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Call for Abstracts for Presentations at the 2021 Virtual Convention

I had hoped that we would be having an in-person convention in Weed, CA this year and that the all-virtual convention would be a one-off. Well, things haven’t changed all that much, at least in the context of the convention and the C&E section.

We plan to virtually have our annual business meeting and a session with presentations. I know many of you have been thinking and tinkering (thinkering???) on interesting projects over the last year (or two), so this would be a great time to tell the rest of the Communications and Electronics Section about them. If you would like to present your project(s) at the session, please send an abstract, or even just a few sentences describing your presentation, to We are still ironing out details with the convention team, so I can’t yet provide all the information about how the sessions will work and what formats we will be using, but I expect that will be forthcoming soon.

Thank you,
John DeRoo
K4VER and NSS C&E section chairman