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Past Symposiums

27th Indiana Cave Symposium 2019

Discussion Presenter
Cave fauna of the Garrison Chapel Karst Jerry Lewis
The Cave Rover™ Project Christopher Dick
Scholarship Program for Cavers to Attend 2019 NCRC Seminar Laura Demarest
Oral Histories of Indiana Caving Matt Pelsor
Cave Maps- the Art of Cave Survey and Cartography Marion Akers
Binkley update a year to deep! Rand Heazlitt
A Packed Year at the RBNP Anmar Mirza, Jessica Deli, Laura Demarest
Aquatic Fauna of Upper Twin Cave Tom Sollman
The Mitchell Plateau Karst Observatory—Toward a long-term strategy for studying Indiana karst Lee Florea
Preliminary look at hunting snakes in Wyandotte Cave John Benton

26th Indiana Cave Symposium 2018

Discussion Presenter
Small Town Boy Travels to Big City: The Molecular Phylogenetics of Cave Isopods of Indiana Jerry Lewis
Binkley Cave & Dewey Eckart Hole Rand Heazlitt/Marion Akers
Scholarship Program for Cavers to Attend 2019 NCRC Seminar Laura Demarest
Bat Counts in Indiana Caves Keith Dunlap
State Geographical Surveys, Karst Science, and a Decade of Exploration in Southern Kentucky Lee Florea
Studebaker Pit Ty Spatta
Texas Bear Cave, Owen County Rob Jarboe | Scott Davis
A New Species of Spider from Stygian River Cave Dr. Marc Milne

25th Indiana Cave Symposium 2017

Discussion Presenter
Indiana Karst Conservancy highlights of the past 25 years Salisa Lewis
Retracing the steps of the ISS and recent discoveries of the
Buck Creek and Mosquito Creek area of Southern Harrison County
Chris Bell
Indiana Cave Survey Archives highlights of the past 25 years Bruce Trotter
Binkley Cave updates and highlights from the past year Rand Heazlitt
Lessons learned from the Recent Binkley Cave Entrapment Laura Demarest
A photographic history of past Indiana Cave Symposiums Dave Black
Highlights from past Symposiums, significant accomplishments, and more… Dave Everton

24th Indiana Cave Symposium 2016

Discussion Presenter
Multi-pronged compilation Jerry Lewis
Binkley cave update Rand Heazlitt
Bat boxes Bill Greenwald
Caving Club of Indiana University Kevin Romanak
CCIU bat box project Melissa Fitzpatrick
TBA Dean Wiseman
ICS survey & other activities Dave Everton

23nd Indiana Cave Symposium 2015

Discussion Presenter
Boone Cave Bioinventory Project Jerry Lewis
Lost River Cave Survey Update Joy Baiz
Bluespring Cave Photos Joe Kinder
Driveby Cave Survey Chris Dick
2015 Bat Census Keith Dunlap
Big Bat Cave LiDAR Map Ken Bailey and Ben Shinabery
Binkley Cave Update Laura Demarest

22nd Indiana Cave Symposium 2014

Discussion Presenter
The French Connection to Indiana Cave Biology Jerry Lewis
Gas Monitoring Project and/or Blenz Nature Preserve Anmar Mirza
Historic Look at Indiana Cave Rescues & Incidents John Benton
Indiana’s Closed Caves: a Historic Photo Compilation George Jaegers
Biennial Bat Count and/or Partial State Caves Opening Keith Dunlap
LiDar Karst Imaging Dick Powell
Binkley Cave Update Dave Everton

21st Indiana Cave Symposium 2013

Discussion Presenter
Shawnee Karst Preserve Jerry Lewis
Relationship Between Natural Disasters & Speleology Kriste Lindberg
Buckner graffiti update Bill Baus
Binkley Cave System Dave Everton
ICS website Aaron Valandra
Indiana Saltpeter Operations in the War of 1812 Bill Shulze
Book Sam Frushour
Cave Connection Newsletter Bill Greenwald

20th Indiana Cave Symposium 2012

Discussion Presenter
Shawnee Karst Perserve Jerry Lewis
Binkley Cave Update Dave Everton
WNS Keith Dunlap
Cave Connection Newsletter Dave Haun
Gas Monitoring Anmir Mirza
2011 Bio Inventory Dr. Jerry Lewis
Dukes Cave Chris Schotter
Guy Stover Cleanup Brenda Shulthesis

