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COMMUNICATION & ELECTRONICS SECTION of the National Speleological Society

July 15, 2002


    The Membership consists of those who attend an annual General Meeting and/or the C&E session at the Annual NSS Convention and who sign the roster with their name and email (or regular) address. The duration of membership shall be 5 years from the last meeting attended, if the member's dues are not in arrears.

    Applications for membership shall be in writing, as specified above, and shall be accompanied by dues as specified herein. All applications for membership shall be acted on by the Executive Committee. There shall be two classes of members:

    Full: Is an NSS member, has full voting rights, may hold office, and receives any generally distributed publications.

    Associate: Are not NSS members, may vote on matters not affecting the NSS, may not hold office, and receives any generally distributed publications.

    The amount of the dues, if any, their due dates, and the collection procedures shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

    Termination of Membership
    Membership shall be terminated for nonpayment of Section dues. A member dropped for non-payment of dues may be reinstated automatically upon payment of current Section dues. Membership may be terminated if the member fails to respond to inquiries from a member of the Executive Committee.

    Members may be admonished, suspended from certain privileges, or expelled from Section membership for any of the following reasons:

    (1) Willful misuse of Section property or facilities.

    (2) Willful disregard of the safety of themselves and/or others while participating in a Section activity.

    (3) Conduct detrimental to the Section and/or the National Speleological Society.

    Disciplinary action under this provision shall be taken only upon a three-quarters vote of the Executive Committee by a secret ballot. Disciplinary action shall be initiated only upon presentation to the Executive Committee of a written petition for disciplinary action, submitted by at least two members of the Section not in the same household.

    Upon receiving such a petition, the Executive Committee shall take such actions as are deemed necessary to notify the accused members or members, in writing, of the petition, and of the place, date, and time at which the petition will be considered by the Executive Committee. The accused member or members shall have the right to speak on their own behalf. Such considerations shall take place no sooner than twenty-one days and no later than seventy days after the Executive Committee receives the petition.



    No special assessments may be made against members of the Section. The Executive Committee may solicit voluntary contributions of money or time for specific purposes. A charge may be made for the Sectionís special publications and extra copies of regular publications, and fees may be collected for the use of the Sectionís property when approved by the Executive Committee.

    Gifts and bequests may be made to the Section in any form or amount and for any use compatible with the purpose of the Section.

    A charge may be made to non-members for: attendance at Section-sponsored activities; use of the Sectionís equipment and library; copies of publications, maps, and other data, and inclusion of non-members on the Sectionís mailing list.



    In addition to the general duties of governing the Section, the Executive Committee members shall have the following specific duties:

    Executive Chair: The Executive Chair shall be the executive head of the section: call and conduct meetings; prepare and submit the yearly report to the NSS; create and maintain a membership database; and shall be the designated Section contact person.

    Secretary-Treasurer Chair: As Secretary, the S-T chair shall keep the minutes of all general membership and Executive Committee meetings, maintain all Section correspondence except for that which has been delegated to other officers by the Executive Committee, and maintain a file of all Section directives. As Treasurer, the S-T chair shall care for all funds of the Section and disburse and manage the funds as directed by the Executive Committee; distribute back issues of Speleonics; and be prepared to provide a report of the treasury status at any meeting.

    Communications Chair: The Communications Chair shall be responsible for publishing the Section Web Pages including the electronic version of the newsletter Speleonics.

    Publications Chair: Solicits editors and articles for Speleonics.

    Executive Committee Elections will be held during the annual General Membership Meeting of the Section at the NSS convention. The Executive Chair with approval of at least two-thirds of the rest of the Executive Committee members shall select candidates for the Executive Committee from among the Section members (who are also NSS members). The Executive Chair shall appoint one of the Section members to act as moderator and preside over the elections. The moderator shall not be a candidate in the upcoming election that they are moderating. Additional nominations of members may be made from the floor at the general meeting provided that such nominations are seconded and subject to acceptance by the member so nominated. Approval of a candidate shall require 51% of the members voting.

