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The Communications & Electronics Section is governed by an Executive Board consisting of four (4) members. Elections are held at the annual business meeting, normally conducted at each year's NSS Convention. The Offices are:
  • Chair
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Publications Chair
  • Communications (Webmaster)

The Publications Chair serves as Editor of Speleonics ®. Occasionally, a guest-editor will publish an issue, thus giving the Editor a break.

The operation of the Section is established by the Constitution and By-Laws.

The current Executive Board Members are:

Office Name & Address Term
Section Chair Bart Rowlett
1509 Date Ave.
Torrance, CA   90503-6107
E-mail: bart@wb6hqk.ampr.org
Secretary-Treasurer Brian Pease
431 Westford Rd
Milton, VT   05468
(H) (802) 893-0343
E-mail: bpease2@myfairpoint.net
Publications Paul R. Jorgenson
11833 N. Bancroft Dr.
Phoenix, AZ   85028
(H) (602) 992-8043
E-mail: ke7hr@cox.net
Aaron Birenboim
1300 Princeton Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM   87106
(H) (505) 349-4719

These Officers are working hard to make the Section better.
Please let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Minutes of the C&E Business Meeting of August 11, 2008

Minutes of the C&E Meeting of July 7, 2006 in Speleonics #26, are available
on-line on the Speleonics Page, using the button on the left side of this page.

Minutes of the C&E Business Meeting of July 4, 2005

Minutes of the C&E Business Meeting of July 12, 2004

Minutes of the C&E Business Meeting of August 4, 2002

Minutes of the C&E Business Meeting of June 26, 2000

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