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2020 NSS Virtual Convention CES Zoom Meeting Success

The CES Zoom Meeting at the 2020 NSS Virtual Convention was a success in more ways than one. Since we usually have our meetings on Mondays and we retained that day in the line up for the week, we were the first of the official convention zoom meetings. It seems fitting that the live Zoom meetings for the convention was tested first on the communications and electronics section.

We had our business meeting and then had the session with three live mini-presentations and three pre-recorded formal session talks. In the business meeting the minutes from last year were approved, the officers gave their reports, we briefly discussed the new domain and email list, we discussed setting up a committee to propose revisions to the constitution and bylaws, and we held the elections. Details will be in the minutes which I expect to post shortly. In the live presentation sessions, Sam Rowe talked about the convention special event amateur radio station, Gene Harrison talked briefly about securing the CES club callsign K7NSS and its availability, and John Lyles gave an obituary of Bob Buecher. For the prerecorded sessions, Brian Pease gave a presentation on "Data Transmission Through a Long Single Wire Phone Line", and John Lyles gave two presentation, one on "Real Time Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System at Edgewood Caverns, NM", and the other on "UHF Cave Data Communication Network for Fort Stanton Cave, NM". Though the presentations were prerecorded, both presenters were at the meeting and we had some Q&A. As usual, we ran a little over, and, as usual, we were ushered out of the (virtual) meeting room before we were quite ready. We did not get to have the informal presentations from the members that we usually do.

All in all, this went better than we had any right to expect - Meredith Hall Weberg and Rich Geisler from the convention staff were the key enablers. Sam Rowe and Brian Pease kept us focused, and John Lyles and and Gene Harrison provided lots of input and help.

I hope to see you in person in Weed, CA next year!
John DeRoo
NSS57766, K4VER