Communication and Electronics Section

Better Caving Through Electrical Stuff


Membership in the Communications & Electronics Section is open to all individuals demonstrating an interest in the objectives of the organization and agreeing to abide by its tenets. Membership shall not be denied due to race, sex, religious affiliation, or national origin.

The Membership consists of those who attend an annual General Meeting and/or the C&E session at the Annual NSS Convention and who sign the roster with their name and email (or regular) address. The duration of membership shall be 5 years from the last meeting attended, if the member's dues are not in arrears.

Full Membership in the C&E Section is open to all NSS members in good standing. Full Members can vote, hold office, participate in all Section activities, and receive Speleonics, plus any other publications, as authorized by the Executive Board of the Section.

Associate Membership is open to Non-NSS members or groups. Associate members are entitled only to receive C&E Section publications.

Annual Dues are currently suspended.

The Section has decided to distribute Speleonics by electronic format (on this website) and available to everyone. Electronic issues will be posted on the website at the time they're received, to ensure timeliness of the information.

The electronic versions will remain on the website indefinitely.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact the Section Secretary-Treasurer, as listed on the Board Members Page.