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Meeting Minutes – September 14, 2020

Indiana Cave Survey September 14, 2020 Meeting Minutes 

President Bruce Trotter called the meeting to order at 7:54 PM at the home of Tymme Laun and Danyele Green in eastern Monroe County just off of SR 46.  Bruce thanked them for hosting the meeting.  The location and fire pit arrangement made social distancing easy to maintain. 

An introduction for those in attendance was not necessary:  Other members present included John Benton (Vice President), Keith Dunlap (Treasurer), Ray Sheldon (Secretary), Contributing Members Dave Black and Bill Baus. 

The June 2020 meeting minutes were approved. 

Treasurer Report:  Dunlap reported $7629.81 in the treasury and membership stands at 66. 

County Director Reports: 

Trotter received a prior meeting report from Brown, Shelby, Franklin, and Decatur County Director Brian Cross who reported no activity. 

Jennings County Director Trotter reported that he submitted an ICS report form on Wilkerson Cave, which is located within the IKC’s Lowry Karst Preserve.  Dunlap had located the entrance during his early visits to the property while negotiations with the prior landowners.  

Bartholomew, Jackson, Jefferson, and Ripley County Director Sheldon reported no activity. 

Clark and Scott County Director Dunlap reported that two ICS report forms were completed in Clark. 

Allen, Cass, Delaware, Fountain, Grant, Hamilton, Henry, Kosciusko, Madison, Marion, Miami, Nobel, Porter, Tippecanoe, Vermillion and Wabash County Director Jerry Lewis has had no activity (relayed by Dunlap). 

Crawford, Harrison, and Floyd County Director Black reported that Benton and Chris Bell continue to submit ICS report forms.  In this third quarter a total of four in Crawford, one in Floyd and nine in Harrison were submitted.   

Archivist (Dunlap) Report:  Nothing new to report. 

Public Webmaster (Dick) Report:  The past meeting minutes and next meeting information has been updated. 

Private Site Webmaster/Database Custodian Report:  Dunlap reported that 833 references in Orange County have been migrated;  He is down to Harrison, Monroe and Lawrence counties which hold the last thirty-seven percent of record references.  During this past quarter the following new ICS Report Forms were entered by Dunlap:  Clark – 2,  Crawford – 4,  Floyd – 1,  Harrison – 9,  Orange – 10 and Washington – 3. 

A future project Dunlap is proposing is a coding challenge to convert the free-formatted “Reported by” field in the entrance section into a formatted table display (with several fields for each report form) so that the County Directors can start scanning and uploading the paper ICS forms for on-line viewing.  Dunlap had previously circulated the proposed enhancement to the County Directors prior to the meeting for comments.  Black made a motion for Dunlap to “table-ize” the “Reported by” field which was briefly clarified by Dunlap and then seconded by Benton.  Trotter called the question and all ICS members voted in favor.  Motion passed.  Dunlap also mentioned making a few other minor database interface changes.  Moving the County field, moving the “Old #:” field, changing the heading for the “Orig Report:” field to “First Reported” and changing the “Latest Report:” field to “Last Updated:” which would be auto-populated. 

ICS Notebook Report:  Editor Ty Spatta completed the newest issue of the ICS Notebook making it available to all members.  Ty was impressed with the amount of content for this issue with maps and articles provided by Marion Akers, Ryan Cox and Trotter.  Dunlap continues to assist with the publishing and distribution and is still accepting $20.00 donations for the printing of color covers. 

ICS Membership Upgrade:  Trotter reported a request by Ryan Cox to be upgraded to Regular membership.  He has completed more than the required ICS report forms and the two-year requirement.  Sheldon motioned to upgrade and Dunlap seconded the motion.  All membership present voted unanimously to upgrade him. 

Old Business: 

  1. Trotter made contact with the attorneys for the Bill Schulze estate and as soon as the estate is closed Bill’s cave documents that were not auctioned will be made available to the ICS.  Trotter plans to follow-up. 
  1. As a follow-up from the June meeting, Kevin Strunk had made a written request for ICS location data along the Mid-States Corridor with the assurance the data would not be shared with the public.  This was approved at the June meeting and Dunlap has provided the information request.  

New Business: 

  1.  Trotter reported that a donation of $1500.00 was received by the ICS from the Lochmueller Group who is assisting INDOT with the proposed Mid-States Corridor.  A sharing agreement between the ICS and the Lochmueller Group assured the ICS that work by Dunlap providing ICS assistance with cave, springs and karst related data will be placed on a secure layer and specific location data will not be published. 

Next Meeting: 

Bill Baus will host the next meeting at 7:30 PM on December 14th, 2020 at his place in Bloomington.  See the ICS Website for the upcoming agenda and directions. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:06 PM.  

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