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2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Communication & Electronics Meeting Meeting Minutes
2018 NSS Convention
Monday, July 30, 2018
Helena, MT
Brian Pease, Sec/Treas

The C&E Luncheon/Meeting began at noon in room 124 of the Capitol High
School in Helena, MT. After lunch, Sam Rowe read the minutes from the 2017 session.
I gave the Treasurer's report. After paying Gene Harrison $153.11 for the 2 banner kits
he assembled for the special event ham station, we have $1080.57 left in the account as
of June 29, 2018. I read the session minutes from 2017. All were accepted. Inclluding
this meeting, we now have 125 members with 112 NSS being members and 60 Hams.
Paul Jorgenson said that he had an article by Neville Michie that he will publish soon.
John Deroo described the current state of our website, which will remain as-is for now.
Sam Rowe announced his retirement as Section Chair.

Gene Harrison gave a pitch, with slides, for Ham radio as a caving asset,
especially in remote areas without cell or other service. Gene got K7NSS as a
permanent call for the section, with Sam as alternate trustee as a start. The plan is to
continue to use the short 1x1 special event station calls at Convention because they
attract attention. Gene mentioned that mobile NVIS is practical using a horizontal wire
over a car roof with a tuning capacitor to ground at one end and grounded coax at the
other. He mentioned 5MHz (60m) as a good choice.
Sam ran the elections. John Deroo is the new Section Chair, myself continuing as
sec/treas, Paul Jorgenson as Publications Chair, and Communications Chair open. John
will continue with Communications duties for now. The meeting ended at 1:22PM