 36-51r
talus caves, Eagle Cliff 36-50r,51r
talus caves, Eagles Nest 29-12r
talus caves, Franconia Notch 27-71r,36-51r
talus caves, Mount Lafayette 36-50r
talus caves, Oliverian Notch 36-50r,51r
Tent, The (cave) 32-100r
Triangle Cave 44-129x,130dp
Tuts Tomb (cave) 32-100r
Underworld Cave 44-90xmd,91p,129x
United Mine 24-84r
Valencia Mine 24-84r,25-21r
Waimea Talus Cave 44-90x,91d,129x
Warshaw Cave 33-102rmx
West Kinsman Talus System 28-51r,93r,31-49r
White Ribbon Cave 44-129x,131pd
White Stripes Cave 44-90x,91dpm,129x
Zealand Notch talus caves 21 107r

New Hampshire - Hillsborough County
asbestos mine, Pelham 30-79r
cave in Bedford 29-61r
caves, Rattlesnake Hill, Weare 29-63r
Morisons Split Rock Cave 44-3r
Raymond Cliff Cave 30-136r,137m

New Hampshire - Merrimack County
Ayers Pond Caves 29-12r
cave(s) on Catamount Hill, Allenstown 29-60r,35-127r

New Hampshire - Rockingham County
12 footer, North Mountain 43-120rx
14 foot cliff fissure, Devil's Den Ridge 43-120r,121x
14 foot shelter cave, Rocky Ridge 43-120rx
24 foot fracture cave, Rocky Ridge 43-120rx
6 footer, North Mountain 43-120rx
Above the Wedge Cave 43-120r,121xr
Betty Moodys Cave 37-145pdh
Bindweed Cave 43-120rx,121r
bunkers at Odiorne Point 25-56d
cave in fracture above The Wedge Cave 43-120r,121x
caves at Pawtuckaway State Park 44-38r
Churchill Rock Cave 43-120rx,123mr
crevice cave below triangular roof, Devil's Den Ridge 43-120r,121xr
crevice cave, north of Epping Wall, Devil's Den Ridge 43-120r,121x
crevice cave, south of 100 foot rappel area, Devil's Den Ridge 43-120r,121xr
Den Top Cave 43-120r,121x,122mr
Devils Den Lower Cave 43-120r,121xr
Devils Den, Mine Hill, Auburn 29-60r
Devils Den, Pawtuckaway State Park (see also Pawtuckaway Devils Den) 25-56r
Devils Den, Rattlesnake Hill, Auburn (see also Rattlesnake Hill Cave) 6 117d,43-17d
End-of-Fissure Cave 43-120rx
End-of-Ridge Cave 43-120r,121x,122r
Fritos Chimney crevice 43-120r,121xp,122p
Gorgeside Cave 43-120rx
Guardian Block Cave 43-120rx,122r
Indian Camp Cave, Deerfield 29-61r
Jim Beam Cave 43-120rx
Lower Microwave Boulder Cave 43-120rx,121mr
multi-boulder shelter cave, South Mountain 43-120rx
Nothing Boulder Cave 43-120r,121x
Oven, The, Raymond 29-62r,97r
Overlooked Cave 43-120rx,122r
Pawtuckaway Attic Cave 33-100b,101dm,120r,43-120r,121x
Pawtuckaway Devils Den 33-100bm,101d,120r,43-120r,121x,122p
Rattlesnake Hill Cave 29-60r,33-120r,35-127dm
single room porcupine den, North Mountain 43-120rx
South Mountain Exfoliation Cave 43-120rx,123r
Summit Boulder Middle Cave 43-120rx
Summit Boulder North Cave 43-120rx
Summit Boulder South Cave 43-120rx
Swamp Thing Cave 43-120rx,123pmr
Wedge Cave, The 43-120r,121xpr

New Hampshire - Strafford County
cave on Straw Mountain, New Durham (see also Devils Den, New Durham) 29-62r,97r
Devils Den, Alton (see also Devils Den, New Durham) 44-38r
Devils Den, Barrington 29-60r,97r
Devils Den, New Durham 25-55d,97r,30-136r,137m

New Hampshire - Sullivan County
Beryl Mountain Mine 24-84r
Devils Chair Cave (Devils Den, Washington) 42-107d
Indian Cave, Sunapee 37-145p
Royal Arch Cave 33-120r,35-127d,128m
Sargent Mine 24-84r
Yuhas Mine No.2 37-67rb
Yuhas No. 1 Mine 24-84r

New Hampshire - county unknown or unspecified
Carter Mine 37-67rb
Devils Cave 40-133r
Grafton Mine 34-24r
Mount Kearsarge Mine 37-67rb
Red Mine 37-67rb

New Jersey
13 small caves, Sussex County 42-4r
beer-tunnel, Union Hill 40-12r
Bevans Rock House 35-57r
Bone Cave 35-58r
Buttermilk Cave 39-4r
cave at Shiloh 35-58r
cave in Monmouth 43-17d
cave in Princeton 37-59r
cave in Sussex County 8-51d
cave in Union 41-40r
cave near Passaic 40-12r
cave near Paterson 6-89dh
cave near Princeton 36-133r
cave in Shrewsbury 43-17r
cave(s) in Orange Mountains 2-54dh
caves near Millbrook 41-40r
caves on Scotts Mtn., Roxburgh 39-22r
Clinton Cave 35-58r
Crooked Swamp Cave 13-38a,39a,14-3a,5d,15-90r,35-5c,57r,38-38r,75c,42-35r,43-4r
Dead Mans Cave 35-57r
Devils Cave 39-4r
Devils Den Cave 26-110o,30-82c,38-75c
Devils Hole 35-57r
Devils Kitchen 35-58r
Devils Wheelwright Shop/Cave 35-58r,43-16p
Edsall Indian Cave 35-57r
Endless Caverns 7-91d
Fairy Hole 35-58r
Fox Hole 35-58r
Franciscos Cave 38-47r
Hermits Cave 41-40r
Hibernia Mine 40-9b,41-41b,43-36b
Hudson River railway tunnels 34-56di,58i,59ip
Indian Cave 35-57r
Indian Hollow Rock Shelter 35-58r
Kalamara Spring (rock house) 35-58r
Leigh Cave 11-53d,26-3o,42r,76r,28-41g,30-4r,31-44r,32-4r,34-6o,35-5c,43r,36-3r,38-75c,43-4r
mine shaft, Morris County 28-4a
Moodys Rock (shelter cave) 35-57r
new cave, Sussex County 42-4r
New Jersey Zinc Mine 24-90d
Owens Cave 35-58r
Papakating Cave 35-58r
Peapack Cave 11-53d
Peapack Quarry Cave 33-136dh,137m,38-38r,40-25d,41-40r
Petite Interior Cave 43-36r
Post Hole Cave 35-57r
rail tunnel under Hudson River 40-76r
Roomy Mine 31-60mrx
shelter near Yellow Frame Church 35-58r
sinkhole, New Brunswick 24-77a
sinkhole, Route 519 26-76r
six small caves near Johnsonburg 42-35r
small caves at Delaware Water Gap 37-86r
small caves near Monroe 35-57r
Spruce Run Cave 35-58r
Supplees Mill Cave 35-58r
Surprise Cave 7-91d
Sybils Cave 36-70hpc,41-39r
talus caves, Hunterdon County 41-40r
Todd Rock Shelters 35-57r
Van Horn Ice Cave 34-23r
Van Syckles Cave 41-32d
voids, Gladstone/Peapack 42-73r
Warbasse Caves 35-57r
Warsaw Rock Shelters 39-4r
Wild Cat Rock (shelter cave) 35-57r
Wolf Den (Waterfield Cave) 35-58r
zinc mines 25-28r

New Mexico
Black Cave 29-113r
Carlsbad Caverns 26-65I
Cave of the Madonna 7-104d
Cottonwood Cave 30-6r
Hidden Cave 29-113r,30-6r
Lechuguilla Cave 28-19r,30-6r,35-84rp
New Cave 9-96d

New York - Albany County
120 footer, Thacher Park 44-10g
20 new caves 8-34r
200 footer in southern county 9-51r
300 footer, central Albany Co. 26-76r
Airport Cave 1-60d,6-67dm,20-43m,27-49r,38-48r,43-80g
along Indian Ladder Trail 6-45d
artificial indoor cave 25-37r
ASOC Cave (see Two Second Pit)
at foot of Copeland Hill 3-148r,6-66dh
Bass Cave 8-34r,44-10g
Beaverdam Springs 3-148r
Bee-Line Cave 3-20r
Berne Cavern 3-136r
Bethlehem Caverns 30-126r
Bottom Cave 33-117r
Boy Scout Caves #1 and #2 (see Camp Allen Cave System)
Brokendown Cave 4-71dx,27-48r,43-80r
Camo Cave 34-73r
Camoflaged Cave 4-80dx
Camp Allen Cave System (Boy Scout Caves, Cub Scout Caves, Camp Allen Shelter Caves, Spider Web Cave) 1-9d,4-33dxm,5-2d
Camp Allen Shelter Caves (see also Camp Allen Cave System) 4-36d
cave at Hollyhock Hollow 38-48r
cave behind Minelot Falls 43-19r
cave behind Outlet Creek Falls 43-19r
cave east of Collabeck Road 6-50r
cave in roadcut south of Thacher Park 38-39b
Cave Ledge Cave 1-62d,41-127mx,128r
cave near Church Cave 33-104r
cave on Beebe Road 31-95r,43-73ap
cave on Copeland Hill 27-60r
Cave-on-a-Ledge 1-62d,41-127x,128rm
cavern near Celucks (Clarks) 30-126r
cavern north of Pucker St. 30-126r
caverns southwest of Albany 30-126r
caves near Clarksville 6-7d
caves near Drydens 6-8d
caves near filtration plant 1-75r,6-7d,9d
caves near Font Grove Road 40-83r
caves on property of professor 8-141r
caves with arrowheads south of Clarksville 6-7d
Chatter-Stone-Hole (Chatterstone Hole) System (Slingerlands Hellhole, Georges Surprise, Chatterbox Cave, Sump Cave, Chokestone Pit)
Chatterbox Cave 42-84xd,86dm,88r
Childs Cave 43-63r
Chockstone Pit 31-95r
Chokestone Pit 42-84x,85mo,86dm,88r
Church Cave 1-27a,75r,2-21g,30dr,3-20r,136r,5-84a,6-6r,18-33r,22-21r,27-11r,28-3o,30-81c,32-110o,33-4c,114g,115gx,
Church-Wagonwheel System 34-45g,37-121o,43-79g
Clarksville Cave (see also Wards-Gregory Cave) 3-20r,59r,136r,6-117dh,7-13r,50d,61dhm, 66dm,93r,113d,8-5p,11-83r,12-13a,
15a,22p,14-77m,78g,15-62a,90r,16-1i,5g,16-105r,17-108a,113h,123r, 19-19r,81r,20-56r,122g,21-121h,22-21r,72a,23-37a,86r,
34-6o,11r,15m,38oc,103oc,106rp,111r, 35-3co,420,50o,74ac,75cr,76o,105c,108o,118ag,36-37c,40r,42r,60d,61m,80r,114a,
Clarksville-Osborne System 16-90r
Cliff Corner Cave 33-115x,116dmx
Cliffside Cave 4-71dx
Cow Jaw Cave 7-121r
Crossbones Cave 30-45x,47d,48p,49m,50p,74r,107o,115dp,116dp,117dp,31-7r,85m,110r,119m,120rm,32-53g,87r,33-25ob,
Crumple Cave 9-105p,107dm,20-53m
Cub Scout Caves (see also Camp Allen Cave System) 4-36d
Devils Hole 30-119r
Diamond Hill Cave 1-62d,41-127x,128rm
Diddly Cave 3-58r,6-114dhxm,7-121r,20-45m,21-8m,23-86r,25-69b,27-11r,28-41o,73c,33-114g,34-11r,38-60r,43-79r,44-44r
Dirtbag Cave 1-34dxm
Disappearing Stream Sink 1-40dxm,2-18d
Dribblemouth Cave 4-71dx,42-90dm
Dry Gulch Cave (Fox Cave) 3-20r,7-15dxm,43-54h,55d,56m
Dynamint Ridge Caves 28-6r
Eastons Pit 3-148r
Eft Cave 32-59gx,36-26dm,37-82r
Ella Armstrong Cave (see also L. Armstrong Cave) 2-30r,14-104m,27-60r,30-45x,46r,54d,55m,108r,31-38hd,32-53g,34-38c,103r,
End-of-Gulch Cave (Fox Cave, Middle Cave) 2-49x,7-13r,16-95r,19-112r,30-108c,42-100rp,43-54r
Farce Cave 44-117x
Fiatos Cave (see also Kens Kave) 27-11r,30-43r
fissures and pits, Diamond Hill 41-128rm
Fizzle Fissure 3-58r,33-133m,134dx
Fools Cave (Fools Crawl,Bobs Crawl) 1-75r,18-5r,34m,21-47r,27-11r,33-115x,34-27p,43-73ap,44-109hpr,110mx
Footes Folly 3-20r
Forgotten Cave 38-111b
Fossil Fissure 3-58r
Four Little Indians 20-25r
Fox Den 20-25m
Fracture Cave 8-34r,19-87r
Fuds Folly 7-16dm
Gallon Can Cave 8-3dmx
Gallup(s) Cave 42-84x,85d,87d
Gallups Pool Cave 42-84x,85d,87d
Garden of Eden Cave 2-2dxr,40-28rh,35r
Georges Surprise Cave 3-20r,42-84x,87d,88d
Giants Castle (Bridal Chamber) 43-19r
Grade Five Cave 1-62d,41-127x,128rm
Gregorys Cave 17-1i,27-60r,36-76o,38-48r,41-6r,42-99rp,44-37r,58r,107hr,108ip
Hailes Cave (Sutphens Cave,Thatchers Cave, Helmus Pitchers Cave) 1-47r,75r,2-23p,4-7r,6-6d,8d,61d,139r,18-4r,33r, 19-19r,81r,20-56r,21-65p,
22-21r,65p,68c,99r,23-50h,53p,86r 27-11r,49r,28-4b,29-124r,32-58gp,59x,33-115x,34-11g,27p,52r,35-1p,37-82br,121r,
Hannacrois-Merritts System 27-48r,43-79g
Hannacroix Maze (Hannacrois Maze) 7-27p,29dxmp,18-4r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r 25-75d,76g,77m,27-11r32-49rp,33-134r,
Hannacroix Maze/ Sleeping Alligator System 40-14r
Hazel Champions Cesspool Cave 7-121r
HEDS #1 Cave 10-29r
HEDS Cave 7-93r
Helmus Crevice (Fat Mans Misery) 43-19r
Hendersons Cave 30-45x,44-117x
High Point Crevice Cave 19-86d,92m
Hillbilly Hole 33-114g,115gx,34-45g
Hollyhock Hollow Cave 31-55g
Hollyhock System 27-48r,43-80gh
Horse Sink Cave 36-101r
Hunters Fissure Cave 3-58r,21-7r,8m
Ice Cave 43-73a
Ice Flower Cave 27-49r,43-63r,119g
Impossible Cave 10-84r
Impossible-Wagon Cave 3-20r,7-125d
in Camp Pinnacle Area 4-7r
in Coeymans 4-7r
Indian Caves System 16-38g
Indian Ledge Joint Cave 8-5dmx
Indian Sink 6-86x,97r,112r
Joralemons Back Door 25-78g,79x,81m
Joralemons Cave 3-20r,25-78g,79x,81m
Jordan-Onesquethaw System 16-90r,18-7r,77c,104c,19-17r,18m,19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,44-44r
Jordan(s) Water Cave (Jordan(s) Cave) 2-48dx,3-20r,43-54r
Judds Cave (Acme Cave, Bear Cave) 3-136r,25-108i,34-28p,41-62p
Kastning Kave 1-60d
Kens Kave (Fiatos Cave) 30-45x,51d,53m,32-45r,53g,36-1p,38-47r, 40-97b,42-100rp
Kepler farm sinkholes 17-23r
Knox Annex Cave 2-21g,3-20r,49d,6-50r,86x,30-45x,46r,43-119xg
Knox Cave (Roaches Cave) 1-4c,47r,74r,75r,99r,102r,138a,146r,2-4dr,6p,30r,37dhm,3-12d,51d,83w,121dm,136r,
27-4h,11r,60r,28-98hd,99p,110r,29-39p,55hc,56r,67grm,68m,97r,124r, 30-1p,44h,45x,49m,76a,78r,106i,109c,112dp,113m,
Knox-Fossil-Beckers Cave 18-5r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,23-86r,27-11r,49r,40-15r,39c,44b,74p,82r,97b,112r,133r,41-6r,111c,44-10g
Knox-Skull Cave System 17-32g,43m,42-1p,5b,16hp,17m,18h,22mh,23mh,24mh,38b,73r,100r,43-4r,9b,20r,25hp,70h,79r, 91h,103r,119xg,44-39p,44r,45r,58b,61r,89rb
L. Armstrong Cave (see also Ella Armstrong Cave) 6-50r,86x
Ladder Cave 39-7c,104r,40-39c
Ladder Dig Cave 34-12dxp,13dm,14p,15m,44-70ap
LaSelles Hellhole 27-12r,13xm
Leonards Cave 7-121r,8-8r
Little Dirtbag Cave 1-34dx
Livingston Cave 6-61d,19-89d,90m,30-126r,38-48r
Loop Cave 3-20r
Lost Horizon Cave (Fallen Rock Cave) 43-19r
Lost Horizon Caves 33-115x,116dx
Lunchstop Cave 3-58r
Mad Dog Cave 8-1p
Mammoth Cave 34-28p
Mayo Cave 27-59r
Mayos Cave 4-33x
maze system, Deans Mills Falls 6-50r
Merritts Cave 20-55r,25-76d,78g,79x,33-134d
Micro Cave 7-13r,19-92m
Mosquito Cave 3-58r,7-62dm
Natures Way Cave 27-85r,30-74r,31-9d,83m,107r,122dp,123p,124p,125m,126p,127p,33-114g,115gx,117r,34-11g,45g,35-7g,9x,39-43b, 40-98b
near Diamond Hill 1-61d
near Street Road 1-100r
new cave at Hollyhock Hollow 25-37r
new cave in Thacher Park 6-114r
new cave near Clarksville 9-51r
new cave over Skull 25-37r
new caves at Thacher Park 36-101r
new caves, Delmar quad. 27-103r
new dig near Clarksville 8-34r
new pit E of Rarick Rd. 9-51r
new sink 3-23dhx,139gr,6-86x
new sinkhole, Hargrave property 7-93r
Novemberkill Cave 32-59gx,36-26d,27m,37-82r,39-3r,43-79g
Old Skull Cave 6-84dxm,27-60r,30-44hp,45x,36-64hp,43-80r
One Way Pit 19-92dm
Onesquethaw Cave (Deweys Cave, Tri-County Cave)) 1-7o,2-48dxmp,3-20r,136r,6-50r,7-93r,8-145m,9-96x,16-105r,22-1p,4a,6a,10a,40a,23-75c,
Onesquethaw-Jordans Cave 27-11r,38-60r
Onesquethaw System (Tri-County System) 43-54r
Osborn Cave (Cold Spring Cave) 7-64dm,38-48r,43-20r,44-37r
Overhead Cave 1-60d,6-67dm,20-43m,27-49r,38-48r,43-80g
Palamountains Pinchout 7-121r
passage above springs, near Skull Cave 37-70r
Pettingill Cave 3-20r
Phoebe Cave 44-117gx,118p,119p,120p,121m,122p
Phoebe Pit 12-31x,60g,27-50r,37-134b
Polje System 27-48r,43-80g
Pollizzis Sink 1-21g
Porkys Fissure 1-61d
Porkys Pit 33-132d,133mx
Przysiecki Caves 3-58r
Przysiecki Pit(s) 27-49r,43-63r,119g
Pseudo Cave 3-20r
Quasi Cave 3-20r
Raccoon Caves 3-20r
Red Paint Mine, Minelot Falls 6-46dh
Reservoir Cave 1-58r,3-8dxm
Roadside Cave 32-64r,38-48r,42-84x
rushing water under field 7-13r
S.H.E.D. Cave 5-58dxm,6-50r
Salzers Cave 43-80g
Salzer System 27-48r
Shakos Coon Hole 17-21d,22m
shelter cave, Bearpath 41-63p
shelter caves at High Point 26-12r
shelter caves at Indian Ladder 26-12r
Shortbox (Short Box) Cave 37-1p,44-47rm
Shortcut Cave 19-89m
significant find, Diamond Hill 27-49r
sinks west of Chatterstone System 42-8r
Sleeping Alligator Cave 40-14r
Skull Cave 1-44o,2-2d,21g,3-20r,31d,59r,48r,4-95d,103dm,5-7dma,84a,98dm,6-41dm,79p,81dm,84xm,88r,97r,119d,7-121r,
9-74r,16-53r,17-38m,40m,18-9r,77r,19-19r,81r,20-55r,22-21r,23-86r, 26-50dh,53m,91dhp,93m,27-11r,22dh,23m,25p,26p,30p,60r,
119r,30-44h,45x,71p,32-45r,53g,33-55d,34-131r, 35-19h,49h,37-130r,131h,132m,38-60r,61r,131r,40-18r,99g,42-13a,43-4r,57rh, 79r,44-44r,45r,117x
Skunk Ledge Cave 1-61d,41-127rmx,42-13a
Slingerlands Hellhole (see also Chatter-Stone-Hole) 1-10d,42-84x,87md,88d
small cave at cliff top 9-51r
Small Mouth Bass Cave 8-34r
Small Mouth Cave 8-34r,44-10g
Small Wonder Cave 20-25m,29-4r
Smellow Yellow Cave 33-116r
South Bethlehem Cave 11-3c,17-12d,13m,123d,27-59r,30-81c,31-8c,107c,33-4c,39-43b,42-18r,44-59r,61r
Spider Web Cave (see also Camp Allen Cave System) 4-36d
Stalker Cave 3-58r
Stonewall Cave 33-117r
Stream Sink Cave 37-16m
sulfur spring, Bennett Hill 7-13r
Sump Cave 31-95r,42-84xd,86dm,88rh
Sumptin Else Cave 34-45g
Sunday Cave 44-10g
Syncline Cave 4-71dx
T.V. Tower Cave 3-20r,27-85r,33-114g,115x,34-11g
Tenant Farm Cave 37-134b,41-93r,95dgm,97p,98p,43-7oh,44-35p
Thompsons Lake Cave (Bear Cave, Palmatiers Cave) 2-21g,43-20r
Thook Cave 12-20d,21d,24m,57d,19-113hdm
Tight Neck Cave 32-64r
Tommys Tummy Crawl 3-58r
Tory House (Tory Spy Cave) 6-48dhw,15xi,43-19r,20r
Torys Hole 27-59r
Trap Cave 20-25m
Trash Hole Cave (Tin Can Cave) 1-28dm,17-13m,27-59r
Triple Creek Caves 3-20r
True Sink 6-85dxm
Tryon Cave 31-10r,11m
Tunnel Cave 3-49r,16-53r,18-3r,35m,19-19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,29-91h,37-134b,41-93dhm,96p
Twin Pits 4-7r
Two Second Pit 1-40dxm,2-27dhx,6-86x,30-45x,46h,81c,31-8c,35-71p,75d,36-105p,38-87xh,88m,89pd,90p,91p,92p,39-78p,44-21r,117x
Uhll Be Cold Cave 29-111r,116d,117p,118pm
underground brook, Coeymans 27-60r
underground stream near Thacher Park 27-85r
Underhill System 27-49r,43-80g
Valentine Cave 33-117r
Vincent Cave 3-20r
void below Thacher Park 27-119r
V-Slot Cave 24-61r
Wagonwheel Cave 19-102m,103m,20-29i,22-21r,27-11r,28-3o,30-81c,32-110o,33-4c,115gx,37-16m,18m,19p,43-81g
Walking Fern Cave 20-25m
Ward Cave 1-62r,27-60r,41-6r
Ward-Gregory Cave 35-10dh,13dh
Wards-Gregory Cave System (see also Clarksville Cave) 1-77r,3-20d,59d,72d,139r,145dh,4-64d,6-6dh,7d,61dhi,118d,12-11a,41-9b
Waterfall Cave 4-33x
Wedge Rock Cave 7-121r
Wiltseys (Wiltsies) Cave 4-80d,27-48r,28-105m,40-15r,43-80r
Witchs Hole 6-39d
Worlds End Sinkhole Cave 3-9m,19-91dm,33-82r,117hr,118m
Wynd Cave 6-8d,7-67r,13-77d,78m,19-88m,89d,33-104r,38-48r,111b,41-73h,43-38rb

