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Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2018

Indiana Cave Survey June 11, 2018 Meeting Minutes
President Trotter called the meeting to order at 7:48 PM at his new home. The weather was perfect for a poolside meeting with pizza and drinks provided by our host.
Introductions were made and those in attendance included; Keith Dunlap (Treasurer), Ray Sheldon (Secretary), John Benton (Board Member), Bill Baus (Board Member), Glenn Lemaster, Dave Black, Lee Florea, Ellie Wind, and Damian Schmelz.
The March 2018 meeting minutes were approved as written.
Treasurer Report:
Dunlap reported $6,051.21 in the treasury. Membership stands at Sixty-five current members.
Archives Report:
Dunlap sold two of the three old/surplus filing cabinets. He purchased three newer ones that were in better shape and were the same size.
County Director Reports:
Jennings County Director Trotter reported no activity. Dunlap found one unreported location in Doug Love’s Thesis.
Bartholomew, Jackson, Jefferson, and Ripley County Director Sheldon reported no activity.
Clark and Scott County Director Dunlap reported no activity.
Crawford, Floyd, and Harrison County Director Black reported activity processed by Dunlap.
The following County Director reports were e-mailed to and mentioned by Trotter from the floor:
Brown, Decatur, Franklin, and Shelby County Director Cross reported no activity.
Dubois, Martin, and Orange County Director Winner reported no activity.
Greene County Director Everton reported no activity.
Northern Indiana County Director Lewis reported no activity.
Clay, Morgan, Owen, Parke, Putnam, and Vanderburgh County Director Jarboe reported no activity.
Lawrence and Monroe County Director Dick reported no activity.
Perry and Spencer County Director Smith reported no activity.
Washington County Director Bell reported no activity.
Dunlap processed the following ICS Report Forms from various submitters: Crawford – 4, Harrison – 6, Lawrence – 3, Monroe – 4, Greene – 1, Floyd – 1, Warren – 1, Orange – 1.
Membership Upgrades:
Baus motioned to upgrade Laura Demarest to Regular membership and Benton seconded the motion. Discussion included three-year Associate member and the required ICS forms turned into Director Dick. She is an active caver working on several projects. Unanimous decision – welcome Laura to Regular membership.
The ICS has one new member this quarter. Welcome Ellie Wind to Associate membership.
Webmaster Report:
Trotter has officially appointed Chris Dick as the Public Website Webmaster. Trotter commented that Dick has the Public Site working fine. There is a Facebook page for members interested in the social site.
Private Site Webmaster / Database Custodian Report:
Dunlap continues to work on the migration of the reference tables. He has updated/completed 40 of the 46 counties since last December, about 35% finished.
ICS Notebook Report:
Notebook Editor Ty Spatta continues to compile articles and is requesting members to submit maps and articles for future editions. Dunlap continues to assist with the delivery and is accepting $20.00 donations for the Color Covers. Dunlap opened a discussion concerning folded delivery. This would save money and welcomes membership comments.
Old Business:
The 2018 ICS Symposium was a success. The location, weather, food and programs were great. About 60 attendees were present. There was discussion about rotating the location south next year.
Florea displayed the Wyandotte Map the IGS is working on.
Florea is still working on the specifics for the ICS/IGS MOU.
New Business:
Dunlap has “remastered” and placed Doug Love’s Muscatatuck Christian Ranch GuideBook in the eLibrary.
Dunlap reported no progress this quarter on re-opening the IDNR managed caves.
Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held at 7:30PM on September 10th, 2018 at the home of Chris Dick. Bring something to eat and drink if you so desire.
Meeting adjourned at 9:16 PM.

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