Arts & Letters Salon

NSS Arts & Letters Salon

(NOTE: Updates and additions to the Arts & Letters web page will be coming soon. The NSS web team is hard at work - so stay tuned....)

The Arts and Letters Salon is the new incarnation of the old Arts & Letters Section. By converting to a Salon, we hope to furnish a place and activities at Convention for people to meet and talk, exhibit their productions, engage in the fine and literary arts as related to speleology, and learn, teach, share and present an opportunity to sell our productions.

As before, the A & L Salon will continue the production of Illuminations magazine. Instead of membership, Illuminations will now be available by paid subscription, either as an interactive digital pdf, or in hard copy. See the Illuminations page for back issues and subscription details.

During Convention we plan to present as many of the sessions below as possible:

  • SpeleoArt Workshop
  • Annual Arts and Letters Luncheon Meeting and Discussion
  • Various Readings, Exhibits, and A&L Talk in a week-long designated space
  • Writers Workshop
  • Salon Awards for Submissions to Illuminations or exhibits in the Salon Space.


We invite writers, artists, musicians and multimedia artists to join us at the next NSS Convention. If you would like to read, teach or otherwise add to the Salon, please contact either Michael Ray Taylor or Jo Schaper as soon as you know you will be attending and we will find a spot for you.

We are always looking for writers, artists, musicians, and others to contribute to the magazine. Submissions are always open year round. with the publication coming out in January and in time for Convention. A room has already been reserved for the Writer's Workshop. We hope to present a Best of Illuminations at Convention in writing and graphic categories for work entered in Issues 34 and 35. No special entry required. Illuminations. (Deadlines November 15 and May 15.)

A subscription will continue to support Illuminations and Salon activities. And all writers and artists are encouraged to submit year round. Please send submissions to Kenneth Storey.

As a Salon, we are looking for ways to encourage friendly, supportive competition for the literary, music and multimedia arts. Interested in becoming part of this?
Have something to submit for Illuminations? Send it to Kenneth Storey.

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