New York - Bronx County
beer caves, Melrose 41-5rp
Black Pit 30-60r
cave at Clason Point Inn 41-33r
Indian Cave 32-90r

New York - Broome County
Hawkins Pond talus caves 24-52d
tunnel in Devils Punchbowl 24-52d

New York - Cattaraugus County
Bear Cave 15-21i,42-93p
Bears Breath Cave 29-20dp,21m,35-109r
Bears Cave #1 29-46d,47m
Bears Cave #2 29-46d,48m
Bears Cave #3 29-46d,40-105i
Bears Caves 29-49c
cave in breathing well 29-64r
The Cave, Rock City 42-93p

New York - Cayuga County
cave, Dry Falls 41-62p
caverns below Auburn 38-76r
near Auburn & Cayuga Lake 4-28r

New York - Chautauqua County
caves at Panama Rocks 10-30r,34-24p,25pg
submerged caves, Lake Erie 16-42r

New York - Clinton County
Bat Cave 28-124r
Bridge Cave 28-122r
cave at High Falls 41-113r
cave near Palmer Hill 32-90r
Darkroom Cave (Spoon Pit Cave) 28-121p,122r
destroyed cave near Ellenburg 25-21r
Hawkeye Porkie Maze 21-46r,28-93r
Hydes Cave 37-148p
ice caves, Lower Ausable Pond 34-24r
in Ausable Chasm 4-17r
Jacobs Well 34-35p
Lighthouse Bluff Cave (Wrack Cave) 28-125d
lost cave on W Mountain 25-21r
Lyon Mountain iron mines 25-22r
near Ellenburg 4-17d
old iron mines 21-67d
sinking stream, Valcour Island 28-123r
sinking stream, West Chazy 28-126r
small cave, Sloop Bay 28-121r
South Valcour Cave No. 1 22-25m
South Valcour Caves #1 - #4 28-124r
Spoon Island Cave (Tucker Cave #2) 28-123m,124d
Spoon Pit Cave 22-25m
Spoon Strait Cave 22-24r,25m
Tucker Cave 28-122m,123d
underwater caves, Valcour Island 26-77r
Valcour Island caves 22-24d,25d,31-88r,40-43r
Valcour Spoon Strait Caves #1 and #2 28-122r

New York - Columbia County
Alander Cave 28-82rh
Belknap Cave (Merlins Cave) 38-108o
Blindbrook Cave (Blind Brook Cave) 34-74r,36-42r,67dp
Cat Hole Cave 35-60dp
Caterpillar Cave 38-48r
cave in Hudson 30-119r
cave near Millerton 33-104r
caves at No Bottom Pond 33-58hd,59p
Cold Belly Cave 35-59dp
Devils Den 33-58hdp
Dragon Bones Cave 38-12r,56r,39-81r,42-9r,43-10r,11pmh,12p
Elsie Venners Cave 39-40r
flooding quarry, Greenport 7-152r
Indian Oven Cave 12-33d,15-90r,22-99o,30-4c,31-44o,33-104r,39-43b,28-82rh,35-73r,74c,80co,83rm,43-4r
Iron Mountain mines 27-96r
Lebanon Springs Cave 36-78r
Merlins Cave (see also Belknap Cave, XTC Cave) 39-3cr,9b,38c,43b,55pc,69p,74o,81om,40-4r,37p,41o,44b,47ocm,48br,98b,
near East Chatham 1-74r
No Bottom Pond Cave 10-29r,22-119d,32-93dh,34-18dp,19mp
Rattlesnake Den 39-40r
Scalped Woman Cave 35-59dp
Second Cave 1-69dxm
Sims Cave 26-110r
Snort Ridge Cave 34-74r,36-18g
XTC Cave (Merlins Cave) 38-12rm,35p,37r,48r,50dp,56d,57p,74c

New York - Delaware County
Mount Utsayantha Cave 30-58dm
Point Mountain Cave 43-129hpm,44-5r
tectonic cave, Mt. Utsayantha 37-69r

New York - Dutchess County
cave in Rhinebeck 43-17d
Dover Stone Church Cave 25-31r
Eighmyville Cave 3-21r,7-13dr,8-62dxmh,38-49o
Indian Oven Cave (see entry in Columbia County)
Meyer Cave 3-21r,8-62dxmh
Spook Hole
Spook Hole 3-139r,30-43r
Stone Church Cave 8-62r
New York - Erie County
Brompton Cave 17-20d,33-77r
cave in Akron 39-21r
Devils Hole Cave 9-59dmx
Driftwood Cave 9-59dmx
Harris Hill Cave 7-41r,67r,141dr,15-74m,75m,29-107do
mine at Akron Falls 25-22r
Rock of Ages Cave 9-59dmx
Scoby Dam Cave (see Zoar Valley Cave)
storm drains, Tonawanda 39-75r
talus cave 9-59dmx
Zoar Valley Cave 28-107p,116pd, 117mx,38-107r,42-11dmpb

New York - Essex County
1750 foot marble cave 36-102r
2400 foot anorthosite talus cave 36-102r
250 foot insurgence cave, Hotwater Pond system (see also Hotwater Pond Cave) 2-34dm
300 footer, Hotwater Pond system (see also Rusty Stove Cave) 2-34dm
along Marble Canyon 2-37dxm
Baldface Pass Cave 31-94dm,32-104dxm
Barton Hill Mine 33-121bc
Bears Den 3-13dx
Big Loop Cave 2-35dxm,3-61d,6-4d,20-31d,33m,34g,22-21r,27-11r,30-133r,32-91x,37-43r
blue marble cave near Cascade Lake 9-94r
Browns Cave 3-13dhx,24-119x,120dp,121m,30-133r,32-121dp,122p,126m,33-8r,37-43r,44-101i
Burroughs Cave (see also Enema Cave, Porcupine Cave, Hotwater Pond Cave system) 6-100d,136d,7-3dhxm,9-36r,13-105r,16-105r,43-101r
Calamity North Gully Caves 31-94dm
Cascade Boulder Cave 34-74r,35-54dm
cave at Pine Lake 34-42r,73r
cave near Minerva 29-115d
caves at Santanoni Preserve 31-109r
caves on Elephant Island 37-135ri
caves west of Dutton Mountain 30-78r
Chambers Chambers (see Browns Cave)
Crown Point Crevasse Cave 14-24r,37-137rm
Deer Brook Cave 41-52dx
Devils Washdish Cave 27-129dm
Dry Channel Cave (see also Rusty Stove Cave, "300 footer", Hotwater Pond Cave system) 3-61d,68r
East Sphagnum Maze 13-105r,106m,14-24r,28-93r
Enema Cave (see also Burroughs Cave, Porcupine Cave, Hotwater Pond system) 2-33dxm,61d,3-68r
Falls Bridge Cave 3-61d
forty footer, Hotwater Pond system (see also Neverellen Cave) 2-34dm
freezing talus, Ausable Pond 7-55d
freezing talus,Giant of Valley 7-56d
Gooley Outlet Cave 33-126d,127m
Gooley Ripper Cave 33-126d,127m
Henodoawda (II) Megalith Cave (see also William H. Lyman Cave) 8-105h,9-83dh
Henodoawda (III) Gateway Cave (see also William H. Lyman Cave) 8-105h,9-83dh,14-24r
Henodoawda Cave (see also William H. Lyman Cave) 8-105h,9-83dh
Henodoawda IV Cave (see also William H. Lyman Cave) 9-36r,83dh
Hotwater Pond Cave (see also "250 foot resurgence cave") 3-14dx,61d,68r
Hotwater Pond Cave System (Hotwater Pond, Burroughs, Rusty Stove, Neverellen, and Porter Caves) 2-34dm,3-68r,16-95r,30-133r
Indian Pass caves 34-23r,40-43r
ice caves at Indian Pass 34-23r
in Boreas River Valley 1-48r
in town of Minerva 4-80d
insurgence, Alder Creek 43-37r
Little Big Loop Cave 3-61d
Lost Pond Cave 6-40d,10-26dh,,41-90r
Lost Pond Caves 1-128dxm
Manitou Abode Cave 10-85d,86m,14-24r,28-93r
marble caves east of Boreas River 31-45r
Mount Marcy Cavern 8-10dm,14-24r
Mt. Marcy Mile-High Cave 37-137rm,44-51rmx
natural bridge near Schroon Lk. 6-117dgh
near Underwood 2-19d
Neverellen Cave (Never Ellen Cave, Cold Spring Cave, see also "forty footer") 3-15dx,68r,37-8r
new marble cave, Adirondacks 15-14r
NW Spur Couchsachraga Cave #2 37-137rm
NW Willsboro Point Cave 24-106md
Old TSOD Cave 28-93r,38-60r,44-44r
Palisades Cave 24-106md
Panther Gorge 440-footer 36-57r
PIG Maze 12-37d
Pine Lake Cave 34-122dm
pit near Hudson Gorge 30-17r
Pitchoff Mountain Fault Cave 14-24r,38-61r,44-45r
Porcupine Cave (see also Burroughs Cave, Enema Cave, Hotwater Pond Cave system) 2-34dm,3-14dx,68r
Port Henry Mine 39-28r
Port Henry Mines 34-24r
Porter Cave 37-8r
Pyramid-Bear Cave 26-103m
Ridge Road caves 28-119r,30-133r
Rusty Stove Cave (see also Dry Channel Cave, "300 footer", Hotwater Pond Cave system) 2-34dm,3-15dhx,68r,6-101d,29-43x
shelter cave near Mt. Colden 26-12r
Short Borehole Cave 32-111r,139r,140m
sinking spring near Minerva 24-119x,122r
Sip-der Cave 27-76m,32-77r
Sphagnum Ravine Cave 12-38m,39d,14-24r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r
Sphagnum Ravine-East Cave 28-93r
Sphagnum Ravine-Middle Cave 28-93r
Sphagnum Ravine-West Cave 28-93r
Sphagnum Sink Cave 12-39d
Split Rock Point Caves 25-50mx
Stone Bridge Cave 43-72hr
Strungout Cave (see also TSOD Cave) 6-100d,8-104h
talus caves near Port Henry 24-105r
TSOD (Touchy Sword of Damocles) Cave 6-100d,8-19d,103dh,133dhm,9-36r,74r,14-24r,20-56r, 22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,34-23r,36-57r
TSOD II Cave (see also TSOD Cave) 8-104h
TSOD-2B Cave 28-93r
TSOD-Antigravitron-SE Cave 28- 93r
TSOD-Cyclops Cave 28-93r,38-60r
TSOD-II-Lower Cave 28-93r
TSOD-II-Matterhorn Cave 28-93r
TSOD-Ponor Cave 28-93r
TSOD-Strungout Cave 28-93r,30-18r,38-60r,44-44r
underground stream, Giant Mtn. 7-93r
unnamed, Hot Water Stream System 3-14dx
West Cave 3-15dhx,27-60r
WHL-Henodoawda Cave 28-93r
WHL-Megaboulder Cave 28-93r
William H. Lyman Memorial Cave (W. H. Lyman Cave, Henodoawda Caves) 9-83dhm,14-24r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,34-23r

