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The Northeastern Cave Conservancy (NCC)

Preserving Caves and Karst in the Northeast since 1978


The Northeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (NCC) is a not-for-profit corporation committed to the conservation, study, management and acquisition of caves and karst areas having significant geological, hydrological, biological, recreational, historical or aesthetic features. To these ends, the NCC combines the resources and expertise of affiliated cave explorers, educators, scientists, landowners and conservation officials.


In 1978 the Northeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. (NCC), one of the nation's first cave conservancies, was formed to accept the donation of Knox Cave in Albany County, NY when the National Speleological Society (NSS) declined to accept the cave. The NSS's board was deeply concerned that the liability exposure was too risky, so the NCC was incorporated with Knox Cave as its sole asset.

In early 1999 the NCC began managing Onesquethaw Cave in Albany County for the Albany County Land Conservancy.

NCC Caves

Knox Cave - is well known for its fifty-foot section known as The Gunbarrel. This passage measures 8 by 12 inches high at its tightest point. Recent discoveries are increasing the surveyed length of the cave. Knox cave is closed during the winter season to allow colonies of bats to hibernate.

Crossbones Cave - was opened on the Knox Cave property in 1999. The vertical pit entrance leads to a few hundred feet of horizontal passage. Digging and exploration continue.

Onesquethaw Cave - is the second longest cave in Albany County. This is a horizontal passage cave and is open year round.

NCC Geographic Region

The NCC is particularly interested in cave and karst areas in COnnecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The NCC encourages the exchange of information concerning conservation throughout the world.

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And please read the quarterly publication, Northeastern Cave Conservancy News.

All text here has been excerpted from the 08/00 NCC brochure.

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