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Speleo-Ed 2007
May 18-20, at Lava Beds National Monument

For the first time in history, the Western Region of the NSS is pleased to join forces with the Northwest Caving Association and the National Cave Rescue Commission to present Speleo-Ed 2007 at Lava Beds National Monument! Our traditional educational sessions and workshops will be supplemented by numerous opportunities for cave trips including an intensive two day Orientation to Cave Rescue presented by the NCRC. We hope you can join us!


Speleo-Ed 2007 is presented with the cooperation and assistance of:

Lava Beds National Monument, the Norhwest Caving Association, Great Basin National Park, the US Geological Survey, UC Davis, the Cave Research Foundation, the NSS Communications & Electronics Section and the Executive Board of the Western Region of the National Speleological Society

About the Seminar
This year's Speleo-Ed seminar is an outstanding way to learn more about cave exploration and science while enjoying a fun and social weekend with friends from across the eight western states and southern Canada. Building on last year's popular seminar, we have arranged an even broader collection of interesting topics for 2007. With the gracious assistance of numerous speakers and organizations, we have worked together to design what should be an outstanding spring weekend!

Lava Beds National Monument
The legacy of Northern California's volcanic activity is both hidden and observable in this rugged landscape. Cinder cones, shield volcanoes, stratovolcanoes, spatter cones and nearly 700 lava tubes are all part of this legacy. In fact, several caves and surface features are within walking distance of the campground. Many Speleo-Ed sessions and workshops will be held underground.

Camping and Accommodations
The Western Region has reserved sites 18 through 30 in Loop B of the public campground. We have also rented the nearby group camping area to accommodate all of our participants. The camping areas provide running water and basic toilets but no showers. All campers must be registered participants in the Speleo-Ed Seminar. Day use rates are available but do not include camping, field trips or evening activities. Pets are allowed in the park but not in the Research Center. Owners are expected to follow the park's specific leash laws. The nearest hotels are located 40 miles away in Tulelake. Camping fees are included in your registration. Park entrance fees are $10 per car. If possible, please carpool. Limited RV hookups might be available at a separate location.
 Please note: Due to program constraints, there will be no available sleeping accommodations 
 in the Lava Beds Research Center during Speleo-Ed weekend. 

Track 1: Speleo-Ed Track 2: Orientation to Cave Rescue

From paleoclimatology to speleo-history, this track of our 2007 seminar promises to offer something for everyone! Several new presenters will share information from two national parks, the US Geological Survey, the Cave Research Foundation and five different grottos in the Western Region and Northwest Caving Association.

All sessions will be based at the Lava Beds Research Center - just walking distance from the campground and Mushpot Cave.

Afternoon workshops and field trips will be held in several nearby caves, so be sure to bring your gear!

On Sunday, additional field trips will depart for many of the area’s lava tubes and geological areas. Trip sign-up sheets will be available at the campground starting Friday evening. Sunday will also include a discussion in the research center on the national karst map project hosted by Dan Doctor of the USGS.

The Orientation to Cave Rescue track will introduce students to cave rescue practices and the caving environment. This introduction class will prepare students for the first of three levels of week-long cave rescue training classes offered by the NCRC. This class gives a brief introduction to the major topical areas that are covered more thoroughly in the week-long classes. This course does not cover vertical rope techniques or surface search and rescue. Saturday’s OCR sessions will be held in the Fire Center located near park headquarters.

Each student will need:

  1. HELMET. A caving or climbing helmet is preferred. Modified construction type helmets with good chinstraps are acceptable. NO broad brimmed helmets.
  2. LIGHTS. Three dependable, independent sources are required. Each must be capable of getting you out of the cave and must provide ample light to see. Each should be rugged and at least one, preferably all three, must be helmet mounted.
  4. GLOVES. Good leather or at least leather palm work gloves are a must.
  5. BOOTS. Sturdy, lug soled, lace-up type boots with good support.
  6. FOOD. Quick energy, ready to eat like trail mix, candy bars, small can of beans, fruit, etc.
  7. WATER. Good water bottle or an army surplus canteen.
  8. SMALL PACK. Items 2,6,7,9 and 10 go into this pack as well as extra batteries, bulbs and a note pad with short wooden pencils in Zip Loc bags.
  9. GARBAGE BAGS. At least two 30-33 gallon size.
  10. PERSONAL FIRST AID KIT and SUPPLIES including knife and whistle.

Some people will find 20' of tubular one-inch nylon webbing and a couple of locking D carabiners handy, but they are not required. Participants under 18 years of age must contact Roger Mortimer at RMortimer@fresno.ucsf.edu or (559) 442-4156 before registering. All participants must sign a liability waiver.

For more information, please download the registration flyer by clicking here

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