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CES 2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda

Below is the outline of the CES 2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda.  Please let me know before the meeting if you have any changes.

  • Business meeting
    • Old business
      • Approval of minutes from last year
      • Sec/Treas report
      • Communications report
      • Publications report
      • Chair report
    • New business
      • Possibly discuss amending constitution/bylaws to have a set number of board members, but not have them necessarily 1-1 with the officers. This would require posting the proposed changes before Next year’s meeting.
      • Discuss possibility of having a project build and/or field trip at next live convention
      • Anything else the CES membership wishes to bring up
    • Elections
      • Appoint teller of election
      • Accept nominations
      • Vote for any contested seats
  • Session
    • Sam talk about Special Events station
    • Sam or Gene talk about NSS Ham club
    • John L present a memorial of Bob Buecher
    • Video presentations (if we can run them)
    • Q&A
    • informal presentations