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2020 NSS Virtual Convention CES Zoom Meeting Success

The CES Zoom Meeting at the 2020 NSS Virtual Convention was a success in more ways than one. Since we usually have our meetings on Mondays and we retained that day in the line up for the week, we were the first of the official convention zoom meetings. It seems fitting that the live Zoom meetings for the convention was tested first on the communications and electronics section.

CES Meeting at 2020 NSS Virtual Convention

The Communications and Electronics Section will be having a Zoom Meeting at 4:00 PM ET on 27 July for the 2020 NSS Virtual Convention.  All CES members who are on the CES-ANNOUNCE list should have received an announcement (but it is quite possible your spam filter ate it).  The Zoom information is below.  There will also be pre-recorded presentations available at 12:01 AM on the 27th at the CES page for NSS 2020 Convention.

CES-ANNOUNCE mailing list

The ongoing difficulties communicating with our section members lead me to get the domain, set up an announce-only email list, and subscribe all of the current members based on the email addresses we have on file.  All current NSS CES members should have received a notification, but I know that some mail clients treat new list emails as spam until the user indicates that list is "OK".


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