Constitution - Indiana Cave Survey

Mailing Address

PO Box 2401, Indianapolis, IN 46206


The name of the organization shall be The Indiana Cave Survey, Inc.

The purpose of the organization shall be the same as The National Speleological Society, with the additional purpose to collect and maintain data on all caves and related features within the State of Indiana.

A. The organization shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the Officers and enough Board Members at Large to make a total of six people. The officers shall be PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, and TREASURER.

B. All Board members will be elected annually at the last regularly scheduled membership meeting of the year by vote of a plurality of the ICS members present. Terms shall run from 1 January through 31 December.

C. Any Board member may be removed from office for cause by a 2/3 vote of all ICS members. The vote must take place at a meeting of the membership with at least one week’s notice to the membership that the action is on the agenda. Absentee ballots will be accepted.

D. Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by vote of a plurality of the ICS members present at the membership meeting at which the matter is considered.

A. There shall be three categories of membership in the ICS:


B. Full membership as a Regular or Contributing member is limited to members of the National Speleological Society.

C. Only Regular and Contributing members shall have the right to vote at membership meetings.

D. Offices and directorships provided for under the ICS Constitution or By-Laws shall be held only by Regular and Contributing members.

E. Qualifications and conditions of each membership category, and method of termination of membership shall be further specified in the By-Laws.

There shall be regular meetings of the membership at times and dates determined by the By-Laws. Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may hold meetings of the Board when called by the President or by any three directors.

The Constitution and By-Laws of the National Speleological Society shall be binding on the Indiana Cave Survey. Any action inconsistent therewith shall be null and void.

Any NSS property in the possession of the Indiana Cave Survey in the event of dissolution shall revert to the NSS.

A. This constitution may be amended by a favorable vote by 2/3 of all ICS members.

B. Prior to any meeting concerning amendments, all members must be given notice for purposes of casting absentee ballots.

IX. DEFINITIONS (Constitution and Bylaws):
A. “Notice” means actual notice or mailing notice to the most recent address given by the member to the ICS Treasurer.

B. Whenever the term “member(s)” is used without further qualification in the ICS Constitution or Bylaws it refers to Regular and Contributing members.

C. Any use of a masculine or feminine pronoun in the ICS Constitution, Bylaws, and policies will be construed to include the opposite gender.

Amended and approved, August 3, 1997; James Adams, Secretary