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Meeting Minutes – June 10, 2019

Indiana Cave Survey June 10, 2019 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:53 PM by President Chris Dick.
Thanks to Chris & Joe for hosting the meeting and providing food.
Those in attendance included Chris Dick(President), Keith Dunlap(Treasurer), Bruce Trotter(Board Member), members Joe Bowmer, Jake Yegerlehner, and guest Debbie Blessing. (These minutes were recorded by Trotter in Secretary Sheldon’s absence).
The March 2019 meeting minutes were approved as written.
Dunlap reported $5815.22 in the Treasury. Recent expenses include $127 for the April Notebook publication and $85 for the Symposium. The “tip jar” collected $93 at the Symposium. We have 68 current members.
The County Director efforts were reported by Dunlap. He has entered a total of 63 report forms since the last meeting. Those reports are as follows: Jennings County 5, Monroe County 1, Lawrence County 1, Washington County 38, Harrison County 8, Owens County 9, and Daviess County 1. Daviess is a new county, so Dunlap assigned Jamie Winner as County Director.
Trotter reported that the electronic copies of the Jefferson Proving Ground Karst Study and the Versailles State Park Karst Study were turned in to the eLibrary Custodian Dunlap.
Archivist Dunlap reports that he has a box of original drafted maps by Carroll Ritter. These are mostly Lawrence, Orange, and Martin county maps.
Public Web Site Custodian Dick reports some general maintenance.
Private Web Site Custodian Dunlap report some minor updates. Dunlap also reports that he is still updating/migrating the references in the database. He is currently working on Washington County. Orange County is next. He currently is 43% complete with all of the references.
The 2019 Indiana Cave Symposium was held at the new Orange County Community Center on April 27 2019. The feedback on the location, program, and food was all positive.
Dunlap reported that Lee Florea had sent him a marked-up version of the ICS-IGS MOU. Dunlap will review.
Dunlap reported that Sam Frushour is working on a spring database.
Next meeting will be held at Ray Sheldon’s house in Elizabethtown, IN, September 9, 2019 at 7:30 PM. Directions will be posted on the web site.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM

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