New York - Franklin County
20 foot wide tunnel 9-51r
cave, Lower Saranac Lake 42-92p
cave, Norton Peak 34-131r
caves at Twin Mountains 34-74r
caves east of St. Regis Falls 34-74r
Debar Ridge Caves #1-7 42-14rx,15rm
East Debar Ledge Caves #1-8 42-14rmx
fissure, Flat Top Mountain 33-113r
fracture caves near Bridge Brook Pond 24-107r
Furnace Mountain Cave 33-7r
Furnace Mountain Cave-1 32-120dm
Furnace Mountain caves 32-120r
ledge-fissure cave, Furnace Mtn. 32-48r
lost cave on W Mtn. 26-21r
on Cat Hill 1-100r,107r
Rice Mountain Cave 33-95dm
Southwest Debar Spur Cave 42-15rmx
St. Regis Gulch Caves #1-4 13-80d,81m
Stacy Mountain Caves 35-90dm
talus caves near Debar Mountain 12-63d
talus caves, Lower Saranac Lake 27-71r
talus caves, Stacy Mountain 34-74r
talus/fracture caves near Loon Lake 30-110r
tunnel at Chateauguay 26-21r
W Mountain 150-footer 40-26hdx,27m
W Mountain 200-footer 40-26hdx,27m
W Mountain 40-footer 40-26hdx,27m
W Mountain Cave (Norton Range Cave) 2-30dr,3-144d,5-76dm,78d, 6-4d,100d,14-24r,28-93r,38-61r,40-26hdx,27m,44b,53hbx, 54p,55p,56p,
West Twin Mountains Talus Caves 35-15dm
New York - Fulton County
shelter cave, Green Mountain 26-12d
New York - Genessee County
large void under LeRoy 8-115r
near Morganville 4-79dh
two caves, Black Creek 27-60r

New York - Greene County
Austins Cave 21-112r,23-126r,28-84d, 133d
Badmans Cave 26-12r
Bears Den Cave 26-12r
cave in Austin Glen 28-133p,40-105i
cave in Catskill 28-133r
cave resurgence, Coxsackie 28-132r
Cave, The 4-4dxm,6-88r,7-9r,27-62d,63m,72h
cavern quarried away 3-148r
caves near Catskill 6-38d
Crazy Music Cave (see also Moon Cave) 3-6dxm,59r,7-9r,40-15r
Definitely Not The Cave 27-63r
Devils Hole 23-126d
Fat Mans Delight 40-34d
hole near Catskill Mtn. House 6-37d
Jack Packers Cave 6-112r,7-9r,22-21r,27-11r,28-73c,30-82c,31-76o, 40-94d,96m
Limestreet Cave 23-126d,127m
Lizard Cave 7-9r,21-112r
Moon Cave (see also Crazy Music Cave) 7-41r,48dm
Murderer Kill insurgence 28-132r
near Leeds 1-75r
Not Necessarily The Cave 27-62r
Pawprint Cave 6-109dxm,7-9r,121r
Quarry Hill Cave #1 3-6dx
Railroad Cave 7-9r,21-112r,40-34r
Railroad Lizard Cave 7-130r
Roadcut Cave 40-15r
Roadside Cave 6-29dhxm,7-9r,50d,107p,35-49r
Sagers Surprise 5-15dxm
Seesaw Cave 6-111dx
shelter cave on Twin Mountain 26-12r
shelter cave, Marys Glen 28-104dx
sinking stream, Hollister Lk. 7-13r
spring off Bronck Lane Road 6-118d
talus caves in the High Rocks 7-93r
There's One Now Cave 4-4dx,7-1p
Triton Cave 41-61p
Van Bergen Hole in the Ground 28-132r
Von Ripers Cave 6-88r
Vosen Kill insurgence 28-132r
Waterfall Cave 34-52r

New York - Hamilton County
1800 foot gneiss fracture cave 36-102r
80 foot cave 32-139r
along Marble Canyon 2-37dxm
Adolphus Lavigne Lost Mine 41-73r
Atwood Cave 29-25r
Bajus Cave 15-39d,40m,28-93r,36-89r,38-23x,24r
Bear Cave, Cobble Mountain 33-7r
Bear Cave, Kitty Cobble 32-137r
Beaver Den Cave 32-139d,140xm
Bivouac Cave (Eagle Satellite Cave 14) 36-57r,38-23x,24r
Bullhead Pond Cave 33-95dm
Canoe Shelter Caves 32-139r
Canoeists Shelter Caves 2-37dxm,3-61d,30-133r
Carter Ponds Cave 32-77r,91rx,123m,127d, 40-129r
cave at Lost Ponds 30-78r
cave at Pedestal Falls 40-129r
cave at Pine Lake 34-42r
cave, Chimney Mountain 42-91p
cave near Conesville 41-73h
cave near Lost Pond 36-90r
cave near Starbuck Sink Cave 40-128r
caves near Whortleberry Pond 30-133r,32-91r,111r,40-128rx
cave on Thatcher Island 6-22dr
cave south of Starbuck Mountain 32-91r
caves at Chimney Mountain 34-23r
caves at Corner Pond 32-91r
caves at Rock River 33-82r
caves near OK Slip Falls 40-128r
caves near Eighth Lake 36-90r
caves on Chimney Mountain 3-75dp,6-38d
caves on Jimmy Creek 32-138r
caves west of Indian Lake 27-71r
Chimney Mountain Cave 33-18h,44-5r
Chimney Mountain Cave #2 6-101d
Chimney Mountain caves 3-75dp,6-38d,34-23r,40-43r
Cobble Ledge Caves 33-47dm
Corner Pond Cave 32-139dx,140xm
Corner Pond caves 32-11r,139r,140x
deep talus cave, Chimney Mountain 43-101r
Eagle Cave 2-46d,,3-56d,57m,61d,144d,6-4d,38d,101d,136d,9-36r,14-24r,15-39r,18-96d,97m,20-56r,22-21r,33p,43hd,46p,23-86r,
Eagle Satellite 16 Cave 14-24r
Eagle Satellite 18 Cave 14-24r
Eagle Satellite 19 Cave 14-24r
Eagle Satellite Caves 1 – 37 (ESC 1 – 37) 38-23x,24r
East Harris Pass Cave 26-101dm,30-132r,32-91rx,40-128r
East Mitchell Pond Cave 1 28-103dm
Eighth Lake karst caves 30-93dm
fracture caves near Bog River 34-43r
Giant Fissure Cave (Eagle Satellite Cave 16) 38-23x,24r
Good Luck Cave 14-21d,22m,24r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,25-4r,27-11r,28-93r
Good Luck Cliffs talus caves 24-98d
Good Luck Mountain caves 36-89r
Ice Cave, Chimney Mountain 42-91p
Ice Slide Cave (Eagle Satellite Cave 5) 38-23x,24r
Kunjamuk Cave 7-97d,11-39d,40m,25-83dg,32-137r,34-7r,40-43r
Little Haystack caves 30-131dm
Lost Indian Gold Mine 41-73r
Lost Ponds Cave 37-111dp,112pm
Lost Ponds Sill Cave 30-93dm
North Whortleberry Cave 40-128r,129pm,130r
Northeast Long Lake Cave 24-106md
Northeast Rock River Cave 33-126d,127m
Northwest Bad Luck Cave 33-126d,127m,40-129r
NW Little Moose Mountain Caves 30-131dm
Peep-in Pit (Eagle Satellite Cave 2) 36-89r,38-23x,24r
Pine Mountain Cave 34-93rm,40-128rp,130r
pit at Chimney Mountain 30-17r
pit at Pedestal Falls 40-129r
Rathole 34-73r,40-129r,130m
resurgence opening west of Blue Mountain 27-71r
Rotunda Cave 15-39r,36-89r,38-23x,24r
silver mine, Blenheim Mountain 41-73h
South Whortleberry Cave 40-128rx,130r
SE Island Slant Cave 31-94dm
Starbuck Sink Cave 26-102m,40-128r,41-119r
Stephens Pond Cave 28-103dm
Sub-Z Cave 32-111r,139r,140x,40-129pr
talus cave, Bell Ridge 40-129r
talus cave near Middle Mountain 40-128r
talus caves at Little Blue Mountain 25-4r
talus caves near Black Mountain 40-128r
talus caves near Raquette Lake 27-71r
talus caves, Castle Rock 28-40r
Three-Arch Cave 34-73r,40-130rmp
Unknown Pond Cave 32-91r
Unknown Pond Cave 1 29-58dm
Unknown Pond Caves 29-58d
unnamed marble cave, Harris Pass 26-102dm
West Carter Pond Cave 33-126d,127m,40-129r
West Harris Pass Cave 26-102dm,30-132d,32-91rx,40-128r
West Mitchell Pond Cave 1 28-103dm
West Mitchell Pond Cave 2 28-103dm
X Cave 2-52dm,3-61d,6-100d,30-132d,31-110r,32-91rx, 40-127rp
Y (Blue Ledge) Cave 2-52dm,3-61d,6-13dh,30-132d,31-110r,32-91rx,38-111r,40-127r
Z Cave (Isolation Cave) 2-52d,3-61d,30-133r,32-91x,139dx,140m, 40-127rp,129r

New York - Herkimer County
200 foot cave, Ice Cave Mountain 39-66mr,67p
3-D fracture maze, Ice Cave Mountain 23-107r
400 foot cave, Ice Cave Mountain 39-66m,67r
60 foot cave, Ice Cave Mountain 39-66m,67r
Austins Cave 44-60r,61r
Bottomless Pit 3-21r,37-95r,44-21h,23rg,24m
Buttonhole Cave (see also Schroeders Pants Cave) 3-21r,41-73h
Cave Disillusion 10-69d,24-136r
cave near Jordanville 25-24r,34-52r
cave on county line 25-4r
Chyle Hole 24-137r,25-4r
Corregidor Cave 32-61r
Cullen (Kenyons) Cave 22-79o,27-29dm,44-59r,61r
Cupids Retreat 44-110rx
Daves Crevasse 39-65m
Diamond Cave 3-21r
dig in Herkimer County 28-119r
drains below Little Falls 38-28r
fissure cave south of Van Hornesville 34-131r
fissure in Van Hornesville 25-4r
fissures south of Van Hornesville 21-35r
Hinmans Cave 29-119r
Ice Cave Mountain Cave 34-24r,36-88r,39-64rp,65m
Kitchen, The 34-131r
Moss Island pothole caves 22-63d, 40-43r
Mountain Ice Cave 39-131dm
RCRB Cave 36-90r
Rogers Crevasse 39-65m
Schroeders Pants Cave (Buttonhole Cave, Herkimer System) 5-84a,21-9a,64d,35-75orah,36-108r,37-79p,81rp,90arh,91arh,92ah,95r,
Septic Tank Cave 21-44r,37-137r
silver mine, Stark 34-131r
Split Rock Caves 24-137rx
Stairstep Shafts Cave 10-69d,24-136r,38-61r,44-45r
talus caves near Summit Mtn. 32-61r
Zurlos Pants Cave 3-21r,37-95r

New York - Jefferson County
120 footer near Three Mile Bay 21-45r
Amos and Andy Maze 23-86r,27-11r,38-60r,44-44r
Ant Lion Sink 19-24r
Black River Cave 1-102r,2-4d,42-69r
Black River caves 42-36r
Brownville Dry Maze (Brownville Cave) 3-109x,18-33r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,34-5r,38-60r,44-44r,116r
Carleton Island Cave 24-29m
cave in Watertown 25-47d
cave, north side Black River 42-60rh
Cave of the Lost Pool 42-91p
cave near Depauville 30-18r
cave near Watertown 40-133r
cave on Black River 30-89d
cave, south side Black River (River Street Cave) 42-60dha,62r
cave with pit northwest of Oxbow 28-136r
caves in Pamelia 27-60r
caves under Watertown 41-107r,42-36r
Cedar Ledge Cave 24-29m
Chaumont Karst caves 31-110r
Chicken Soup Cave 21-45r
Commercial Cave 1-102r,118xm,2-4dm,3-36d,109x,10-58g,60x,61m,18-4r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,
Crayfish Water Labyrinth 9-74r,18-8r,77r,19-19r,24r,81r,20-55r,21-45r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,38-60r,44-44r
Depauville Cave 31-6r
Devils Den (Devils Oven) 41-64pmr
Devils Oven Cave 24-106md
erosion cave southwest of Clayton 24-26r
erosion cave, Galloo Island 25-63mx
erosion cave, Sackett Harbor 25-63x
extensive cave system 8-95r
Flooded Cave 1-115m,23-92d
Glen Park caves 36-89r,38-39b,39-9b,43b,44-116r
Glen Park Labyrinth 1-94x,102r,2-4dm,3-36d,109x
Glen Park Labyrinth Ice Cave 34-22r
Hornet Cave 23-89r
Houghs Cave 44-116r
Ice Cave 27-60r
Ice Cave (Beer Cave) 34-21r
ice cave, Oswego 24-27p
ice formations, Watertown 7-80dh
Ice Labyrinth 3-105d,111m
Ice-Crevasse Cave 3-36d
in town of Brownsville 4-79dh
Ironsides Island Cave 24-106md
Island Cave 23-92d,93m
Island Cavern 1-114dxm,3-62d,6-100d
Jeffs Canyon Cave 4-85dm,21-45r,30-18r,119r,31-6r,38-61r,44-45r
Johnny Cake Cave 21-45r
karst fissure north of Glen Park 30-18r
karst south of Dexter 31-110r
Knee-Pad Maze 3-36d,63d
Kronos Maze 27-11r
Labyrinth Cave/System 3-104d,109x,113m,115m,9-74r,10-59g,60x,62m,18-9r,77r,19-19r,81r,20-55r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,36-49r,
Limerick Cave 27-60r,34-22r,44-116r
Lost Labyrinth 2-26d,46dm,3-36d,63d,105d
Mangy Maze 2-4m,3-36d,105d,109x,114m,18-6r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,38-60r,44-44r
maze caves, Glen Park 37-20r
mile-long limestone mazes 36-102r
Moulton Street Cave 42-62rh
Natural Bridge Cave 38-60r,44-44r
Natural Bridge Cave System/Caverns 1-114dxm,3-62d,106d,6-100d,7-68d,9-36r,16-89r,18-33r,22-21r,23-86r,89d,91m,27-11r 18-43m,
Natural Stone Bridge Caves 34-107r,42-41r
Newell Street Cave 3-105d,4-19d,18-33r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,21-45r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,38-60r,44-44r,103ar
Pancake Cave 23-89d,90m
resurgence cave, Carleton Is. 24-26r
rime caves, eastern Lake Ontario 25-60d,62p,63x
River Edge Cave 3-105d
River Street Cave – see cave, south side Black River
Rons Mystery Cave 2-15xm,16d,3-36d,109x,110m
Rubbish Pit Cave 1-104dm,2-18r,46m
Sacketts Harbor Cave 24-27r,29m
SCAG (Smith-Carroll-Allured-Gaines) Cave 9-74r,18-8r,77r,19-19r,24r,81r,20-55r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,36-50r,38-60r,44-44r
silver mine on Grindstone Island 24-107r
Siphon Cave 1-115m,23-92d
Small Ravine Cave 3-36d
Southwest Labyrinth Section 3-109x,110m
Spring, The 1-114dxm,3-62d,23-92d
Steves Delight 19-24r
Three Falls Cave 33-44a,34-40a
Three Falls Complex 1-118xm,2-4dm,15x,26d,3-36d,105d,109x,111m,9-74r,10-59g,18-7r,77r,19-19r,81r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,
Throne of Neptune Cave 3-105d
Tunnel Rat Special 1-94dxm,3-36d,105d,109x,113m
Vestigial Maze 3-36d
Wagon Wheel Cave 23-107r
Water Labyrinth 3-106d
Watertown (Mill Street Bridge) Cave 27-60r
wave rime caves, Grenadier Is. 24-28p,30p,31d
Weninger Cave (Winding Canyon Cave) 3-106d,109x,113m,44-116r
West Cave 1-104dm,2-47m
Winters Farm Caves 3-36d

New York - Kings County
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel 34-97r

