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Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2021

Indiana Cave Survey March 8, 2021 Meeting Minutes 

The December 2020 ICS meeting was the first Zoom meeting due to Covid-19 concerns.  The experience/outcome of the last Zoom meeting was the convenience of members to attend an ICS meeting without traveling, resulting in a larger attendance.   Danyele Green was again our Zoom meeting host.   She did a great job and kept the meeting running smoothly in the background.  She made President Bruce Trotter the shared-host and he called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM.   He thanked Green for using her account and hosting.  What isn’t captured in an internet environment is that in an in-person meeting the applause would be louder. 

Trotter had prepared a meeting agenda and Green placed it on the screen for members to follow.   

The membership present included John Benton (Vice President), Keith Dunlap (Treasurer), Ray Sheldon (Secretary), Brian Cross (Board Member), Chris Dick (Board Member).  Also members Jim Adams, Bill Baus, Dave Black, Lee Florea, Rob Jarboe,  Chuck Perkins,  Kevin Strunk,  Paul Uglum, and Jamie Winner. 

The December 2020 meeting minutes were approved. 

Treasurer Report:  Dunlap reported $7919.01 in the treasury.  The only major expense was the cost for the December ICS Notebook ($163.00 to produce and mail).  The membership stands at 65.   He noted two new members this quarter, Nick Anderson and Carl Rexroad.  

Trotter recognized new members Anderson and Rexroad welcoming them to the many opportunities ICS membership has. 

County Director Reports: 

Trotter went through the Director’s list.  Directors reported on their recent activity as follows: 

Bartholomew, Jackson, Jefferson, and Ripley County Director Ray Sheldon reported no activity.   

Brown, Shelby, Franklin, and Decatur County Director Brian Cross reported no activity, but received a donation of USGS NAD27 topographic maps for his counties.   

Clark and Scott County Director Keith Dunlap reported no activity. 

Clay, Morgan, Owen, Parke, Putnam, and Vanderburgh County Director Rob Jarboe reported that Will Ott continues working in McCormick Creek State Park with Wyatt Williams.   He is finding karst features, springs, and has turned in many ICS Report forms to date. 

Davies, Dubois, Martin, and Orange Director Jamie Winner mentioned that Carla Striegel-Winner and he did more walking at Patoka.   Last meeting he mentioned he is trying to use Lidar maps to identify springs and sinks before visiting properties.  The results have mostly ended as just walks looking for targeted features. 

Crawford, Harrison, and Floyd County Director Dave Black reported that Benton has been busy turning in report forms and some photos.   

Greene County Director Dave Everton – No Report. 

Jennings County Director Bruce Trotter reported he has completed scanning and uploading all old ICS report forms for his county.  It has been mentioned that other Directors should work with Keith to do the same. 

Lawrence and Monroe County Director Chris Dick reported no activity. 

Perry and Spencer County Director Kevin Smith – No Report. 

Northern Counties Director Jerry Lewis – No Report. 

Washington County Director Chris Bell – No Report. 

Private Site Webmaster/Database Custodian Report:  Dunlap reports during this past quarter the following new ICS Report Forms were received and processed by Dunlap,  Crawford – 8,  Harrison – 16,  Orange 1, and Washington – 8. 

ICS Report forms in queue are,  Owen – 76 (by Ott),  Harrison/Crawford – 9 (mostly location corrections using GPS), Washington – 16 (from TNC ridgewalking near Henderson Park). 

Reference Migration Project Status:  Only minimal migration work done on this project in the last quarter, but some new references added.  7869 reference records with – 35% left to migrate (Harrison, Monroe and Lawrence counties). 

Report Form Table Migration Project Status:  Dunlap has now created 1195 Report Forms records (about 400 since the last meeting).  36 counties completed, with the 8 largest counties to go.  About 57% of the entrances left to be migrated. 

Private Database changes/modifications:  Only a few minor tweaks:  Added Report Forms tracking to the Recent Database Update page;  Fixed a bug related to the first tweak.  Ott assisted in updating Appendix 1 (how to handle odd section sizes) in the Database Entry Guide (not yet released). 

ICS Public Webmaster Report:  Dick has updated the Public Website and has been following Facebook posts.  There has been some discussion about submitting Report Forms online and the site seems to interest some new members.  He continues working on back-end updates and keeping the site operational. 

ICS Notebook Report:  Editor Ty Spatta completed the newest issue of the ICS Notebook making it available to all members.  Dunlap continues to assist with the publishing and distribution and noted that the cost for printing color covers and delivery were sponsored this issue and the next two issues by Environmental Solutions & Innovations (ESI).  

Archivist Report:  Dunlap reports that the Archives are in safe keeping at his place. 

ICS Membership Upgrade:  Josh Brinson is requesting to be upgraded to Regular Membership status.  He has completed his two-year Associate membership and during this time has turned in 19 Report Forms.  A motion was made to upgrade him and he was approved and welcomed by a unanimous membership vote. 

Old Business: 

1) Discussion about Benton’s proposal to modify the existing paper report form concluded with a decision to look at adding the changes at a later time.  Dunlap mentioned something about a new reference frame coming and will talk more about the topic in a future ICS Notebook issue. 

2) Lochmueller Group requested a database search of 39 sections in Northeast Lawrence County around SR 58.  Dunlap searched 39 sections noting there had not been a lot of caver activity.  He mentioned that Green County Director Dave Everton worked on a couple of properties with 8 entrances reported. 

3) Bill Schulze estate, Trotter sent a letter to his estate and got an email response from Stanley Pennington stating that the ICS will be getting the misc caving paperwork that was not sold.  Although Bill’s auction ended on 9-14-2020 Trotter mentioned that some estates can take a year or so to finalize.  He sent a reply to Mr. Pennington and is waiting on the good to go sign to pick up the unwanted caving related material. 

4) 2021 Indiana Cave Symposium discussion about having an in-person or an online event and how the Covid pandemic has impacted these types of meetings.  The discussion ended by postponing any future plans until after the June ICS meeting. 

New Business: 

1) There is news that the Mid-States Corridor Project Team expects to identify a preferred corridor for the improved highway connection in southern Indiana later this year.  The corridor will be identified in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), which is expected to be published this fall. 

2) April 9-10 2021 Indiana Geological & Water Survey is hosting a virtual seminar, Beyond Boundaries Earth Science Symposium.  Presentations will be from all earth science organizations from Indiana.  Benton has a fifteen-minute window to educate the attendees about what the ICS does.  Florea mentioned that full time people were hired to conduct fieldwork and that there could be more funding for the continuing effort to map cave entrances and springs.  

Next Meeting: 

The next meeting will be a hybrid meeting.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 PM on June 14th, 2021 at the Trotter home in-person with Lee Florea hosting the Zoom part.  See the ICS Website for the upcoming agenda and login information. 

Meeting adjourned around 9:13 PM.  

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