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2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

Communication & Electronics Meeting Meeting Minutes
2019 NSS Convention
Monday, June 17, 2019
Cookeville, TN
Brian Pease, Sec/Treas

The meeting got underway at 12:38PM in room 229 of the Putnam High School. The Meeting and Session minutes from last year were read and approved. I gave the Treasurer's report. Our balance as of June 13 is $1081.07, held in a nonprofit interest checking account at Peoples Bank. I said that we currently have 125 “active” Members which include 60 Hans and 112 NSS Members.

John Deroo, Section Chair, who is also handling the duties of Communications Chair for now, gave a report on the NSS Website woes, which included the C&E site.

Former Section Chair Sam Rowe said that we now have K7NSS as a club callsign. He mentioned the club officers and said to coordinate use of the club call with Gene Harrison.

We discussed possibly donating items for a display case at the NSS Headquarters, without paying to sponsor a case. This was not resolved.

The current officers were re-elected for another year with no dissent. John Deroo is Executive Chair, Brian Pease is Secretary/Treasurer, and Paul Jorgenson is Publications Chair. John Deroo is handling the duties of the Communications Chair, which is open.