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Amateur Radio Special Event Stations at 2014 - 2015 Conventions

Sam Rowe, KG9NG

The Idea of a Caver Special Event Station has been discussed informally among caving hams and members if the Communication and Electronics section for some time.


For the 2014 NSS convention in Huntsville, Gene Harrison, N3EV acquired the special event call of N4V. Ralph Brigham, KG4CSQ requested support and interest of local hams and the Huntsville ARC. As Gene and Ralph already had other commitments for medical and rescue interest they requested help from me the C&E section chair. I contacted the program chair and had the event listed in the 2014 program guide as well as the daily newsletter. I, KG9NG and Joyce Thompson, KB9TFE operated from our campsite on 20 meters most of the convention.

Unfortunately, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) contest was held at the same time limiting our success. We did make early contact with a caver, Fritz, WD6GMU way over in San Diego, CA a good distance from Huntsville


At the 2015 convention in Waynesville, Missouri conditions were somewhat better. Bill, WB0MHG; John, KC9LIG; Mike; KM0MVR and others operated K0V from the convention's Shriner's campground from a covered shelter. where they made 48 contacts. I also gave a paper at the Communications and Electronics session on what we had done last year at Huntsville and hoped to do in the future.