Welcome to the Western Region!

The Western Region is an association of NSS grottos in California, Nevada, and Oregon. It promotes cave conservation, the scientific study of caves, exploration, and speleo education. The Region's grottos host an annual business meeting in the fall. The region publishes the California Caver to communicate information about regional activities, exploration, and research.

More information about the upcoming Speleo-Ed, May 12-14, 2017 at Sequoia National Park..

Tourist Info
Save the Caves

If you are interested in learning more about caving, and live in the Western Region, feel free to contact your local grotto. Or contact one of our officers. If you are not in the Western Region, contact our parent organization, the National Speleological Society to find out more about caving.

Please remember to cave safely and carefully!

Here is a brief summary of site contents:

  • California Caver -- Issued quarterly, our official publication.
  • About the Western Region -- Snapshot information about the Region. Includes officer names and contact information.
  • Grottos -- A listing of chapter organizations and contact information.
  • Tourist Resources -- Ready for a walk on the not-so-wild side? These folks can light the way.
  • Rescue information -- Caving can be dangerous. Make sure you are prepared.
  • Conservation -- It's important to cave with care. Find out how.
  • Save the Caves -- It's up to YOU to help.
  • Listserve -- Join our electronic discussion list!
  • Links -- A small but useful list of other websites.
  • Grants Did you know we have money to give away? It's true!
  • Constitution -- The official document (you read it here first).
  • Timeline -- A draft document detailing some of the Region's history.
  • Annual Meeting -- Information about our yearly get-together.
  • Minutes -- Minutes from our annual meeting.
  • What's New? -- What's new on this website.
  • Contributors -- The folks behind the scenes of this web site.
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