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Each year at NSS Convention, the Section hosts the Geology and Geography Session for the presentation of new research (anyone wishing to give a paper needs to contact Section Executive Secretary).

Both oral and poster papers are presentedat the sessions, which usually covers a full day. Between the morning and afternoon sessions, we have a luncheon to conduct our annual business meetings. The Section's meetings are a great place to network with many of the country's leading karst scientists (cave biologists and other scientists outside the geosciences also often attend the meetings), and we get a lot done without the formality and stuffiness of many science groups -- again, we are cavers after all.

2011 NSS Convention - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The NSS Section of Cave Geology and Geography is accepting abstracts for presentations at the Geology and Geography Session of the 2011 NSS Convention, to be held in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, from July 18-22. This year, the Geology and Geography Section will be hosting Paleontology talks along with the traditional topics presented in this session. All abstracts will be considered to be for oral presentations unless a poster presentation is specifically requested. At this time, we have not reserved poster space, but could accommodate a poster session if there is sufficient interest and enough advance notice is given to convention organizers.

Abstracts may be no more than 250 words in length (this limit must be strictly met). In addition to the text, the abstracts should contain the title of the paper, and the name(s), address(es), and email address(es) of the author(s). The abstracts should be informative summaries that include the conclusions, and not lists of topics that "...will be discussed." Bibliographies and references should not be given in the abstracts. Papers may be submitted for either oral presentation as a poster. Please specify your preference when submitting your abstract.

Send any questions and your abstracts by e-mail to:
Paul Burger

The deadline for abstracts is April 15, 2011. Early submissions are encouraged. Confirmation notes will be sent to everyone sending an abstract. Details on presentations times, dates, and other information will be sent to all confirmed participants after the deadline. For online details about the convention, visit: http://www.nss2011.com/. For online details about the requirements for convention sessions and abstracts, visit: http://nss2011.com/daytime-activities/sessions/