New York - Lewis County
cave near Greene Pond 21-46r
cave south of Lowville 30-18r
cave system, Sugar River 31-95r
caves in Lowville 37-70r
Green Pond Cave 34-43r,99m
ledge caves near Harrisville 34-99m
near Harrisville 3-3d
Sterlingbush pink calcite grotto 27-3r
Wagon Wheel Cave 31-110r
Weininger Cave 31-110r

New York - Livingston County
Cave of the Owls 42-92p
Devils Hole 35-119h
Genesee Valley Canal Tunnel 6-73dm

New York - Madison County
Bobcat Den #2 36-100rmx
Burns Cave 36-100dxm
caves near Chittenango 34-52r
fissure caves, Stockbridge 27-61r
near Munnsville 4-79dh
Two Entrance Cave 36-100rmx
under Chittenengo Falls 1-99r

New York - Monroe County
cavern below Pittsford 30-43r
large cave under Rochester 8-95r

New York – Montgomery County
cave in Palatine Bridge 23-76r
Flat Creek Gorge Lead Mine 29-103d
Mitchells Cave 2-4r,3-145dh,4-79h,10-10d,30-82c,32-55h,33-19h,37-121o,38-61r,94b,39-9b,43b
Mitchills Cave 44-52rh
shelter cave, Flat Creek Gorge 29-103d

New York - Nassau County
proposed tunnel, Long Island Sound 39-5r

New York - New York County
Brooklyn Battery Tunnel 34-97r
cattle tunnel, Greenwich Street 43-105r
cattle tunnel, Manhattan 44-45rh
cave, Central Park 33-105p
Cave, The, Central Park 36-12hp,41-61rp
caves, Central Park 1-13x,34-26p
fissure cave, Inwood Park 33-4r
gas mains 5-40d
Hudson River railway tunnels 34-56di,58i,59ip
Indian Cave, Central Park 42-89hp
new water tunnel, Manhattan 37-89r
New York City culverts 7-74d,98d
New York City water tunnel 38-28r
Old Croton Aquaduct 36-59r
old water tunnel 21-56d
Second Avenue subway tunnel 43-71r
tunnels below Chinatown 36-59r
tunnels in New York City 33-83r

New York - Niagara County
Cathartes Aura Cave 37-108dg,109m,110p
Catlins Cave 33-68r
cave at Niagara 40-133r
cave in Lockport 32-90r
Cave of the Winds 15-73r,37-149ph
Cave, The, Pearl River 41-61p
Culvert Cave 22-21r,27-11r
Devils Hole (Cave) 9-59d,60x,61m,15-73r,33-96hp,h,36-68dp,69m
Driftwood Cave 9-59d,60x,62m
Effluvia Falls 25-22r
Ensmingers Cave 16-28r,42-82hp,83mpg
Gorge Cave 16-28r,18-3r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,28dh,34-39r,36-22hr,37-25r
Kneegnaw Cave 37-108dg,109m,110p
Lockport Cave 25-22r,31-100hx
Lockport Caves 2-2d,6-114r,7-141d
Milk Cave 15-71r,16-28r,35-86dhp,87p,88p,89p,37-24dp,25m,108r,38-5r,42-82r
Milk Cave System 42-83r
NSU Cave System (see also Gorge Cave) 15-72d
P.I.T.A. Cave 16-28r,42-82r
Quelew Cave 16-28r,42-82r
Rock of Ages Cave 9-59d,60x,62m
Salamander Cave 16-28r,36-22pmhr,37-25r,81r
six caves in Niagara Gorge 37-108r
Spring Cave 16-28r,42-82r
Talus Cave 9-59d,60x,61m
Thrall Hill Cave 8-33dxm
tunnel at Niagara Falls 25-22r

New York - Oneida County
cavern at Trenton Falls 26-25d
Deep Fissure Cave 28-118d
near Oriskany Falls 1-74r
Randalls Cave 40-5r

New York - Onondaga County
Beckwith well cave 44-59r
Beckwiths Cavern (Jamesville Cave) 2-32dhx
Big Cave 27-53dm
Bone Cave 29-130r,131x
cave near Manlius 34-52r
cave on Onondaga Reservation 30-17r
caves at Clark Reservation 30-118r,33-25dp,30x,31x
Clarks Reservation Cave 2-31dhx
East Caves 44-58r,61r
East Syracuse Cave 2-31dhx
gypsum caves, Elbridge 27-61r
Hermits Cave 42-93p
ice caves, near Syracuse 34-22r
in Lafayette 2-32dh
Indian Tunnel Cave 2-31d
Jamesville Mine 38-39b
Jamesville Quarry Cave 39-9b,40-83r
limestone cracks near Syracuse 26-16r
Name It After You Cave 29-130r,131x
Nedrow Cave 2-31dx,31-78o
on Onondaga Indian Reservation 2-4r
rumored cave from Syracuse to New York City 6-39d
Split Rock Cave #1 10-3d,4m
Split Rock Cave #2 10-3d,5m
Tee Cave 27-52dm
two caves, Dewitt 4-79dh,27-61r
White Lake Caves 27-51x,52dxm

New York - Orange County
aqueduct bypass tunnel 44-104r
Bear Hole 27-107r
Big Island Cave 33-124dx,125mx
Bradley Mine Cave 2-44m,3-21r,33-4c
Bull Mine 34-24r,40-46b
cave in Chester 33-70r
cave near Round Pond 27-107r,44-46r
cave on Erie Railroad 44-97h
caves on Mount Eve 31-139r,32-9r
Cro' Nest Cave 2-14dh,16d,3-21r
Cro' Nest Grotto 2-14dh
Dutchess Quarry Cave 3-21r
Dutchess Quarry Caves 35-45c,49r,51c,108r
Graham Mountain Cave 3-21r,33-42o,36-3r
Gregs Hole 3-59r
iron mine 39-42b
Mount Eve Cave 1-63dh
natural bridge, Round Pond 44-46r
near Round Pond 4-7r
on Bear Mountain 2-30dr
Rhodes Cave 27-126dm,127m,30-98d,99m,31-63r,36-3r,37r,37-81r,40-10b,42-40rp,101r,44-103r
Seven Room(s) Cave 42-90rh,106r
Sherman-Williams Cave 3-59r
Torpedo Tube 3-59r
Tri State Cave 36-63rm
Wihlahoosa Cave 3-56rh

New York - Oswego County
ice rime "caves" 35-55dp,56mp
ice cave, Selkirk 42-92p
rime "cave", Oswego 34-43r
rime "caves", Selkirk Shores 31-45r

New York - Otsego County
cave in Cherry Valley 32-90r
cave on county line 25-4r
cave south of Cherry Valley 30-43r
caves near Roseboom 32-90r
Cherry Valley Ice Cave 34-23r
Chyle Hole 21-34r
Collins Cow Hole Cave 30-43r
deep cracks between Cherry Valley and Van Hornesville 30-43r
Leatherstocking Cave 34-25p
new cave 26-76r
Pendulum Well 27-62r
Route 20 Cave 35-82r
Van Hornesville tufa cave 40-43r

New York - Putnam County
Blackberry Mine (Grand Island Mine) 39-21r
Captain Kidds Cave 41-33r
cave in Mahopac 39-21r
caves near Lake Carmel 34-52r
caves under Brewster 36-101r
two iron mines in Mahopac 39-21r

New York - Queens County
Queens Tunnel (New York City Water Tunnel No. 3) 31-127g

New York - Rensselaer County
Bears Den 28-41o
Bentleys Cave 3-21r,59dr,8-34r,53p,59dr,21-113d,30-73r,31-44o,34-110r,35-3r,41r,49r,36-82rhp,83m,84x,107r,37-39p,38-61r,39-103o,40-4r,41-3cox,38c,70co,71r,103r,42-38b,43-35r,44-37r,45r
cave in Cropseyville 1-48r
cave on Gardner Hill 6-139r
cave near Bentleys 40-83r
cave, Adams Farm, Stephentown 12-64r
Cipperly Cave 24-112r,26-13m
Dry Valley Cavern 23-32rx,33m,39-103o
Eagle Mills Cave (Mine) 32-137d
Poestenkill Gorge Cave 25-52d
Snow Hole 34-22r
Starry Ridge Cave 41-105rp
tubes in landslide gravel, Troy 24-32ghr
tunnel through Mt. Ida 25-53r
tunnels at Poestenkill Gorge 25-53rp

New York - Rockland County
cave, Orangetown 27-61r
Claudius Smith Caves 7-109dhx
in town of Orangetown 4-80dh
Mine Hole 27-92h,29-77p

New York - Saratoga County
cave in Saratoga Springs 6-112dr
cave, Mohawk River 39-21r
Coopers Cave 2-23p,23-95r,96rp,31-3r,32-5r,37-47op,121r,40-43r
two caves in Saratoga 9-94r

New York - Schenectady County
cavern in Glenville 3-73dr
drains below Schenectady 38-28r
underground railroad, Schenectady 26-103r
Wolf Hollow Cave 23-25d
Wolf Hollow caves 40-43r