    Term of Office
    Those elected each year shall take office on the day following the annual meeting at the NSS convention.

    The Executive Committee shall have the power to remove any Executive Committee member who, without just cause, fails to fulfill the duties of their office, including simple neglect, in such a manner as to cause potential harm to the Section.

    Vacancies on the Executive Committee that occur shall be filled for the balance of the term by Chairmanís appointment, subject to majority approval of the rest of the Executive Committee.

    Any member of the Executive Committee may appoint a member of the section as a proxy to act for him or her at a meeting of the Executive Committee. Proxy may act at one meeting for only one Executive Committee member. The presiding officer must be notified of such proxy appointment directly or in writing by the absent Executive Committee member before the proxy may be allowed to serve. Authorization should state if discretionary voting powers have been given to the proxy.

    Other Attendees
    Committee chairmen may attend meetings of the Executive Committee and have the privilege of speaking on matters relevant to the committeeís function but shall have no power to vote by virtue of their chairmanship. Any other member of the section may attend Executive Committee meetings and may be granted the privilege of the floor at the discretion of the presiding officer but shall have no power to vote.

    Executive Committee Meetings
    There shall be at least one Executive Committee meeting each year. The time, place, and date shall be provided to the membership before the date of such meeting. The Executive Committee shall determine the date, time, and place for any special meetings. A quorum at an Executive Committee meeting will be fifty percent of the members of the Executive Committee.

    Each action approved by the Executive Committee, which establishes new policies or administrative procedures can be designated as a "directive" or "act". The secretary of the Section can be made responsible for maintaining a file of such directives and be responsible for notifying the membership directly or in writing of their adoption. This is similar to "standing orders", described in Roberts Rules of Order. This is optional.



    There shall be at least one General Meeting of the membership each calendar year. The date, time, and place of this meeting, normally at the annual NSS convention, shall be provided to the membership before the date of such meeting. The Executive Committee shall determine the date, time, and place for these and any special meetings.

    A quorum at a General Meeting shall be 51% of those members who are present at the meeting.



    Robertís Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern all procedural questions arising at all meetings of the Section when they are applicable and when they are not inconsistent with the Sectionís constitution and bylaws.



    Committees shall be established by the Executive Committee to execute the work of the Section. Chairs of the committees shall be appointed by the Executive Chair of the Section, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Each committee chairman shall select shall select the personnel and promote the activities of his committee. All committees will operate under the direction and approval of the Executive Committee other than the Elections Committee.



    The Section may acquire real and intangible property, including equipment, literature, and other materials for use by and on behalf of the membership. The fiscal year is the calendar year.



    The Section will issue and distribute to the members in good standing issues of Speleonics when they are published, through the sectionís website or by other means. The Section is also empowered to issue and distribute special publications, subject to regulations governing the subject matter, publication dates, sales, and distribution as prescribed by the Executive Committee.


  9. STORE

    The Section may maintain a Section Store for the convenience of members, friends, and associates, which will be limited to speleologically related goods appropriate to the policies of the Section.



    In the event of dissolution of the Section, all assets remaining after meeting outstanding liabilities shall be assigned to the National Speleological Society. However, if the named recipient is not then in existence or is no longer a qualified distributee, or unwilling or unable to accept the distribution, the assets of this organization shall be distributed to a fund, foundation, or corporation organized and operated exclusively for the purposes specified in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or the corresponding provision of any future U.S. Internal Revenue Code).



    All proposed amendments in these bylaws must be presented to the entire membership and notice given to the members of the place, date, and time of the General Meeting at which the amendment(s) will be considered for adoption. This notice shall be given not less than twenty days prior to the designated meeting. Adoption of the amendment(s) shall require a two-thirds vote of the members voting, and the total votes cast must constitute at least 51% of the full members who sign in at the meeting where the voting takes place.


(Revised 2002)

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