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Western Region Constitution


The name of this organization shall be the WESTERN REGION of the National Speleological Society.


The Constitution and By-Laws of the National Speleological Society shall be binding upon this regional organization.


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the conservation and preservation of caves; to promote scientific study of caves in California, Oregon, Nevada, and the Far West; and to promote communication and cooperation among the cavers, speleologists, and the public in the Region through publication and dissemination of information on caves, cave conservation, and caving activities.


Membership in this organization shall be open to all active chapters (grottos) and individual members of the National Speleological Society in California, Oregon, Nevada, and the Far West. Requirements for membership shall be defined in the By-Laws of this organization.


The Regional Council shall be the governing body of the WESTERN REGION. The Regional Council consists of the Regional Officers, and representatives from each member chapter (grotto) in the Region.


The territory of this Region shall include, but not be limited to, the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and the Far West.


No part of the net earnings of this organization shall be used for the benefit of, nor be distributed to, its members, officers, or any other private persons, except that the organization shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable debts incurred in the furtherance of the purpose set forth in Article III. No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the carrying on of propaganda, lobbying, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and the organization shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publication or distribution of political statements) any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provisions of those articles, this organization shall not, except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the purpose of the organization.


Funds for the publication of informational, conservational, and educational materials shall be secured primarily through donations and/or dues from the WESTERN REGION. Upon the dissolution of the organization, all funds and assets remaining after payment of all liabilities shall be donated to the National Speleological Society or its successors.


The publication of this organization, in furtherance of the purposes set forth in Article III, shall be distributed without charge to all members of the organization, the National Speleological Society Library and Cave Files, the California State Library, any branch of the California State Park Service, the United States Geological Service, the Oregon State Park System, the United States National Park Service, the Nevada State Park Service, the United States Forest Service, the United States Bureau of Land Management, and any other repository as directed by the Regional Council.


Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Regional Council, or may be proposed by petition of ten percent of the members of the organization. A proposed amendment will become effective on its ratification by a majority of the ballots received in accordance with provisions stated in the By-Laws.



A quorum of the Regional Council will be a simple majority of the representatives or their proxies. In voting at Regional Council meetings, each Western Regional officer is entitled to one vote, and each grotto is entitled to the number of votes it was entitled to at the most recent Congress of Grottos, but with a maximum of three (3) votes and a minimum of one (1) vote for each grotto.


Meetings of the Regional Council will be held at least once a year.


The Annual Meeting of the WESTERN REGION will be held for all members. This meeting is traditionally held during the Labor Day Weekend. Other meetings will be held as needed.


A library of speleological information, publications, and other materials relating to caving, conservation, and speleology will be maintained by the Southern California Grotto for the Region. In the event that the Southern California Grotto dissolves, the Regional Council will make other arrangements for the custody of the library materials.


The materials in the library will be made available to the members of the Region, to qualified speleological researchers, and to government agencies concerned with the study of preservation of caves as determined by the Regional Council. The Librarian shall be appointed from the membership of the Southern California Grotto by the Regional Council.


Officers of the Region will include a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary-Treasurer, and the Editor of the CALIFORNIA CAVER. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary-Treasurer will be elected by the members of the Western Region by ballot as prescribed by the Regional Council. Elections shall be held on even numbered years. Vacancies for unexpired terms of the elected officers shall be filled through appointment by a quorum of the Regional Council.


Officers elect will take officer upon adjournment of the Annual Meeting.


The CALIFORNIA CAVER shall be the official publication of the WESTERN REGION of the National Speleological Society and shall be published quarterly.


Proposed amendments to the Regional Constitution will be published in the CALIFORNIA CAVER. Ballots for voting on the proposed amendments will be distributed with the issue of the CALIFORNIA CAVER which contains the proposed amendment. The CALIFORNIA CAVER must be published 60 days prior to the deadline shown of the ballots. Ballots must be received by the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the deadline date to be counted.


Those eligible under Article IV of the Constitution may establish annual membership by submitting name, address, and dues as determined by the Regional Council to the Secretary-Treasurer. Membership renewals are due January 1 of each succeeding year. New members will receive all CALIFORNIA CAVER back issues of the current year as available.

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