New York - Schoharie County
30 foot pit near McFails 29-124r
911 Cave 25-14dp,15p,16dp,17dpm,18m,19m
a major new cave in Schoharie 9-51r
a new cave on Barton Hill 9-94r
a new Schoharie cave 8-8r
Acks Shack (Acks Folly) 6-50r,42-56x,58r,59p
Ain't No Catchment Cave (ANC Cave) 26-86dp,109r,27-11r,12rm,13x,29-10d,12m,32-112rp,33-92p,36-17d,125rp,126m,127p,37-119p,38-37r,58rp,60r,76p,111r,40-35r,98b,41-90r,44-44r
Alls Well 16-50r
B Sink 24-14d,15m,25-73r
Balls Cave (see also Gage Cavern) 21-87d,89m,90m,93m,23-26g,28m,30m,25-95d,27-61r,33-13r,34-8r,49pr,50pr,37-57r,132r,38-131r,40-100d,133r,44-25r
Barber Cave 1-32m,27-50r,34-46g,37-8r,43-81g
Barbers/Porcupine Cave 37-133b
Barrack Zourie Cave 23-73p,78d,79m,80m,82dp,86r,110d,111dp,112dp,113dp,114dp,115dp,116dp,117md,24-76r,79r,109p,111r,113d,
134r,39-11g,52r, 40-35r,99g,41-21g,22x,53gx,89r,43-79r,128g ,44-10g,44r,45r
Barton Hill Cave System 17-53g
Barytes Cave 10-53d,54m,16-60g, 26-3c,75c,30-82r,33-113r,34-3r,4p,69r,82md,83m,84p,85p,86p,87p,88p,89p,90p,91p,104r,
35-7g,82r,36-21rp,58d,95x,128m,137b,37-7r,52d,53m,54p,133b,134b,38-37r,71p,77r,39-38r, 40-35r,97b,41-10b,43-16p
Barytes Mine 38-94b
Barytes-Wolferts-Lecture Hall 38-60r,61r,44-44r,45r
Baugh Cave 29-23r,30-82c,36-25dp,26pm,95x,107r,139dm,140c,141c,142p,37-44r,52r,121c,133b,38-61r,74r,39-38r, 40-35r,42-45cp,69rp,44-45r
Beckers Cave 1-76r,4-7r,5-84a,23-124a,24-33r,29-43x,33-19hp,36-108r,110r,134ipd,135m,37-121o,38-74c,93h,111r,128o,39-3r, 40-4r
Beckers Resurgence 5-70d
Bensons Cave 1-48r,99r,6-76r,24-76o,111ocr,125hrg,24-125hrg,25-40o,101i,112r,113x,28-112h,114d,29-13gr,33-42r,77r,
34-22r, 35-7g,8x,36-95x,37-105r,133b,38-9dm,10m,11m,38a,39-43b, 40-35r,97b,102r,43-4r,44-114r
Berghs Cave 11-55a
Big Rabbit Hole Cave 27-12r,15m
Birch Pit 3-130x,132d,27-50r,37-133b,43-81g
Bogardus Spring 16-26r,91r,17-64g,18-79d
Boneyard Cave 17-126r,18-23dm,27-50r,29-24rm,100g,40-35r,43-81d
Boneyard Karst 30-82c
Bottomless Pit 29-75r,40-35r
Bradt Insurgence 27-50r,43-81r
Bradt Sink Cave 22-114dm
Bug Sink 27-50r
Bug Sink Cave 22-115d,116m,43-81r
Bunker Cave 35-7g,8x
Caboose Cave 6-22dr,127p,129dhmp,7-41r,17-97d,98m,18-95c,19-69g,70m,20-95i,21-11d,43mr,22-21r,25-104r,26-110r,27-11r,28-91g,
31-55g,32-45r,33-42o,83oc,37-133b, 40-35r,41-25g,43-81o
Calliope Cave 38-116r, 40-120dp,121m
Calliope Sinks 17-62g,63m,25-73r,27-50r,44-10g
Camo Cave 34-47r,40-24g
Canyon Cave 39-38r
Canyon Cave #2 36-58r,81rp,37-52r
Carlisle Ice Cave 9-100d,11-4c,27-61r,31-107c,32-90r,34-21r,43r,38-134r,39-61g,40-51r,41-75g,42-54rh,55xm,56p
Cataract Cave 38-59rh
Cave 575 31-44o,33-9ox,37-105r,133b,39-7c,104r,40-39c,97b
Cave Disappointment 18-63r,64m,22-99r,25-27i,34-72r,37-104r,42-55rh,56pr,57m,101r,105r,43-65r,44-88r
Cave Disappointment/Hanors Cave 37-133b
cave in Carlisle 36-101r
cave in Lawyersville 30-118r
cave in sink south of Schoharie 36-101r
Cave Mistake 33-60d,61m,94d,135r,34-121r,39-105r,129dx,40-24g,35r,102r,103r,41-22x,53gx,43-128g,44-10g,46g,106rp
cave near Sidney Corners 7-121r
cave north of Chimney Hole 19-112r
Cave of the Brown Teeth 31-44o
cave on Rossman farm 43-22r
cave system north of Leesville 6-139r
cave west of Sellecks 32-90r
caves in Blenheim 42-129rh
caves in north part of Cobleskill 30-43r
caves in quarry near Cobleskill 6-50r
caves in Sharon 27-61r
caves on Terrace Mountain 43-105r,119g
Chert Hole 6-3d
Chert Nodule Cave 7-85dm
Chevy Cave 27-5r,55r,80m,81d,28-4r,27m,29-15r,38-61r,116r,39-52r,62g,63r, 40-35r,41-75g,44-45r
Chevy Dig 26-42r
Chicken Out Cave 1-119dhxm,15-32d,33m
Chimney Hole 33-22h,23dp,43-81r
collapsed sinkhole near McFails 7-41r
Committee Hole 28-119r
containing Strontium crystals 1-109r
Corners Spring 16-60g
Dead Drover Cave 27-61r
Deadfall Cave 40-35r
deep cave between Secret and Howe Caverns 36-138c
deep pit north of Schoharie Cave 8-8r
Deitz Cave 28-109o
Devils Canyon Cave 22-112d,113m
Devils Cave 39-17x
Devils Rhapsody Cave 28-18r,29-100g,127d,34-47r, 40-24g
Dietz Cave 23-11m,12m
Dixie Pit 39-38r
Doc Shauls Spring 2-4r,5-70d,6-50r,8-141r,16-60g,18-40d,20-109m
Docs Pit 6-50r
Doolittles Cave 33-73p,84pd,85m,38-134r,39-11g,40-35r,102r,41-22x,53gx
Dugans Spring 17-53g
Easter Pit 7-148dm,43-81r
Ewalds Fissures 27-50r,41-54hr,43-119g
Eye of the Needle Cave 29-124r,32-64r,39-61gp
Featherstonehaughs Flop 18-63r,25-118dm,38-17r,42-100rp,44-88r
Finger Cave 27-12r,40-35r
Finger/Cabin Cave 41-90r
Fishers Fissure 1-100r,44-46g
Fossils Corner Cave 30-59dm
Franks Haunt Cave 32-64r
Gage Cavern/Cave (Balls Cave, Knoepfels Cave,see also Balls Cave) 2-21g,3-81dh,5-43d,6-0d,129r,7-121r,125d,9-120d,15-69i,
16-45a,18-6r,19-19r,57h,58m,80a,94r,20-56r, 22-21r,38dm,23-86r,24-111o,25-23r,69b,26-43r,114a,27-11r,50r,74b,28-4r,68hp,
Garden of Dina Mine 37-133b, 40-97b
Garden of Eden 3 Dig 28-47d
Garden of Eden 4 Dig 28-44d
Garden of Eden 8 Dig 28-131d
Garden of Eden Cave 1-48r,76r,99r,100r,107r,2-2dxr,4r,3-49r,83r,123dr,139r,148r,4-81dh,7-67r,121r,137r,9-63d,11-73h,
Green Cave 43-124dhg,125m
Greens Cave 3-21r,19-59m,29-114b,37-104r, 40-98b,43-81r
Grosvenors Cave 1-75r
Guenther Resurgence Cave 41-22g
Hanors Cave 29-44a,37-104r,38-17r, 102r,42-55rh,56xrh,57m,58p,101r,43-57ra
Hanors/Cave Disappointment System 18-63r,64m
Hells Wells 30-82c,38-61r,39-38r,44-45r
Hells Wells #1 36-13dp,14p,15m,16p,17p,37-134b, 40-97b
Hells Wells #2 36-13r,37-134b
holes on I-88 10-69r
Howe Cavern mine 24-56d,73p
Howe Caverns (Howes Cave) 1-36dh,48r,49dh,64dhm,76r,82dhm,99r,100r,142dhm,2-2dm,3-46dm,49d,83r,4-7r,30d,67dhi,79h,113dh,123dh,
100r,104i,111r,41-5r,20r,21g,22x,23mp,25p,26p,27p,38r,40r,42b,75g,42-3r,39r,49hd,50i,51i,119di,119di,43-4r,22r,33p,42r,43d,44hm, 45pm,46pm,47pr,48hg,49m,50p,51p,52h,93r,44-4rp,25h,27p,40r,44r,45r,71rp,74h,104r
Howe Cement Mine 35-7g,8x
Howe Quarry Mine 37-134b,40-44r,97b
Howe-Barytes Cave 9-74r,18-8r,19-19r,81r,20-55r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,43-79r
Howes Cavern Resurgence 5-70d
Howes Waterfall Pit 26-75c
Ice Cave 44-88r
ice cave near Carlisle 10-33r
ice caverns, Carlisle 40-101r
Ice Hole west of Millspaugh Rd. 6-50r,40-101r
Idiot Pit 36-58r
in East Cobleskill 1-109r
in Schoharie Hill 1-109r
Jack Patrick(s) Cave 1-100r,6-139r,28-37p,41o,110o 30-82c,35-7g,8x,37-121o,40-34r
Jack Patrick(s) Cave System 20-99g,104m,22-104h, 106m,107g,43-81g
Jack Patrick(s) Caves 27-50r,41-22x
Jack Patrick(s) #3 Cave 28-88d,90m
Joober Hole 2-21g,2-30r,3-148r,22-54d,61m,27-50r,30-82c,33-07p,108h,38-131r,39-18r,43-81r
karst features northwest of Sellecks Cave 42-8r
Keyhole Cave 3-28d,29m,5-84a,7-137r,19-59m,21-88adh,29-75a,78a,80m,81m,92h,94h,113a,37-104r,123r,38-61r,131r,40-39c,97b,41-75g,43-81r,124r,125ra,44-45r
Klondike Cave 36-122r,37-134b
Klondike Quarry Cave 1-48r,99r
Kniskern (Rockhouse) Cave 15-90r,27-61r
Knox-Fossil-Beckers Cave 38-60r,44-44r
large sinkhole near Carlisle 7-41r
Lasells Hellhole 1-48r,76r,99r,2-4r,21g,3-21r,6-76r,37-134b,39-43b,40-29r,35r,98b,43-93r,44-3r,10g,38r
lead in quarry 8-141r
Levys Cave (Kniskerns Cave #1) 15-90r,16-26r,19-46d,47m,29-56r,33-9r,17h,76r,34-105rp,37-105r,121a,39-7c,104r,129x, 40-35r,
Loden Cave 17-56g,27-50r,34-46g,40-35r
Lodens Sinkhole 2-21g,17-59m,30-82c,118r,39-17x
Lost Our Marbles Cave 34-44pr
Lynk Cave 34-94r,114r
McFails Cave 1-76r,100r,119dm,2-4r,21g,3-18r,50dhx,58d,67d,79dm,83r,90m,5-84a,76r,88r,6-50r,7-83p,89dp,93r,94d,95d,121d,
98b,99g,101d,41-5r,6r,21g,22x,53gx,75g,101p,42-43r,65p,70r,73r,80h,81rp,43-1p,4r,64ha,79r,90h,44-10g,44r,45r,76r,83h,124h,125m, 126p,128h
McFails Hole 2-12dh,22-126dh,127m,42-55rh,56x,59p
McFails-Howe Caverns System 17-66g,67m
McFails-Howe-Secret-Bensons System 20-105g
McMillens Cave 2-21g,38-94b,41-75g
McMillens Waterfall Pit 26-47r,39-62g,63r,40-35r
McMillens-Bakers Ice Box 39-62g,63r,40-35r,41-75g
Millstein Cave 3-41r
Missing Link 39-11g,41-89r
Mothers Cave 3-130x,132d
Mutha Cave 43-81g
Mystery Pits 6-50r,26-48r,39-62g,63r,40-35r
Nameless Cavern 9-121d
near Lodens Sink 4-7r
Nethaways Cave 2-12dx
Nethaways Fissures 2-4dm,8-141r
new cave in Howes Cave quarry 34-112dp,113p,114p
new cave in Wright 27-120r
new cave near Carlisle Ice Cave 32-10r
new cave near Hanors Cave 27-103r
new cave near Schoenlein Cave 29-54d
new cave on Barton Hill 20-15r
new passage on Barton Hill 8-95r
No Admittance Spring 16-60g
Old Maids Hole 2-21g,3-139r,27-62r,29-111r,32-48r,112r,37-127dmp,128mp,134b,41-33r
Paradise Ice Cave 34-46g
Paradise Lost Cave 3-89dm,129d
Paradise Lost Resurgence 3-129d,130x,133m,7-82d
Paradise Lost System 27-50r
Paradise Regained 40-5r
passage under Harder Hill 7-101dh
Pasture Cave 27-55pr,56d,57m,58mp,38-61r,39-52r,62g,63r, 40-35r,41-75g,44-45r
Paul Robinsons Back Cave(s) 1-100r,7-137r
Paul Robinsons Cave 42-54r,55p
Paul Robinsons Silo 36-95x,37-134b
Peggy Hole 2-21g,28-85d,29-56r,73p,104hgdp,105p,106m,37-50r,134b,38-61r,116r,39-61g,62g, 40-35r,41-75g,44-45r
Persistence Pit 6-3d,94dxm,29-56r
Phoebe Pit 27-50r,97b,44-10g
pit in western Schoharie County 30-17r
pit near Carlisle 33-104r
pit near Howe Caverns motel 7-41r
pit north of Schoharie Courthouse 40-113r
pit on Barton Hill 27-50r
Quarry Cave 36-95x
Quarry Hole 35-9rp
Quarry Wall Dig 35-7g
Red Trillium Pit 41-74dp
Rockhouse Cave (Kniskerns Cave #2, Rock House) 16-26r,20-57r,58r,21-11d,102r,22-21r,27-11r,39-129x,130dp,40-35r,101r,41-53g
Runkle/Youngs Cave 37-134b,44-10g
Schoharie Reservation springs & crevices 7-41r
Schantz Insurgence 39-17x
Schoenlein Cave 27-91d,120r,29-102g,39-17x,40-24g
Schoharie Caverns (Cooks Cave, Shutters Corner Cave, Treadlemires Cave, Spadeholts Cave, Nasholts Cave) 1-16d,77r,3-21r,5-70d,84a,6-5d, 9d,103p,10-1p,15-86hd,17-53g,83d,84m,93d,96m,18-6r,20d,41m,42d,
Secret Caverns 1-48r,76r,99r,100r,2-21g,26-109r,28-4r,29-56r,30-118r,34-9h,35-7g,8x,36-95x,115p,122r,138b,37-134b,
Secret-Bensons Cave 27-11r,38-60r,41-21g,22x,42-67r
Secret-Bensons System 9-74r,120d,16-60g,18-7r,77r,19-19r,81r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,43-79r,44-44r
Selkirks (Sellecks) Cave 27-61r
Sellecks Cave 2-11dh,12dh,3-50dhx,4-79h,9-118d,20-109m,21-102r,22-39dm,31-44o,107c,32-90r,110o,33-4c,9ox,34-69r,70p,
Serpentine Pit 35-7g
shallow sink northeast of Wolferts Cave 7-41r
Shelter Cave 1-48r
Shelter Cave One 44-46g
Shelter Cave Two 44-46g
Shoehorn Cave 20-118d,120m,27-50r,43-81d
Single X Cave 8-115r,13-84o,17-53g,18-6r,19-19r,94r,20-56r,21-69r,101r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,30-82c,37-134b,38-60r,61r,
sink near Howes Cave 40-83r Sinks by the Sugarbush 1-76r,6-76r,16-53r,22-79r,24-76r,25-87dm,28-85d,29-56r,104hgd,106m,37-134b,38-61r,39-62g,43-93r,44-45r
Sitzers Cave 1-48r,76r,99r,27-12r,13x,37-134b,40-29r,35r,41-90r,93r
Slant Shaft 39-38r
small cave, Sharon Springs 43-82r
Snake Hole Cave 32-64r,41-75g,42-8r
Spider Cave 3-91dxm,129dxm,5-70d,18-36r,38rm,39m,19-19r,20-56r,21-100r,22-21r,23-86r,27-11r,29-100g,43-81o
Straddle Canyon Cave 32-64r,34-20r,43r,44p,40-35r,98b,41-75g,42-8r
Straddle Canyon-Snake Hole 39-11g,61g
Strontium Mine 25-23r,29-10d,11p,12m
Strontium Mines 26-84rhg
Sutphens Fissure 44-46g
Teenies Triumph 23-10d,11m,14m,28-109o
through Terrace Mountain 1-48r,109r
Thunder Hole 32-116d,117p,118p,33-11d,90r,120r, 38-61r,80r,83p,103p,112r,113m,116rp,117p,118p,119p,120mp,121p,122p,
126m,128p, 40-35r,49d,71p,84dm,85m,86m,87p,88p,89p,90p,97p,99g,116dm,118m,41-76dm,77m,79m,89r,114d,115m,116m,117m,42-70r,74rm,43-72b,79r,128g,44-10g,44r,45r,117x
Tillapaughs Collapsed Sink 11-4c
Tims Crawl 44-46g
Tin Can Alley 39-63rp
Trap(s) Cave 26-110r,44-38r
Traps Caves 27-127d, 40-24g,35r,41-90r,43-128g,44-3r
Truax Spring 5-70d
tubular cave near Spider Cave 8-8r
Tufa Cave 5-70d,34-43r
Turbine Cave 17-62d,25-8r,9m,72r,27-50r,29-100g,37-134b,44-10g,117x
two pits, southwest of Sitzers Cave 27-12r
Two Traps Cave 27-12r,14m
Van Natten Cavern/Cave 40-29r,43-94r
Veenfliets Cave (Nethaways Cave, Clarks Cave) 1-75r,2-12rg,3-5dh,33dh,67r,83r,6-88r,9-64r,16-50r,25-23r,27-11r,12r,13x,16hd,18m,
19g,50r,61r,29-43x,38-37r,108r, 40-35r,41-90r,43-93r
Waterfall Pit 41-75g
Westfall (Westfalls) Cave 17 53g,40-35r,43-81r,119g,44-12h
Westfall Spring Cave 8-8r,9-1p,3dmx,20-50m,32-128dp,129mp,130dp,131p,33-109o,38-39r,58rp
Wicks Hole 34-69r,76mrp,77p,78p,79p,80p,37-121o,38-17r,42-56rhx,58r,101r,44-88r
Wine Cellar 23-11m,12m
Wolferts Cave 2-21g,7-137r,26-3c,75c,27-37p,30-82c,33-18h,34-67p,69r,82d,92m,35-7g,8x,74rp,36-95x,37-52r,134b,38-37r,39-38r,43-65r
Woodlot Sink 27-50r
Wukits Huge Sink 17-64g
Youngs Cave (Runkles Cave) 3-59r,4-79h,17-64g,27-61r,30-82c,43-81g
Youngs Spring Cave 17-53g

New York - Schuyler County
Cavern Tunnel 37-148p
Sinking Creek 40-83r

New York - St. Lawrence County
700 foot Grenville marble cave 36-102r
950 foot gneiss talus cave 36-102r
Big Spring Cave 3-62d
Birds Nest Overhang 35-117dm
Black Duck Hole ice cave 27-54dm
Black Lake Cave 24-106md
Bog Junction Hill 1976 Cave 34-99m
Boland Creek Cave #1 6-100d
Boland Creek Cave #2 6-101d
Boland Creek Cave A 43-96mxr
Boland Creek Cave B 43-96r,97m
Boland Creek Cave C 43-96x,97r
Boland Creek Cave D 43-96x,97r
Boland Creek Cave E 43-96mxr
Boland Creek Cave F 43-96x,97r
Boland Creek Cave G 43-96x,97r
Boland Creek caves 31-110r
Boland Spring Sink and Caves 3-16dxm,62d
Cat Mountain Cave-5 36-57r
caves at Center Pond Mountain 30-40r
caves in Balmat Mines 2-30r
Chippewa Point Cave 24-106md
Eagle Crag Cave 35-117dm
East Pitcairn Cave #1 6-100d
East Pitcairn Cave #2 6-100d
East Pitcairn downstream 140 footer 3-62d
East Pitcairn fifteen-foot caves 1-116dxm
East Pitcairn Main Downstream Cave 1-116dxm,3-62d
East Pitcairn Main Upstream Cave 1-116dxm,3-62d
East Pitcairn Northwest Cave 1-116dxm
East Pitcairn Southeast Cave 1-116dxm
East Pitcairn Upstream 140' Cave 3-62d
East Pitcairn West Cave 1-116dxm
East Pitcairn, top of 60' hill 2-46d
fissure caves nr. Black Lake 21-46r
fracture caves near Bog River 34-43r
gneiss caves at Eagle Crag Lake 30-40r
Grasse Blade Tick Cave 23-102d,103m,28-93r,30-9r
Grenville Overholt Cave 6-101d
Hailesboro Cave 6-101d
Hillsboro Caves 3-62d
Joe Indian Island ice cave 27-54dm
large cave south of Rossie 28-136r
Little Mountain Fissure 30-40r
Little Mountain Fissure Cave 32-11r,33-14d,15m
Little Mountain Fissure Cave-1 26-102r,103m
Little Mountain Fissure Cave-2 26-102r,103m
Little Mountain fissure caves 26-102r
Oak Island ice slab "caves" 29-14dmx,15p
passages in lakes 33-104r
Richville Caves 3-16dxm
sandstone & fracture caves near Hammond 24-107r
Six Mile Bay Microburst Cave 27-54r
St. Regis River below Fort Jackson 4-16dhx
Staplin Corners Cave 6-101d
talus cave southeast of DeGrasse 34-74r
talus caves at Wheeler Mountain 25-4r
talus caves near Degrasse 33-45r
talus caves near Dog Pond 25-4r
talus caves near Little Mountain 23-101r
talus caves southeast of Cranberry Lake 31-45r
talus caves southwest of Otter Pond 23-101r
three near East Pitcairn 1-116d
Tin Can Pit 21-46r
underwater cave southwest of Rossie 28-136r
zinc mine, Gouverneur 39-71a

New York - Steuben County
cave in Hornellsville 40-105i

New York - Sullivan County
Barnums Cave 37-70r
Bloomingburg/Wurtsboro tunnel 26-77oa
cave near Summitville 41-73h
Indian Cave 40-105i
Mystery (Surprise) Cave 9-74r,15-45bcgh,57m,59m,60m,31-46r,128am,33-128dp,129mp,34-37p,40-16b,41-6r,111c
near White Sulfur Springs 1-100r
Shawangunk Silver Mine 41-73r
Surprise Cave (Fallbrook Cave, see also Mystery Cave) 1-56r,3-59r,7-122d,18-8r,77r,19-19r,81r,20-55r,22-21r,23-86r,
39-38c,42b,43b, 40-41r,74p,79c,42-35c,68r,101r,43-4r,6b,9b,44-44r,45r,104cp
vent hole near Surprise Cave 24-61r

New York - Tioga County
freezing well of Owego 7-79dh
freezing well near Tioga 10-30r

New York - Tompkins County
caves at Cayuga Lake 26-19r
caves east of Cayuga Lake 25-99r
Cayuga Cave 25-98g,99mx
Critter Rock Cave 25-98r
Ezra Cornells Tunnel 26-16h,17i,18m,19d
Little Cayuga Cave 25-98r,99mx
Millraces #1, #2, #3 26-19d,20m

