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2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

Provisional until approved by the CES membership at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Communication & Electronics Meeting Minutes
2020 NSS Virtual Convention
Monday, July 27, 2020
Zoom Meeting
Brian Pease, Sec/Treas

At 4PM Eastern Time, Meredith Hall Weberg, Co-Chair of the 2020 Elkins, WV Convention, started and moderated the meeting, handing control to our Executive Chair John DeRoo. He made the decision to use the Chat function of Zoom to collect attendence by having each caver give their name, NSS number, email address, and Ham call (whatever applied). A total of 37 people signed in on Chat. There likely were many additional lurkers. For this one time we are not dropping members who have not signed in for 5 years (see below). We now have 139 members of whom 129 are NSS members, and 64 are Hams.

The Meeting and Session minutes from last year were displayed, and were approved. I gave the Treasurers Report. We have $1043.63 in our non-profit checking account at Peoples Bank. This was approved.

John, who is also the acting Communications Chair, said that he is working on moving the C&E website to the NSS account, and to possibly change from Drupal to Wordpress. He has had problems sending announcements with our Speleonics email list at and has set up our own list for infrequent general one-way announcements. He will set up a separate list to replace altadena later. He said that communications are more important now than ever.

John gave the Executive Chair's report. He said that we would not drop members who did not sign in this year and had also missed the previous 4 years. For voting, John decided to simply ask for anyone who did not approve to unmute and speak up. He said that Paul Jorgenson, Publications Chair, had nothing to report. Paul does not have enough to publish an issue of Speleonics yet. John talked about doing a field trip at the next convention in Weed, CA. Bill Frantz said that there are lava tubes available nearby.

John also mentioned trying to do something with the JSS to get younger cavers involved. Sam Rowe said that the JSS had visited the Special Event Ham station in the past, and that Ham license exams have been held during the convention. Don Conover said that he has been involved with a non-NSS project where kids assemble AM/FM receiver kits (no soldering).

There was no old business.

For new business, John DeRoo brought up the the idea of changing the C&E Constitution to elect Board Members instead of officers specifically for the 4 current positions. The board would then appoint members, who may or may not be Board Members, to the 4 positions. This gives the Section more flexibility and is the way most other organizations are run. The officers will work on the proposed changes to be presented next year.

John then asked for volunteers to run for for the 4 officer positions, with no response. Hearing nothing, he asked anyone who had objections to the current slate to unmute and speak up. Hearing nothing, the current officers will continue for another year; John DeRoo as Executive Chair and acting Communications Chair, Brian Pease as Sec/Treas Chair, and Paul Jorgenson as Publications Chair.