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Meeting Minutes – June 8, 2020

President Bruce Trotter called the meeting to order at 7:35 PM at his home in eastern Bartholomew county just off of SR 46. An outdoor pool side arrangement made social distancing easy to maintain.
A brief introduction of those in attendance included: John Benton (Vice President), Keith Dunlap (Treasurer), Ray Sheldon (Secretary), Brian Cross (Board Member), Contributing Member Dave Black and Regular Member Tom Sollman who drove up from southwest Indiana and who is a contributor in many ways to the ICS and similarly to several other caving organizations.
The March 2020 meeting minutes were approved.
Treasurer Report: Dunlap mentioned that a CD will mature on 6-12-2020 and he is not planning to renew it at this time. He reported $6,236.98 in the treasury and membership stands at 64.
County Director Reports:
Jennings County Director Trotter reported no activity.
Clay, Morgan, Owen, Parke, Putnam and Vanderburgh County Director Jarboe (per an e-mail to Trotter) reported surveying in White River Bend Cave in Owen. There could be an interesting story alongside the map when published. He is expecting an ICS report form on a cave currently being surveyed by others in Morgan County. He reports no activity in Parke, Putnam, or Vanderburgh counties.
Brown, Shelby, Franklin, and Decatur County Director Cross mentioned a recent inquiry in Franklin County. With some effort someone might just find the longest cave in Franklin County.
Bartholomew, Jackson, Jefferson, and Ripley County Director Sheldon reported that Dunlap found an issue with a Jefferson County reference where there are two caves with ICS numbers that don’t match the numbers on two maps. There must have been a communication problem with the Director at that time and the map cartographer. The good news is that the map describes the cave you are in.
Clark and Scott County Director Dunlap reported no activity.
Allen, Cass, Delaware, Fountain, Grant, Hamilton, Henry, Kosciusko, Madison, Marion, Miami, Nobel, Porter, Tippecanoe, Vermillion and Wabash County Director Jerry Lewis has had no activity (relayed by Dunlap).
Crawford, Harrison, and Floyd County Director Black reported that Benton and Chris Bell have turned in several ICS report forms.
Dunlap continues to update the ICS Database with new ICS Report Forms. During this past quarter the following reports were entered: Crawford – 9, Greene – 2, Harrison – 14, Jennings – 2, Orange – 6, Owen – 5 and Washington – 2.
Archivist (Dunlap) Report: Nothing new to report.
Public Webmaster (Dick) Report: Nothing reported.
Private Site Webmaster/Database Custodian Report: Dunlap has made a change to the Long Cave List adding a column showing the miles, had a parameters problem with the PHP, and has continued working on the reference migrations; Crawford County now done and is starting to work on Orange County . Harrison, Monroe and Lawrence are still left to migrate. He also continues to process forms for the County Directors.
ICS Notebook Report:
Editor Ty Spatta completed the newest issue of the ICS Notebook making it available to members. Dunlap continues to assist with the delivery and is accepting $20.00 donations for the printing of color covers.
ICS Membership Upgrade: Trotter reported a request by Aaron French to be upgraded to Regular membership. He has completed more than the required ICS report forms but is a month shy of the two-year requirement. Sheldon moved to waive the time period requirement and Cross seconded. The ICS board members present voted to waive the requirement. There was a motion to upgrade and the membership voted unanimously to upgrade him.
Old Business:
No word about the Bill Schulze archives from anyone associated with this matter. Trotter plans to follow-up.
The 2020 ICS Cave Symposium had to be cancelled due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The CDC is not recommending pitch-in type meals and is worried that old and young cavers might become sick and die. You have to wonder if cavers really quit caving after they die.
There was talk last meeting about the proposed Mid-States Corridor and the Lochmueller Group wanting access to ICS cave, springs and karst related data. The ICS Board voted by e-mail to authorize a sharing agreement. Dunlap spent hours working on the proposed routes breaking out the cave index numbers by Section, Township and Range and mapping the results. Some info included the cave length. He will probably need to follow up with his contact. He expects a decision will be forthcoming this fall that defines the final route. His help brought on another request for ICS data along SR 60 east and west of Mitchell.
New Business:
Dunlap briefed membership on another request for ICS data by Environmental Solutions & Innovations. Their bat roost study concerns Gray bats and ICS database access would be helpful. Membership would like the results of their study shared with the ICS. Dunlap plans to follow up with them.
From the Floor:
1) Dunlap spoke about the use of the Topo Quest program on our private website. It is used to display the entrance location and aerial photos. There is a donation button on the Topo Quest website and he suggested that a small token of ICS appreciation would be appropriate. Benton motioned to donate $50.00 and Black seconded. Unanimous vote by membership and Dunlap will take care of it.
Trotter received an email request from ICS member Kevin Strunk asking for similar ICS data that is being provided to the Lochmueller Group. There was some discussion as to what he was using it for and that a written request includes a statement assuring the ICS that the location data would not be published or shared with the public. Dunlap made the motion and Benton seconded. ICS membership voted 4 approved and 2 opposed. Trotter plans to follow-up with Strunk.
There was continued discussion about the volunteer effort it takes to process ICS Data request from for profit consulting companies and the possibility of asking for a donation or setting up a fee structure. Much discussion with an outcome yet to be determined.
4) Someone asked if Wyandotte Cave and Spring Mill State Park have plans to open caving to the public after being closed due to the COVID 19 restrictions. Sounds like they will not open however some commercial caves will open.
Next Meeting:
Danyele Green will host the next meeting at 7:30 PM on September 14th, 2020 at her place in eastern Monroe County. See the ICS website for directions
Meeting adjourned sometime around 9:30 PM.

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