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Android Software Resources

The following is a list a Android apps of interest to cavers, several of which also bluetooth live to a DistoX.

Indiana Cave Survey is not associated with any of the applications listed.

Abris – Cave Survey Software **
Adobe Acrobat – Paper Cave Map Viewing
AlpineQuest – GREAT offline topo map viewing, point making with multi Datums (Indiana Cave Survey utilizes NAD27)**
Aragonite – Replaces the typical compass and inclinometer used in conventional underground topography
Blitzortung – Live lightning and weather, good for cave and hike conditions
Cave3D – Cave Survey data 3D viewer
CaveMeter – cave survey Inclinometer
CaveRender – Render cave survey data
CaveSurvey – Cave Survey Software
Clinometer – Inclinometer
ColoNote – Good quick notes
CoPilot GPS – Good for offline navigation to the cave**
eGIS Mobile – Land owner information
Google Earth – Google Earth Viewer
InGrigna – app to browse the Speleological database
Mobile Topographer – Land Survey
Multi-TIFF Viewer – Good for viewing cave maps (ICS utilizes TIFF maps)
OfflineMaps – Same Creater as AlpineQuest
OfflineMaps + – Same Creater as AlpineQuest
Proj4 – coordinate converter for android.
Qave – Cave Survey Software
Raindar – Nice weather Radar
SexyTopo – Cave Survey Software
Sports Tracker – Nice route tracker for kayaking/hiking/ridewalking*
StormEye – Nice storm tracker**
ThManager – Therion Manager App.
TopoNavigator – Topo Map Software
TopoDroid – Cave Survey Software
TopoNavigator GPS Info – Verify your GPS point
US Topo Maps – Offline topo maps in many formats