New York - Ulster County
abandoned mine, Kingston 29-42bc
Bonticou Crag cave(s) 25-25d,26m,27m,44-103r
Bonticou Point Ice Caves 34-23r
boulder caves in Shawangunks 7-67r
Burroughs Shelter Cave 6-40d,26-12r
cave near Kingston 36-39b
Cave of Aeolus 42-94p
caves in Mohonk Preserve 44-77r
caves near Grahamsville 4-28r
Cement Cave 34-26p
chamber in Ashokan Reservoir dam 30-9d
Cold Air Cave 44-74p
crevice caves, Ellenville 28-69g
Ellenville Crevice Caves 34-21r,22r
Ellenville Ice Cave #1 41-17dx,18m,19h
Ellenville Ice Cave #2 41-17dx,19h
Ellenville Ice Cave(s) 5-84a,34-21r,26p,40-136h,137p
Ellenville mines 34-24r
Ellenville Shelter Caves 41-17x,18d
enlarging sink near Kingston 23-135r
Fossiliferous Cave 30-128dp,129m,130p
freezing cave near Ellenville 10-32d
grotto, Ellenville 41-62p
Hasbrouck Mine 37-41p,42r,39-43b,41-69p,42-70r
Hasbrouck Mine test cut 42-75rm
Hotel Mine 38-39b
Ice Cave Mountain Cave 1-44a
ice caves, Shawangunks 27-104o,37-130r
John Burroughs Ice Cave 34-24r
Kingston cement mines 37-81r
Lake Mine 38-39b
Lake Minnewaska Ice Cave 34-21r,26p,43r
limestone mine 39-10b
limestone mines near Rosendale 36-40b
lost Indian silver mines 41-73r
Martins Cave 34-26p
mine, Ulster County 34-7r
Mohonk Caves 6-40d
Pompeys Annex Cave No. 1 30-128dp,129m
Pompeys Annex Cave No. 2 30-128d
Pompeys Cave 1-63dh,3-21r,59r,18-5r,19-4dm,19r,94r,20-56r,22-21r,23-86r,25-23r,27-11r,62r,29-125ap,30-82c,31-45r,71h,
Perilous Bridge Cave 41-13r,14pmg
Rosendale Mines 7-51a,40-9b
Salamander Cave 6-112dr,22-42m,25-23r,27-115gp,117m,29-56r,36-42r,44-103r
Sams Cave 41-17x,18d
Sams Point Crevice Cave 41-17dx
Sams Point Crevices 5-91dx
Sams Point Ice Cave 42-36a
Sams Point Ice Caves 33-77c,34-21r,26p,37-130r
Shawangunks fissure caves 37-81r
shelter cave 41-61p
shelter cave, Mohonk Lake 26-12r
Shingle Gully Cave (Great Ellenville Rift, Great Ellenville Crevice) 41-17r,18r,19h,44-103r
Shingle Gully Ice Caves 5-91dx, 40-110r
Slanted Rock Red Cave 41-11p,12rp,13m,14g
talus caves, Shawangunks 27-104o
Tree Cave 25-24r
water tunnel, Wawarsing 42-4r
Widow Jane Mine 37-85r,44-4r,69r,44-103r
Williams Complex 38-39b
Williams Hotel Mine 39-43b
Williams Lake Mine 39-43b
Williams limestone mines 39-9b
Williams Preserve Mine 38-39b,39-43b
Xanadu Cave 44-67p,77pd,78p,79p,80m,83gc

New York - Warren County
13th Lake Road/ Route 28 Cave 24-118dxm
Barton Hill Mine 39-43b
Barton iron mine 39-8b,9b
Barton Mine 38-39b
Beaver Cave 6-100d
Brant Lake Caves 36-144rxm,37-8r
Caldwell Ice Cave 7-67r,34-24r
cave in Moxhams Mountain 27-62r
cave in North Creek 30-118r
Cave Knoll Cave 6-100d
cave near Anthonys Nose 28-136r
cave near Beaver Pond 28-136r
caves near Prospect Mountain 1-48r
Crane Mountain Cave(s) 1-97d,127r,135p,141dm,2-18r,3-61d,8-101d,29-43x,31-110r,33-18h,34-74r,40-11r,22rm,114r,41-113rpm,119r,43-101r
Downstream North End Crane Mountain Cave 42-48rmx
Graphite Mine 14-96m,97d,34-24r,38-39b,43b,41-108b,119r,42-48rx
Hague Mountain graphite mine 24-39c,42-39b
Hudson River Natural Bridge 1-134dx,3-21r,59r
Junebug Cave 1-134dx,3-21r,59r
lesser graphite mine 14-95d,96m
Moxham Mountain Cave 1-134dx,3-21r,59r,61d,4-80h
Natural Stone Bridge and Caves 34-107r,35-42r,73r,103p,36-76r,37-3r,42-41r
Natural Stone Brige Cavern 27-62r
Noisy Cave 38-110r
North End Crane Mountain caves 42-48rx
Route 40 Moon Bend Caves 33-95dm
Skunk Cave 24-118dxm
solution opening in quarry 28-136r
talus caves near Barton Hill 14-95r
talus caves near Rogers Rock 24-107r
talus caves on Moxham Mountain 26-78r
Upstream North End Crane Mountain Cave 42-48rmx
Wolf Pond Cave 1-136dx

New York - Washington County
Carver Falls Cave 31-14dm,15p,39-3r
cave in Dresden 32-90r
cave near Hartford 4-80h
cave near Indian Cave 39-95r
cave near Siota 1-100r
cave near Whitehall 18-95r,20-26d,27m
caves at Inman Pond 37-8r
caves, Anthonys Nose 44-9rg
caves, Hartford 27-62r
Gould Cave 39-3r,95dmp
grotto near West Fort Ann 1-48r,6-39d
Hooper Mine 40-4r
Indian Cave 35-108r,39-95r
limestone caverns, Chester 34-52r
mine at Camp Little Notch 6-36d
Mount Hope iron mine 33-82r
pit near West Fort Ann 1-48r
Prussian Cave 28-83m

New York - Westchester County
artificial cave, Tarrytown 41-61p
Bedford Hills Leatherman Cave 1-78r
Boulder Hole 3-21r
cave near Ossining 42-28h
caverns, Anthonys Nose 44-52rh
Lake Waccabuc Ovens 3-21r
marble cave 30-119r
Natural Bridge 3-21r
old cave near the ruins 40-105i
Old Poker Hole 2-41r
Pound Ridge Leatherman Cave 1-78r,42-52r,53hdm,54p
proposed tunnel, Long Island Sound 39-5r
Reservoir Shelter Cave 3-21r
Rock Tunnel 3-21r
Sarah Bishops Cave 40-64rh,65i

New York - Wyoming County
Ya-Ha-Ne-Gas Cave 40-105i

New York - Yates County
cave near Glenora 1-99r

New York - county unknown or unspecified
10 new caves in western NY 15-14r
20 foot pit, central NY 10-84r
Bull Mine Shafts 5-84a
Camp Ellen Caves 5-84a
cave in Finger Lakes Region 1-48r
cave in Waterville 34-25p
cave near Watertown 36-39b
Cave That Roars 32-90r
caves near Prospect Mountain 1-48r
Devils Oven (Stygian Cave) 40-69rp
Eagles Cave 31-44r
Esopus Cave 40-133r
Fisher Hill Mine 39-43b
Green Cave 40-39c
Harveys Hole 40-5r
Hawkeye Porkie Maze 14-24r
Hitchcock Mine 37-135b
iron mines, southeastern Adirondacks 40-5b
large cave in western NY 9-111r
Lids Cave 38-108r
marble cave, Adirondacks 34-52r
maze caves near Watertown 36-45r
Monita at Wigwam, The (Devils Abode) 40-133r
new cave in western NY 32-109r
north end of Seneca Lake 1-99r
old iron mines, Adirondacks 21-67d
pit in Shawangunks 30-17r
Shelbys Cave 38-108r

Hewitts Cave 4-28r
caves near Chillicothe 4-28r
mine,Lawrence County 42-39b
submerged caves, Lake Erie 16-43r

Ape Cave 26-64g
Wind Cave 37-23rp

abandoned coal mine, Luzerne County 43-6b
Aitkin Cave 24-112o,25-69o,28-42b,74cb
Arch Spring 17-17m,18d,19-49a
Arch Spring- Tytoona System 16-96r
Archbald Pothole 3-47d,29-76r
Big Ridge Cave 21-101r
Carpenters Cave 33-1p,16h,18p,38-75c
Casparis Cave 33-111a
cave in the Allegheny Mountains 38-79r
cave in Lancaster 32-78a
Cool Caves 41-72a
Copperhead Cave 29-43c
Dreibelbug Cave 5-84a
Durham Bat Mine 43-104b
Eagle Cave 30-74r
fissures at Worlds End 4-28r
Frazer Cave 33-43o
Gone Tomorrow Cave 17-104r
Halls Cave 30-3o
Hartmans Cave 36-4ob,39-76oc
Heller Cave 41-72c
Here Today Cave 17-105d,106m
Hesston Cave #1 34-40r
Hesston Cave #2 34-40r
Hostermans Pit 21-71r,23-1m,5c,6m,37r,76c,24-4c,75c,25-5c,104oc,26-42c,27-39c,104c,28-5c,112b
iron mine, Mifflin County 40-6b
iron mine, Shindle 40-9b
J-4 Cave 24-77r,32-78o,44-3c
Laurel Caverns 27-75r,37-122o
Onyx Cave 33-43o
Quecreek Mine 35-63a
Schofer Cave 25-69c
Seawra Cave 28-42b
sinkhole, southern Pennsylvania 29-5a
Smullton Cave 28-112b
Stover Cave(s) 24-75c,25-5c
talus cave near Mount Penn 4-28r
Tytoona Cave 17-15d,16m,28-74c,112o,29-76c,112o,39-7c,10c
Veiled Lady Cave 28-112b
Wind Cave 41-72a

Rhode Island
Adams Rock (cave) 38-109r
cave in Burrillville 30-68r
cave in Conklin Quarries 30-79r
cave in Rhode Island 34-52r
cave in Hipses Rock 40-46rp
caves in Hopkinton 30-79r,34-43r
caves in Lincoln Woods Reservation 30-79r
Conrads Cave 34-9r,37-116h,38-13rp
Coon Cave 31-109r,139dx
Coopers Den 30-79r,38-14r
Counterfeiters Den 38-14r,44-61r,62m,63p,64p,73r
Dinosaur Caves 39-22r
Forgers Cave 38-14r
Glacier Cave 39-22r
Indian Cave #1 39-23x
Indian Cave #3 39-23rpx
Indian caves 38-15r
Indian rock shelters 39-22r,23px
Indian Shelter Caves 34-43r
John Harringtons Cave 44-99hdp
limestone cave, northeast R.I. 38-14r
limestone caves, Lincoln Woods 38-14r
Margarets Cave 38-109r
Narragansett Cave 39-22r,23x
Pioneer Caves 39-22r
Pirates Cave 38-14r,15p
Purgatory 38-14r,40-133r
sea cave 38-16r
sea cave, Beaver Tail Fort 38-14rp
sea caves, Middletown 33-113r
sea caves, Narragansett Bay 38-16r
slave cave 39-22r
small cave, Mt. Hope 38-109r
Spouting Cave 1-112d,38-14r,15pi, 40-133r,42-63i
Swallows Cave 38-16r
unnamed cave 39-22r,23x

South Dakota
Jewel Cave 18-77r,78r,28-19r,41-40r
Wind Cave 3-71d,18-77r,78r,28-19r,32-78r

artificial cave near Nashville 43-104r
Bell Witch Cave 10-41h
cave used for marijuana 37-5r
Collins River Springs 21-103r
Cumberland Caverns 10-41r,18-77r
Dunbar Cave 41-41b,42b
Gourdneck Cave 40-45r
Hardins Cave 40-45r
Holly Creek Cave 40-45r
Junkyard Cave 26-69a
Lamons Cave 10-41r
Nunley Mountain Cave 14-25d
Rattling Cave 40-45r
Sinking Cove Cave 40-45r
Snail Shell Cave 33-78o,112o,40-45r
South Pittsburg Pit 40-45r
Spring Hill Cave 33-8r,34-41a
Swirl Canyon Cave 40-45r
Valhalla Cave 33-112o
Wolf River Cave 33-112r, 40-45r
Worleys Cave 41-9b
Xanadu Cave System 18-77r

Honey Creek Cave 21-103r,104m

Main Drain Cave 36-4r

Vermont - Addison County
400 foot cave below dam 14-50r
ancient mine with ice near Bristol 28-136r
Anne Story Cave 34-39c
Baldwin Creek Cave (Porcupine Cave) 42-37rm
Barrel Cave 25-11r,12r
Beldens Falls Cave (see also Charybdis) 24 4r,25-11r,12r,37-20r
Bostwick Point Cave 25-50mx
Bristol Cave 25-12r
Bristol North Cliffs Mine 24-85r
cave on Snake Mountain 29-42r,36-101r
cavern, Monkton 29-63r
caves at Bristol Cliffs 37-21r
Charybdis (cave) (see also Beldens Falls Cave) 6 101d
Cobble Cave 25-12r
Cobble Caves 8 115r
Flat Room Cave 25-11r,12r
Ghost Shaft 42-95ph
Granville Talc Mine 24-85r
Hise Cave (Porcupine Cave, see also South Baldwin Creek Cave) 25-12r
Horse Farm Road Cave 6 101d,7 67r,79o,13-76r,21-110r,22-21r,25-11r,12r,26-5r,28-51r,31-49r,33-48d,49m,52r,38-38r,41-81r
Kelley (Kelly) Farm Cave 21 44r,37-20r
Leonards Cave 25-12r,29-56r
Mack Farm Cave (Dead Cow Cave) 26-58r,33-42r
Miller Cave 27-7rm
Mount Independence Cave 24-106md
new cave, East Orwell 42-4r
Old No. 1 Mine, Orwell 24-85r
Old No. 2 Mine, Orwell 24-85r
Pipers Crossing Cave 25-12r
Porcupine Cave (see Baldwin Creek Cave)
Rimmond Cave 25-12r
Rockerby (Rockeby, Rockaby) Cave 25-37r,26-76r,41-81r
small caves near Weybridge Cave 37-20r
South Baldwin Creek Cave (Hise Cave) 42-37rm
talus cave, Silent Cliff 37-21r
talus caves near Lake Dunmore 26-78r
tunnel at the Money Diggings 42-38r
Weybridge Cave 1 18dm,6-100d,8-34r,115r,141r,9-36r,13-76r,15-2i,17-3d,5m,7g,21-110r,22-21r,24-76c,25-11r,12r,26-3a,5r, 28-51r, 30-5r,108r,31-49r,32-78r,33-52r,35-108r,36-135a,37-20r,38-38r,61r,43-48r,44-45r,69a

Vermont - Bennington County
300 foot cave, West Mountain 28-136r
Aeolus Bat Cave (Mount Aeolus Cave, Aeolus Cave, see also Dorset Bat Cave) 1 30dm,5 29d,6-101d,13-22b,14-60b,21-110r, 25-11r,12r,30-4cb,31-49r,107r,111dp,112p,113p,114mp,115h,32-8r,33-52r,121bc,34-21r,39pc,106r,119r, 35-4ocb,6c,113ocp,114ocp,36-4r,39c,57r,112r,132b,37-20r,113c,38-38r,60r,61r,75c,39-9b,41b,43p, 40-1p,2r,7br,8b,9p,45r,75r,41-4c,39r,42b,81r,42-39b,105r,44-41c,44r,45r,105b
Axe Handle Resurgence Caves 30-92d
Bear Cave 25-12r
Beartown Porkie Dens 25-12r
Bobcat Cave 23 121dm,25-11r,12r,35-3r,38-48r
Bone Room Cave 23 42x,44r,25-12r,43-70r
Bruised Rib Cave (see also Sweeney Brook Caves) 23 41d,42x,43m,25-12r,37-20r
Carpenter Hill Cave 25-12r
cave in Mud Hole Quarry 30-17dm
cave in pasture, East Pownal 12 64r
cave on Netop 37-20r
cave on Spruce Peak 25-20r
Cave Woods Caves 25-12r
cave, Mount Equinox 39-22r
caves in Bennington 40-133r
caves in Dorset 40-133r
caves in Sandgate or Beartown 37-20r
caves near Beartown 21-46r
caves near Williams Cave 31-62r
caves southeast of Arlington 25-21r
Chock Stone Cave 30-12d,13m
Cliff Hole (Cave) 5-29d,23 40d,41m,43x,25-11r,12r,30-17r,37-20r
cliff opening southeast of Manchester 30-17r
cliff opening west of North Dorset 30-17r
Concretion Cave 30-92d
Cook Hollow Caves 25-12r
Cote Cave (Websters Bonus Cave) 23 42x,44dm
deep pit, Bear Mountain 28-136r
Deer Trail Cave 25-11r,12r
disappearing stream, Mount Anthony 31-43r
Dorset Bat Cave (see also Aeolus Bat Cave) 14 60b
Dorset Cave (see also Aeolus Bat Cave) 29-41b
East Spur Caves 23 42x
Ellis Hollow Cave 30-90d,91m
Equinox Cave 25-12r,35-53r
Everett Cave 25-11r,12r,30-81c,32-47c,37-4r,43r,43-35r
Falls Cliff Cave 3 35d,5 29d,6-101d,23-42x,45r,25-11r,12r,35-41rp,39-71a,77a,79a
fissures near Glastonbury Mountain 25-21r
Freedley Quarry cave remnants 23 40d,43x
Freedley Tunnel Quarry 23-39r,40d,43x,24-89r
Freedlyville (Tunnel) Quarry 33-111r,36-3c
Gulf Brook Cave 23 41r,42x
Haleys Hole Cave 26-100r,29-124r,30-91m,92d
Hot Rocks Cave 30-90d,91m
Indian Pit 26-99r
Kent Cave (Wymans Cave) 5 30d,6-101d,25-11r,12r,35-41r,37-20r,43-3r
Kirby Hollow Cave 42-69r
Little Falls Cave 23 42x,45r
Little Skinner (Hollow) Cave 25-12r,32-23d,35-3r,45b
Lost Flashlight Cave 30-90d,91m
Lower Sweeney Brook Cave (see also Sweeney Brook Caves) 23 41dm,42x
Middle Sweeney Brook Cave (see also Sweeney Brook Caves) 36-91i
Moses Tablet Cave 30-101rm,35-53r
Mount Anthony Cave 23 118d,119m,24 34rm,25-11r,12r,27-74r,35-3r,38-48r
Mount Anthony gold mine 26-99d,100m,42-7r
Mount Antone Cave 40-23r
new cave, Mount Anthony 26-100r
North Falls Cave 25-12r,43-70r
Per-Severance Cave 29-95r,96m,30-38b,73r,110r,120d,123m,125p,31-49r,105p,121r,32-23r,33-52r,35-3r,53r,38-61r,40-119rb,136g, 41-81r,44-45r,94g,95p
Pisser Cave 26-100r
Pit of Misery 25-11r,30-92d
pit on Red Mountain 25-20r
pit on West Mountain 28-136r,30-17r,37-21r
Potholes Cave 25-12r,43-70r
Potholes Cliff Cave 23 42x,45r
Pownal Road Cut Cave 30-90d,91m
Prow Fissure/Sink 27-88dh,89m
Red Fox Cave 26-28r
Red Mountain Pit 1-30dm,5-30d,8-95r,9-27d,36r,21-35r,22-30o,25-11r,12r,26-111o,28-3o,41o,73oc,30-82c,35-3r,36-35i,46r,52dh, 53i,54i,55m,56i,37-20r,114d,115p,116p,38-61r,40-136g,42-68r,43-35r,44-45r
resurgence cave north of Spruce Peak 28-136r
schist cave on Mount Equinox 37-21r
sink, Pownal 29-124r
Skinner(s) Hollow Cave 5 29d,6-101d,21-110r,25-11r,12r,30-37b,32-23p,24dp,132mp,33-52r,34-21r,43r,35-3r,45b,36-78bc,136r, 37-20r,38-38r,61r,39-43b,40-45b,136g,41-42b,42-95p,44-45r
Snow Hole 27-119r,40-136g
Sweeney Brook Cave 25-11r,12r
Sweeney Brook caves (Bruised Ribbed Cave, Upper and Lower Sweeney Brook Caves) 3 35d,5 29d,37-20r
Tallow Cave 2 24dx,5 29d,23-42x,44dm,25-11r,12r
Tallow Spur Cave #4 25-12r
talus caves, The Dome, Pownal 26-100r
three new caves, Palmer Farm 26-100r
three sinks in Pownal 12 64r
Tri-State Cave (see also Williams Cave) 14-24r,40-136g
Upper Sweeney Brook Cave (see also Sweeney Brook Caves) 23 41dm,42x
void southeast of Falls Cliff Cave 14 49r
Walk In Den 25-12r
Websters Bonus Cave 25-12r
West Mountain Pit 2-18r
West Mountain resurgence 21 46r
West Mountain South Knob Caves 25-12r
Williams Cave (see also Tri-State Cave) 19 10m,11dx,27-119r,28-24hdx,29-75r,112r,31-19m,62r,34-22r,37-72r,38-61r,39-41b,43b, 40-1p,2r,7r,44b,41-81r,44-45r

