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Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2020

Indiana Cave Survey December 14, 2020 Meeting Minutes 

Last quarter the ICS meeting was held outdoors because of Covid 19 concerns and now this meeting gives our members an opportunity to participate remotely.   Danyele Green volunteered to be the Zoom host and manage the very first ICS ZOOM meeting.  Sitting at a keyboard and looking at a monitor that lets others look back, she started out introducing the members as they popped on.  It was different, but very convenient for most participants.  She made President Bruce Trotter the shared-host and he called the meeting to order at 7:44 PM.   He thanked Green for using her account and hosting.  Trotter had prepared a meeting agenda and asked Green to place it on the screen for members to follow.   

The membership present included John Benton (Vice President), Keith Dunlap (Treasurer), Ray Sheldon (Secretary), Brian Cross (Board Member), Chris Dick (Board Member), Members Jim Adams, Marion Akers, Dave Black, Bruce Bowman,  Ryan Cox,  Lee Florea,  Rand Heazlitt,  Rob Jarboe, Tom Nugent,  Chuck Perkins,  Kevin Strunk,  Jerry Walker, and Jamie Winner. 

The September 2020 meeting minutes were approved. 

Treasurer Report:  Dunlap reported $7626.87 in the treasury and membership stands at 67.  He noted two new members this quarter, Darwin Brack and Andy Lemon.  The only major expense was a cost of ~$100.00 to produce and mail the December 2020 ICS Notebook.  He will be sending out email reminders to 15 members whose dues will expire at year’s end. 

County Director Reports: 

Trotter went through the Director’s list.  Directors reported on their recent activity as follows: 

Bartholomew, Jackson, Jefferson, and Ripley County Director Ray Sheldon expanded on Trotters recognition of a recent visit to Versailles State Park with Dunlap and Walker that yielded two new reports and two corrections.  The primary objective was to hike a remote area of the park with Mark Hood and Jeff French ending in an area on a tall ridge where an Old Indian Fort once stood.  The visit also gave us a future opportunity to visit two more new caves in Ripley County. 

Brown, Shelby, Franklin, and Decatur County Director Brian Cross reported no activity.   

Clark and Scott County Director Keith Dunlap reported no new activity. 

Clay, Morgan, Owen, Parke, Putnam, and Vanderburgh County Director Rob Jarboe reported that Will Ott is working in McCormick Creek State Park with one of the park officials.  He has located several entrances and has turned in a few ICS Report forms with more to follow.  Jarboe also mentioned a newly excavated open cave in Morgan, but the landowner is not willing to share information at this time. 

Jennings County Director Bruce Trotter reported he is currently scanning and uploading old ICS report forms that were submitted to the Director, but are not available for referencing in the electronic database.  He is close to completing Jennings and mentioned that the plan is for other Directors to do the same. 

Crawford, Harrison, and Floyd County Director Dave Black reported that Benton, Chris Bell, and Ryan Cox continue to submit ICS report forms.   

Davies, Dubois, Martin, and Orange Director Jamie Winner mentioned that Carla Striegel-Winner, Brian Welp, and Winner found several things in Orange County.  Two karst features, an 8’ x10’ underground spring-house room and a 20′ pit.  They also found a small cave at Patoka, and a spring cave or karst feature with a water crawl on recent walks.   Winner has been trying to use Lidar maps to identify springs and sinks before visiting properties to make any searching more efficient.  It works fairly well, but found that 99% of the sinkholes at Patoka do nothing. 

Perry and Spencer County Director Kevin Smith responded by email –no activity this year in his counties. 

Lawrence and Monroe County Director Chris Dick had nothing new to report. 

Greene County Director Dave Everton – No report. 

Northern Counties Director Jerry Lewis – No Report. 

Washington County Director Chris Bell – No Report. 

Archivist Report (Dunlap):  Have taken the “opportunity” to re-visit each paper file in the Archives as he populates the new Report Form table, and is finding new references and new maps too. 

Private Site Webmaster/Database Custodian Report:  Keith Dunlap reports during this past quarter the following new ICS Report Forms were received and processed by Dunlap:  Cass –  1,   Crawford – 7,  Harrison – 13,  Lawrence – 1,  Monroe – 4,  Owen – 1,  Ripley – 4,  and Washington – 6.  Also working on 6 more in Harrison and as many as 41 mostly in McCormick’s Creek State Park in Owen turned in by Will Ott. 

Other ICS Private Database enhancements Dunlap is working on are: 

Added “dynamic viewing” to suppress labels and blank lines for empty fields to de-clutter/compress the Regular member’s view.  Removing “hover-over” tips to reduce “code clutter” and user annoyance.  Re-arranged some fields in the Entrance area.  Added “Last Updated” dates to the Cave and Entrance areas and removed the “Last Report” field since it was somewhat redundant.  

Migration status of the new Report Form table:   

Have created 800 Report Form records.  Completed 34 counties with 10 to go.  These are the 10 largest counties.  

ICS Public Webmaster report:  Chris Dick has updated the Website and has been following Facebook posts.  There was discussion concerning online report form changes.   Dunlap volunteered to do a mark-up of the paper forms which will then need corresponding changes on the on-line form. 

ICS Notebook Report:  Editor Ty Spatta completed the newest issue of the ICS Notebook making it available to all members.  Dunlap continues to assist with the publishing and distribution and is still accepting $20.00 donations for the printing of color covers. 

ICS Membership Upgrade:  None this quarter. 

Old Business: 

  1. Trotter mentioned that the Lochmueller Group sent two requests for cave locations.  Dunlap filled the request including an area around Double Waterfall Cave in Crawford County involving 9 sections and a 4 mile radius around North Vernon in Jennings County involving about 47 sections. 
  1. Trotter mentioned the Lochmueller Group has offered to host an ICS, GIS Website.  The ICS is still working on Database quality and is not ready at this time. 
  1. Trotter received an email from Stanley Pennington an attorney for the Bill Schulze estate stating that the ICS will be getting his miscellaneous caving paperwork that they didn’t see worthy to be auctioned.   Trotter is waiting on the notice to pick up the unwanted caving material. 

New Business: 

1) It was suggested that planning for the 2021 ICS Cave Symposium be postponed until the State Covid 19 restrictions are lifted. 

  1. Trotter opened the floor for nominations for officers in 2021 election.  Jim Adams made a motion to keep the officers the same and Dick seconded the motion.  Members present approved. 

Next Meeting: 

Most likely the next meeting will be another ZOOM meeting.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 PM on March 8th, 2021.  See the ICS Website for the upcoming agenda and login information. 

Meeting adjourned around 9:00 PM.  

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