Vermont - Caledonia County
Abenaki Cave 13 74d,75m,76r,14-24r,21-110r,22-21r, 26-5r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r,37-21r,41-81r
cave on Mount Hor 25-23r
Cow Hill Cave 3 69d,144d,6 4d,100d,14-24r,21-46r,25-21r,36-91i,37-20r,21r,73dm,74p,76g,77p,41-81r
Devils Hill Cave (Devils Hill Tunnel) 37-20r,72rm,75dm,77xm
Devils Hill Caves 3 69d,37-72m,75dm,77xm
fissure cave, Wheeler Mountain 42-117r,118mx
fracture cave at Peacham 26-28r
pit on Wheelock Mountain 28-136r,30-17r,37-72r
talus cave in Peacham 30-43r
talus caves, Groton State Park 26-28r,37-21r
tunnel or shaft at Devils Hill 33-104r
Wheeler Talus Cave C 42-117r,118mx

Vermont - Chittenden County
Bat Cave, Chittenden 39-28d
Cad Caves 36-38r
Cave Island Cave #1 25-12r
Cave Island Cave #2 25-12r
Cave Island caves 22-25m,27d,42-68rm
cave near Colchester 43-3r
cave, Milton Falls 35-68p
caves at Appalachian Gap 37-21r
caves in Colchester 36-112r
Colchester Caves 41-71r,81r
Devils Den (Chittenden County) (see also Donohue Sea Cave) 25-12r
Devils Den, Colchester 30-82c
Devils Den, Mallets Bay 37-147p
Donohue Sea Cave (see also Devils Den, Chittenden County) 37-121r
Ethan Allen Cave #2 38-77r
False Cave 36-92r,93r
Flanders Cave 3 49dr
Gothic Echo Cave (Red Rock Gothic Echo Cave) 22-25m,25-12r
Green Mountain Boys Cave (Ethan Allen Cave) 37-147p
Hole in the Wall Cave 25-12r
Lamoille Ledge Cave 36-109dm
Lime Kiln Caves 25-12r
Lone Rock Point Caves 25-50mx
Marble Island Cave 22-27r
Queneska Island Cave 25-50mx
Red Rock Point Cave #2 22-25m
Red Rock Point Cave #5 22-25m
Red Rock Point Cave #6 22-25m
Red Rock Point caves 22-28d,25-12r
talus caves at Shelburne Pass 37-20r
Thompsons Point Cave 25-50mx
Trap Spring Cave 36-73p,92d,93m

Vermont - Essex County
800+ foot cave 6-4d
caves on Miles Mountain 25-20r,33-104r
fracture cave at Maidstone 26-28r
Halls Lake Cave 26-139d,140m,27-124r
Maidstone Cave 10 63d,64m,21-110r,25-20r,37r,26-5r,131m,132m,133d,27-3g,6r,121d,122m,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r,38-61r
Maidstone Caves (comprising Mole Cave, Stoneham Mountain Cave, Halls Lake Cave, and Maidstone Cave) 26-43r,128x,129g,131m, 37-21r,41-81r,44-45r
Mole Cave 26-133d
new cave at Maidstone 25-37r
Stans Drake Cave (see also Maidstone Cave) 6 100d,13-76r,14-24r
Stoneham Mountain Cave 26-5r,135d,136m,137m,27-3g,121r
upper Miles Mountain cave 28-136r

Vermont - Franklin County
cave, Missisquoi Bay 37-21r
Murder and Suicide Cave 40-41rm
natural bridge, Georgia 29-63r
Robbers Cave 37-147p,43-70r

Vermont - Grand Isle County
cave on South Hero Island 9-111r
Clamshell Cave (Southeast La Motte Cave) 25-13r
Double Cave 25-52d
Hydes Cave 35-68p
Isle La Motte caves 22-26d
La Motte Clamshell Cave 22-25m
marble cave, Isle La Motte 37-21r
marble caves, North Hero Island 37-21r
northeastern Lake Champlain caves 22-27d
northern Lake Champlain caves 22 24d,25m
Phelps Point Caves 22-25m,26d,25-13r
Providence Island caves 22-26d
Southwest La Motte Cave #4 22-25m,25-13r
Southwest Providence Island Cave #1 22-25m
Southwest Providence Island Cave #5 22-25m
Southwest Providence Island Caves 25-13r
Stave Island Cave #2 22-25m
Stave Island Caves 22-27d,25-13r
West Providence Island Cave #5 22-25m,25-13r

Vermont - Lamoille County
100 foot cave, Johnson 26-31r American Mineral Talc Mine, East Johnson 24-85r American Mineral Talc Mine, Johnson 24-85r Cave of the Winds 14-24r,34-22r,37-146pd,39-4ra,41-81r,129rm,130p,42-27r,43-37r,44-52r,45r copper mine, Wolcott 24-85r Johnson Talc Mine 41-41b Mansfield Nose Cave 44-52rm pits on Mount Mansfield 25-21r Rousseau Talc Mine 24-85r Smugglers Notch Graffiti Cave (Smugglers Cave) 13-76r,14-24r,21-110r,26-5r,34-63rp,37-21r,148p talus caves, Smugglers Notch 26-28r,41-81r Waterville Talc Mine 24-85r
Vermont - Orange County
copper mines, West Fairlee 39-71a
Cuprum and Eureka Mine 24-85r
Elizabeth (Copper) Mine 24-86dm,25-28r,30-37r,34-24r,36-38r,132br,40-7r,112b
Ely Copper Mine 24-85r,29-41b
Old South Copper Mine 24-85r
Pike Hill Mine 36-39b
Snowsville Mine 24-85r
Union Copper Mine 24-85r

Vermont - Orleans County
200 footer at Wheeler Mountain 37-21r
cave at Lake Willoughby 25-23r
cave near Caspian Lake 28-136r
cave on Wheeler Mountain 37-15r
cliff hole near Caspian Lake 26-31r,30-17r
crevice caves, Moose Mountain 42-118rm
East Willoughby Caves 42-117rmx
Haystack Cone Cave 22 124d,125m,37-21r
Moonshiners Cave 42-118rx
smugglers’ cave, Lake Willoughby (see Moonshiners Cave)
talus cave near Lake Willoughby 37-21r
underground stream 26-31r
underground trout brook 25-23r
West Willoughby Caves 42-117rmx
Wheeler Ice Cave 42-117r,118rmx
Wheeler Talus Caves A,B 42-117r,118mx

Vermont - Rutland County
1867 Cave 23 23d,24 22r,23m,25-11r,13r,30-37b,38-111b,40-45b
60 foot pit, Tinmouth Range 28-136r
600 foot cave, Pine Hill 28-136r
Bear Bones Cave 23 23r,24 22rm,25-13r,38-111b
Boulder Cave 3 35d,5 29d,23 42x,47d,49m,25-11r,13r,29-4a
Brandon Porkie Den 25-13r
Brandon Silver Mines 42-39b
Brians Cave 3 32d,5 28d,23-42x,45r,25-11r,13r,37-20r,44-71m
Calvin Cave 25-11r,13r,28-112rm,36-39r
Camp Spring Cave 25-13r
Carvers Falls Cave 31-46r (S)
cave in Proctor 12-64r
cave in ravine, Mill River, Clarendon 37-146p
cave in Tinmouth 6 116d
cave near Beaver Pond 30-43r
cave near Birdseye Mountain 30-67r
caves in Brandon 37-20r
cave in Clarendon 43-17d
Caves in the Vales (Caves of the Vales) 21 45r,25-13r,29-124r
caves near Bloodroot Mountain 26-78r
caves on Pine Hill 25-21r
caves on Purgatory Plateau 30-82c
Cemetery Field Cave (Orchard Cave) 25-13r
Chaffe Mountain Cave #1 31-12dm
Chaffe Mountain Cave #2 25-11r,13r,31-12dm
Chaffee (Mountain) Cave 34-106c,37-20r
Chimney Cave (see also SciCoS Cave) 38-61r,25-11r,13r,40-136g,44-45r
Clarendon Gorge Natural Bridge 2 46d
Cold River Cave 25-13r
Connors Cave 23 42x,47d
Cricket Cave 27-133r,29-98r
Cuttingsville Mine 24-85r
Daves Porcupine Cave 25-11r,13r
deep pit, Tinmouth Range 28-136r
Deer Cave 3 32d,5 28d,6-101d,14-50h,23-42x,46m,47r,25-11r,13r,30-74c,110r,32-9r,37-20r,40-136g,44-71m
Deer Leap Cave 11 14d,15m,13-76r,14-24r,21-110r,26-5r,37-21r,41-81r
Deers Leap Cave 30-110c
Devils Den (Mount Tabor) 25-13r,26-29r,38-108r
disappearing stream/cave, Florence 28-41r,111rm
East Morris Cave 1-7m,23 42x,47r
fissures near Mount Tabor 25-21r
Florence Quarry Cave #1 30-74r
Funt Cave 43-70r,44-39rm
Gees Cave 25-11r,13r,31-39m
Granny Notch Cave 23 42x
Graphite Mine 41-4r
Green Frog Cave 25-13r
Gully Cave 25-13r
Hanging Boulder Cave 25-13r
Hunter Cave 1 18dm,127r,3 32d,5 28d,6-100d,8-90dxmp,9-36r,13-76r,14-50h,21-110r,22-21r,23-42x,47rm,24-95d, 25-4r,11r,13r,20r,26-5r,28-51r,30-107r,110r,31-6r,49r,131dp,32-88d,89pm,33-52r,36-46r,91i,37-20r,21r,38-61r,40-136g, 41-81r,44-45r,71m,94g
ice cave, Brandon 34-24r
Imperial Marble Mine 23-39r,42x,24-89r,35-3r
Ira Cave 25-11r,13r
Johnston Pit (Hangover Pit) 25-13r
kaolin mine, Clarendon 24-85r
large talus cave south of Bird Mountain 29-124r
Little Quarry Cave (Sluggos Cave) 25-11r,13r
Lost Hunter Cave 23 47r
marble quarry, West Rutland 36-76a
mine in Brandon 33-6b
Mole Root Cave 23 42x,47r,25-13r,37-20r
Morris Cave 1-5dm,3 32d,5 27d,68d,6-100d,7-137r,9-36r,13-76r,18 79d,80m,21-110r,22-21r,23 42x,47r,24-76c, 25-11r,13r,20r,103r,26-5r,78o,27-106r,28-51r,30-4rp,110r,31-49r,33-52r,77a,34-40r,106r,35-3r,41r,36-42r,57r,37-20r,83r, 38-5r,38r,61r,39-9b,43b,75r,40-11bp,42-101r,43-35rp,105r,44-45r
Morris East Satellite Cave 25-13r
Morris West Satellite Cave 25-13r
Nags Den 25-13r
New York/ Polis (Tunnel) Quarry 23-39r,42x,45r,24-89r,25-30r
Nickwackett Cave 6-101d,13-76r,21-110r,22 5a,25-11r,13r,26-5r,28-51r,30-37b,31-49r,33-52r,110r,121bc,34-106c,37-20r, 40-7b,41-4c,40r,42-39b
Nickwackett Cave B 6 101d
Nickwackett Caves 36-39c
North End Cave 36-57r
North End Caves 23 42x,45r,25-13r
North White Rocks Caves #1 - #6 29-120d,121m
Northeast End Caves 37-20r
Oram Lead Mine 24-85r
Peculiar Well 25-13r
Philadelphia Cave 24-112r,25-11r,13r,37r,38m,41-81r
Pico Cave 29-3r,30-69rm,31-4c,60rx
Pittsford Ice Cave 5-30d,6-101d,14-24r,21 85d,86m,110r,26-5r,76a,78g,28-51r,93r,29-4a,31-49r,32-68rm,33-52r,34-23r, 35-3r,107r,37-15r,20r,21r,69r,38-75r,39-27r,41-41b,43-3r
Proctor Village Cave 25-13r
Purgatory Pit 1 30m,33d,3 35d,5 28d,68dm,6-100d,9-36r,13-76r,21-110r,23-3r,35p,40o,42x,45r,107r,25-11r,13r,20r,26-5r, 28-51r,36-57r,37-20r,38-38r,61r,43-35r,44-45r
Purgatory South Vent 23 42x,45r,25-13r,44-71mr
Purgatory System 31-49r,33-52r,40-136g,44-71m
Purgatorys Back Door 3-35d,5-28d,6-101d,23 42x,40o,45r
Quarry Cave 3 32d,5 28d,6-101d,23 42x,45d,46m,24-95r,25-11r,13r
Quarry Caves 37-20r
resurgence cave east of Danby 28-136r
SciCoS (Sicos) Cave (see also Chimney Cave) 3 32d,5 27d,6-101d,23-42x,45d,46m
silver mine, Brandon 39-28r
sinkhole on Pico Peak 25-21r
sinking stream, Benson 29-63r
Sleeping Lucys Cave 30-119r
small caves near Pittsford Ice Cave 37-21r
Spider Cave (Morris Spider Cave) 1-7m,23 42x,47r,49m,25-11r,13r,37-20r
Sugar Hollow Lead Mine 24-85r
talus caves at White Rocks 37-21r
talus caves, Wallingford 29-64r
talus resurgence passage near Pittsford 28-136r
Thin Mans Cave 25-13r
Tinmouth Fracture Cave (Tinmouth Mountain Cave) 30-56dm,33-138d,139m,34-8r
True Blue Quarry "cavern" 31-137r
Tweed River Mine 24-85r
two tunnel quarries south of Imperial Quarry 23-42x,24-89r
vertical fissure cave, Tinmouth Range 28-136r
West Morris Cave 1-7m,23 42x,47r
Wheeler Farm Cave 24-112rm,25-13r
Widened Fault Cave 3 32d,5 30d,6-101d,10 64d,65mx,14-24r,33-31d,32m,37-20r,72r,41-81r

Vermont - Washington County
cave in Plainfield 30-3r
Devils Den, Rice Mountain 3 83r
Eastern Magnesia Company Talc Mine 24-85r
Mad River Talc Mine 24-85r
talus caves, Waterbury 29-64r
Tysons Mine 24-85r
Waterbury Talc Mine 24-85r

Vermont - Windham County
80 foot cave in Readsboro (see also Carved Falls Cave) 26-6r
Carbide Quarry Cave 32-77r,109r
Carved Falls Cave 26-118r
Catamount Cave 26-118r,42-69r
caves at Hamilton Falls, Jamaica 37-147p,38-5r
caves, Mountain Mills karst 43-3r
Cooper Hill Mine 24-85r
Dragon Cave 42-69r
Easter Cave 26-42d,76r,118dm,27-3r,21r,42m,43d,44d,28-51r,33-52r,43-3r
Glitter Rock Cave 38-12r,41-4r,45r
Halafax Cave 38-75d
iron mine, Dover 24-85r
marble caves, Windham County 41-81r
Mountain Mills Cave 38-5rm,41-4rm,46rm
new caves, Wilmington karst 42-101r
Porky Den Cave 26-118r
Porky Poop Pit 26-118r
Serpentine Cave 42-69r
small cave-like openings, Jamaica 26-29r
Tropical Breeze Cave 27-44r
Vermont Talc Company Mine 24-85r
waterfall cave, Whitingham (see also Carved Falls Cave) 26-42d
Woodards Cave (Duns Den) 29-63r,40-63r

Vermont - Windsor County
100 foot talus cave, Mount Horrid 29-120d,121m
150 foot talus cave, Mount Horrid 29-120d,121m
200+ foot talus cave, Mount Horrid 29-120d,121m
50 foot talus cave, Mount Horrid 29-120d,121m
Averys Cave 3 83r,9-57p
Box Canyon Caves 29-98r,99m
Bridgewater gold mines 40-45b,113b
Carbeneau Gold Mine 24-85r
Chiller Cave 10 66d,67m,11 68d,69m,13 76r,103r,14-24r,21-110r,22-21r,26-5r,78g,27-133r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r,37-21r, 38-108r
copper mine, Hartford 24-85r
Dailey Hollow (Bridgewater) Mine 41-4r
Dailey Hollow Cave 31-18dm
Eiger Caves 29-98r
Eigercave 27-133r
Fox (Rook) Mine 24-85r
Gargantua Cave 12 13d,14m,13 76r,103r,14-24r,21-110r,22-21r,26-5r,78g,27-133r,28-51r,93r,31-49r,33-52r,37-21r,38-108r
gold mine, Hartford 24-85r
Greeley Mine 40-4r,8b
Greeley Grit Mine 24-85r
Greeley Talc Mine 30-37b
iron mine, Plymouth 24-85r
iron mine, Rochester 24-85r
Kibling Mine 24-85r
Leaves Cave 27-133r
magnetite mine, Bethel 24-85r
McPherson Talc Mine 24-85r
Mount Horrid Ice Cave 13 103r,14-24r,21-110r,26-5r,27-133r,28-51r,93r,29-98r,99m,31-49r,33-52r,37-21r,38-108rm,110r
near Downers Corners 3 83r
Ottauquechee Mine 41-4r
overhang cave, Mount Ascutney 36-101r
Pioneer Mine 24-85r
Plymouth Cave 42-39b
Plymouth Cave #1 (South Cave) 25-11r,13r
Plymouth Cave #2 (West Cave) 25-13r
Plymouth Caves 2 22dhxm,19-20h,21m,26-30r,68rx,77b,29-41b,37-20r,40-7b,8b,113b,44-41c
Plymouth Water Cave (mine) 26-7d,8m,68rx
Porkie Beans Cave 27-133r,29-98r,99m
Reading Talc & Asbestos Mine 24-85r
Schoolhouse Cave 26-8r,30r,68rx
Substitute Cave 27-133r,29-98r,36-89rp,37-21r
T Mine 41-4r
Taggart/Fagneau Mine 41-4r
talc mine, Ludlow 24-85r
talus cave in Bridgewater 31-19r
talus caves, Mount Horrid 26-28r,28-73r,36-46r,48r,37-21r,41-81r
three new caves, Mount Horrid 27-133r
underwater cave, Reading 36-101r
Upper Plymouth Cave 42-101r
Water Cave 5 72dm,19-22r
West Horrid Sink caves 29-99m
Williams Talc Mine 24-85r,30-102m

340 foot pit 31-4r
Battered Bar Cave 37-70r
Breathing Cave 32-47c,40-45bc
cave near Burnsville 26-3a
Clover Hollow Cave 40-45b
Corkscrew Cave 31-76r
Doe Mountain Cave 31-4r,76r
Endless Caverns 40-45b
Franklin Pit 34-41o
Grand Caverns 35-5r
Hancock Cave 40-79b
Luray Caverns 3-47d
Natural Tunnel 3-47d
Newberry-Banes Cave 40-45b,79b
Omega Cave 37-86r
Omega System 31-76r, 34-410
Parson Cave 34-41o
Rams Head Cave 33-78r

West Virginia
Benedicts Cave 34-41r
Billy Clay Pit 36-4r
Boar Hole – Portal Cave 34-41r
Boarhole Cave 34-8r,39-10c
Boartal System 40-45c
Bone Cave 36-57r
Bone-Norman Cave 4-28r,34-41r,44-39a,104r
Bowden Cave 30-135r,33-78r
Buckeye Creek Cave 29-77o
Burns Cave 22-75d
Carpenters Cave 33-43a
Cass Cave 42-38r
Cave Hollow-Arbogast Cave 39-83r,41-40r
Cave Mountain Cave 40-45b
cave near Lewisburg 34-37p
closed coal mine 37-86a
Cow Tooth Cave 3-60dxm
Culverson Creek Cave 34-41r,36-4r
Elkhorn Mountain Cave 39-10c,83r
Foxhole Cave 29-112c
Friars Hole Cave 11-67d,80rm,82m,18-77r,34-41r,36-4r
General Davis Cave 4-72d,88d,98dx,5-31dx,33m
Germany Valley Cave System 35-111r
Grenville Saltpeter Cave 39-83r
Hamilton Cave 39-7c,10c,104r, 40-6b,10b,45b,42-38r
Hellhole Cave 12-107c,32-22co,35-111r,40-45r,41-7bc,43b,42-38r
Highlander Ridge Cave 4-98d
Highlander Ridge Pit 6-142dhxm
Hole, The 34-41r
Kee Cave 40-45b
Kimble Pit 35-111r
Island Ford Cave 40-45c
Little Trout Cave 39-104r
Lobelia Saltpetre Cave 28-112o,30-6o, 40-45c
Lost World Caverns 42-70r
Maggot Cave 21-44r
Marthas Cave 39-83r
Maxwellton Cave 34-8r,36-4r
Maxwelton Sink 29-77o
McClurg Cave 34-41r,36-4r
Memorial Day Cave 34-110r,35-111r
My Cave 30-136r
New Trout Cave 39-7c,10c,42-38r
Norman Cave 25-104a,28-42a
Organ Cave 28-112o,29-112c,34-41r
Organ Cave (Greenbrier) System 18-77r
Organ-Bone-Norman Cave 36-4r
Portal, The 34-8r,39-10c
Postal-Boar Hole Cave 36-4r
Rapps Cave 29-77o,30-109o
Saltpeter Cave 40-45b
Schoolhouse Cave 35-111r
Scott Hollow Cave 21-103r,25-24r,32-47r,33-78r,34-41r,36-4r,38-132r,42-43r
Shovel Eater Cave 37-48r
Sinks of the Run Cave 4-98dx
Sinnett-Thorn Mountain Cave 39-10c,83r
Thompsons Spring Cave 4-28d,36-91i
Trout Cave 17-28c,39-7c,10c,104r,40-6b,40-45b
Union Cave 733-8r
Walt Allen Cave 12-44o
Windy Mouth Cave 1-57r,34-41r

Periodic spring near Afton 6-50r

Caves, outside United States
crevasse 36-110a

cave in Kakadu National Park 37-49r

Hollenhohle 28-112r
Lamprechtshofen 28-19r
Stary Swistak 28-112r

cave near Rochefort 1-11i

cave with bad air 37-50r

Canada, Alberta
Castleguard Cave 24-99b,38-5r

Canada, British Columbia
Arctomys Cave 38-5r
cave on Vancouver Island 1-145r
Heavy Breather Cave 42-5r
Langford Lake Cave 39-39c
Pachidream Cave 42-5r
SPAET Cave 39-39r

Canada, New Brunswick
Aroostook River Canyon Cave 1 35-115dm,116p
Aroostook River Canyon Cave 2 35-115dm,116p
Aroostook River Cave 35-115d
Berryton Cave (Turtle Brook Cave, Stewart Cave, Stuart Cave) 30-15d
cave, Albert County 42-40b
cave, Aroostook Falls 35-68p,80r
Cave, The 29-109r
caves at The Glebe 32-94a
caves, Aroostook River Gorge 35-80r
Dallings Cave 29-97o
Devils Half Acre 20-73d
Garbage Pit 30-14d
Glebe Pot (Garbage Pit) 30-14r
Golems Grotto (Parlee Brook Cave) 30-15d
gypsum caves 29-71r
Herring Cove Cave 20-73r
Howes Cave (Howes Lake Cave, Olivers Cave) 30-14d
Hunts Cave 20-74d
Kinney Brook pseudokarst 20-74r
Kitts Cave 29-16rp,17m
Little North Pole Cave 35-131dm,130p,132p
North Pole Annex Cave 35-131m,132d
North Pole Cave 35-131dmp,132p
sandstone rift caves 30-15r
Shaft Cave 30-14d
sink near Plaster Rock 28-76r
sinking stream in gypsum 29-70r
Underground Lake Cave 29-5r,32-5r
White Caves (Bat Cave and Gypsum Cave) 30-14d

Canada, Newfoundland
Arches, The 32-134rp
Big Oven Sea Cave 32-135r
caves at Port au Choix 32-135r
Corner Brook Cave 32-135r
Dungeon, The 32-134r
Green Garden Sea Cave 32-134dm,135p
sea caves, Bay Bulls 32-134r,135p,136p
sea caves, Port Saunders 32-135r
sea caves, Pouch Cove 32-135r
sea caves, Smith Harbour 32-134r
stress crevasses, Gros Morne National Park 32-136r

Canada, Nova Scotia
Springhill Mine 35-62a

Canada, Ontario
Across the River (ATR) Cave 37-46r,38-5r,40-65rp
calcite-filled fissures 40-68r
cave near Horseshoe Falls 44-109r
caves in Eramosa karst 37-46rp
caves in Lanark 40-133r
caves in Marmora karst 40-67r
caves in Ontario 9-111r
caves in the Canadian Shield 40-68r
Dewdneys Cave 29-77r,32-60rp, 40-67r
George Lake Cave 40-67r
Gervais Cave 38-5r
Godfrey Crystal Cave 40-68r
Gorkens Cavern 10-46d,47m
hydro power outlet tunnel, Niagara Falls 38-28r
Leader Cave 32-5r
Leopard Frog Cave 40-42r
Mackenzies Cave 40-42r
Moira Cave 9-74r,32-60r,77r,111o,33-7o,83oc,35-42r
Nexus Cave 38-126p,127p,39-39r,40-66r
Niagara Caverns 33-68r
Niagara Grotto 40-133r
Ottawa River Cave 22-120dh,121m,30-5r
Ottawa River caves 32-109r
Pilgrims Crawl 40-68rp
Roots Cave 40-67r
St. Edmunds Cave System 40-42r
Shelburne Leader Cave 29-77r,32-109r
sinkholes in Horse Lake 30-43r
Sleepy Hollow Resurgence (cave) 37-46r
unnamed cave, Ontario 42-73a
Warsaw Cave 32-60r

Canada, Prince Edward Island
North Point Cape Sea Cave 34-75r,76p

Canada, Quebec
131, Grotto 35-120xm,121p
Aerobic Cave 44-30dp
Alverne, Grotto 35-120x,122m
Bender Cave 34-129dx
Bigsbys Cavern 33-68r
Boischatel, Grotte de/ Cave 32-109r,34-74r,38-5r,44-56r,73r
Bouchettes Cavern 33-69r
cave, Lake Memphramagog 33-105p
Courville Cave 44-56r
Fairys Hole (Trou de la fee) 32-87dh
Fee, Grotto des 35-120x,121m,122d
Fee, Speos de la 28-94d,95m
Finissants, Grotto des 35-120xd,121m
fracture caves, La Pocatiere 42-4r
Gervais Cave 38-5r
highway tunnel, Quebec City 41-108a
Kazabazua Natural Bridges 34-129dx
Lafleche Cavern 34-129r
Lievres, Antre aux 35-120xm
Little River Caverns 33-68r
Mickeys Cave (Grotte Mickeys) 44-31dm,32p
Ottawa River Cave 30-5r
Ours, Cave de l' 30-57d
Perdrix, Antre aux 35-120x,122m
Perdus, Trou des 28-76r,30-78r
Perdus II, Trou des 28-130dm
Perdus IV, Trou des 31-102dp,103m
Perdus, Trou des, System 28-119r,29-51dp,52p,53m
Petit Lac du Cerf Cave 39-4r
pits near Woburn 28-136r
Point Comfort Cave 30-57d
sea caves, Iles de la Madeleine 28-64d,65p,33-68r
sinkhole, Quebec City 44-56rp
sinkhole, St. Jude 41-40r
Skinners Cave 37-33hp
Skinners Island Cave 32-105dphx
St. Hippolyte Mine 34-130dmp
storm drain system, Montreal 34-74r
Subiaco, Grotto 35-120xm,121d
talus caves at Pocatiere 30-9r
Tartare, Grotto 35-120x,122dm,42-4r
Thermopyles (cave) 35-120x,121mp
Three Island Cave 38-5r
Torrent, Grotte du 33-24dm

salt caves 34-75r

Baiyudong (White Rain) Cave 34-42r
new cave in Sichuan 26-43r

Lukina Jama 28-19r
Patkov Gust 28-112r
record deep pit 35-74r

Grande, Cueva 30-11r
Menendez, Cueva 30-10r
Palmarito Cave System 30-11r
Santa Catalina Cave 30-11r
Santo Tomas Cave System 30-11r
Scarlet Cave 30-11r

Dominican Republic
Great Water Cave, San Domingo 2-42dxi

cave complex below Pyramids of Giza 40-76r

Torhola Grotto 33-131rp

cave in Ardeche River Canyon 26-4r
caverns below Paris 35-110d
caves in Ariége region 26-90r
Cuomo d'Hoyouernedo, Systeme de la 18-78r
Gouffre Mirolda 28-19r,29-43r,34-8r
great sewers of Paris 2-40dxi
Jean-Bernard, Reseau 28-19r
mushroom farm cave 36-5a

Abatz Cave 25-69r
Krubera (Voronja) Cave 35-108r,36-110r,38-7r,43-104r
Vjacheslava Pantjukhina 28-19r
Voronja Cave 32-4r,47r,35-74r

Laichinger Deep Cave 37-130r
Nazi labyrinth 25-5r
Salt Caverns of Berchtesgaten 2-41di

Antiparos, Grotto of 2-39dhi
Labyrinthos Cave 40-111r

waterfall of Kvarnararfoss 2-41di

Armanath Cave 28-75a
cave in Kashmir 40-111r

Ghar Parau 4-97d

San Servolo, Cave of, Trieste 2-40i

Saint Clair Cave 41-40r

Deer Cave 40-43r
Gua Air Jernih 28-19r

Abra, Cueva de la 13-72d
Ahuacatlan, Sotanito de 13-73d
Aktun Hu, Sistema 42-38r
Buque, Sotano del 10-75d,79m
Cheve, Sistema 28-19r
Cuesta, Sotano de la 13-71d
Golindrinas, Sotano de las 13-73d
Guaguas, Hoya de las 13-73d, 35-69a
Huautla, Sistema 25-105r,28-19r,44-39r
Li Nita 11-35d
Nacimiente del Rio Choy 13-72d
Nohoch Nah Chich, Sistema 38-7r
Ox Bel Ha, Sistema 31-5r,38-7r,38-109r
Sac Actun, Sistema 38-7r,109r,42-38r
Salitre, Cueva de 13-72d
Sendero, Sotano de 13-72r
Tepepa, Sistema de 31-43a
Villa Luz, Cueva de 29-9gbr,30-3r

Zolushka 18-78r

New Zealand
General Grant Cave 37-28ah,29i

Trolls Heart, The 2-40i
Royal Caverns, Jerusalem 2-39dxi

Wieliczka Salt Mine 34-47r

Adams Pit 15-13d
Herculana hotel cave 15-12d
Pestera Closani 15-12d
Pestera Topolnita 15-13d

Bozhko Cave 37-6a
cave in Penza region 38-109r
mountain cave, Siberia 42-104r
tunnels, Krasnoyarsk region 37-86rp

Brezno Pod Velbom 28-6r,112r
Vrtiglavica Vertigo 28-6r,112r

South Africa
Cango Caves 38-6a
gold mines 38-8r

Illaminako Ateeneko Leiza 28-19r
Nerja Cave System 43-5rp
Sistema de la Trave 28-19r
Systeme de Ojo Guarena 18-78r

Sri Lanka
cave near Taprobane Island 36-6b
Grotto of Topazen 2-40dhxi
Holloch 18-78r,28-19r
Siebenhengste-Hohgant Hohle 18-78r,28-19r

cave in Funasdalen 42-38a

cave near Cave Lodge 25-1p,2r
Emerald Cave 36-5a

Gates of Hell 40-76rp

Kristalnaya Cave 37-14p
Optimistecheskaja (Optymistychna) Cave 18-78r,28-19r,36-5r,79r,43-69r
Ozernaya Cave 18-78r,28-19r,36-5r,79r
Priests Grotto 35-48hp,74r,38-40h,39-76r,40-43r,41-108r

United Kingdom
Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 37-8r
Peak Cavern 19-27i
Sawney Beane Cave 32-92h
Swildons Hole 19-29d
Wookey Hole 19-29d,35m,44-38r

Boj Bulok 28-19r

Burying Place...Atures 2-42dxi

caves of Danang 2-20d
KaKuche tunnels 29-124r
Son Doong, Hang (Mountain River Cave) 40-43r

Country Unspecified
Cavern of Blood 6-124d
sandstone cave, “Sahara Emirate” 41-6r

caves on Arsia Mons 38-40rp,40-112rp

lava pit, Marius Hills 40-111rp