19th Indiana Cave Symposium 2011

Discussion Presenter
IKC 25-year Anniversary Jerry Lewis
Permit Caving in WNS World Todd Webb
Get Down Kriste Lindberg
Happy BDay ICS Randy Jackson
2011 Bat Census Keith Dunlap
Cave Connect Newsletter Dave Haun
Gas Monitoring Anmir Mirza
Binkley and Blowing Hole Update Dave Everton

18th Indiana Cave Symposium 2010

Discussion Presenter
Gas Monitoring in Indiana Caves Anmar Mirza
HNF Biology Dr. Jerry Lewis
Crawford Biomass Incinerator Carla Beth Jones
ICS Update Keith Dunlap
Prosecuting Cave Vandalism Patty Cummings
Houghton Hole CleanUp Brenda Shutthesis
History of Floyd Collins John Benton
Buckner Graffiti Removal Bill Baus
Binkley and Blowing Hole Caves Dave Everton

17th Indiana Cave Symposium 2009

Discussion Presenter
IKC Education Committee Kriste Lindberg
2009 Bat Census Keith Dunlap
WNS Todd Webb
ICS Online Database Randy Jackson
Biota protected in IKC Jerry and Salisa Lewis
Buckner Restoration Bill Baus
Caves of Greater Stinesville Area Dave Everton

16th Indiana Cave Symposium 2008

Discussion Presenter
Karst Education Kriste Lindberg
ICS GIS Todd Webb
BioInventory Dr. Jerry Lewis
Hat Dome Radio Location Jamie Winner
Sediments in Porter Cave Jack Wood
Linking All Cave Maps Keith Dunlap
American Bottoms Survey Dave Everton

15th Indiana Cave Symposium 2007

Discussion Presenter
2007 Indiana Bat Census Keith Dunlap
Bugs R Us Dr. Jerry Lewis
Caves: Life beneath the Forest Kriste Lindberg
HNF Cave Inventory Bruce Trotter
Coon Trap Cave Chris Schotter
Lost River Cave System Update Mark Deebel
Buckner Cave Resurvey Project Sean Lewis
Buckner graffiti Removal Project Dave Everton

14th Indiana Cave Symposium 2006

Discussion Presenter
Cave Signs John Benton
Cave Biota Webumentary Kriste Lindberg
I-69 Indiana Potential Bat Hibernaculum ID Project Sam Frushour
Recent Projects in Indiana Cave Biology Dr. Jerry Lewis
Cave Airflow Sean Lewis
HNF Karst Update Bruce Trotter
Bat Cave with No Bats: Identifying and Protecting Overlooked Habitat Jim Kennedy
Roger Spring Cave System Dave Everton

13th Indiana Cave Symposium 2005

Discussion Presenter
Wayne Cave Update Robert Sollman
2005 Winter Bat Census Keith Dunlap
Carcass Crypt Cleanup Brian Leavell
Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy Anmar Mirza
Caves East of Spring Mill State Park Willie Roberts
Robinson Ladder Property Acquisition Keith Dunlap
HNF Cave and Karst Project Bruce Trotter
Gemini Cave Brian Killingbeck
Karst Education: Working with developers Kriste Lindberg
Lost River System Project Update Jake Morris
Jakes Water Bowl Cave David Black

12th Indiana Cave Symposium 2004

Discussion Presenter
Wayne Cave Preserve Management Plan Robert Sollman
Clark County Cave Projects Todd Webb
Cave and Karst Networking Process Kirstie Lindberg
Floyd Collins Presence in the Mammouth Cave Area John Benton
Exploration and Survey of Allens Lost Cave Brian Killingbeck
Indiana Cave Data Collection Rob Jarboe and Dave Everton
HNF Cave and Karst Inventory Project Bruce Trotter
NSS Convention 2007 Dave Haun
Caves of Harrison Co and TAG Chuck Perkins

11th Indiana Cave Symposium 2003

Discussion Presenter
Update on Indiana Cave Permit System Todd Webb
Creating partnerships for Water Quality Protection in Karst Areas Kristie Lindberg
Exploration and Survey of Redman Cave Brian Killingbeck
Subterranean Fauna of HNF Dr. Jerry Lewis
ICS Report Form Rob Jarboe
Lost River Cave Tony Cunningham
2003 Biennial Bat Cenus Keith Dunlap
Browns Farm Cave Bruce Trotter
Time Stood Still in Heltonville Dave Everton
Exploration of Big Rock Swallowhole Dave Black and Chris Schotter

10th Indiana Cave Symposium 2002

Discussion Presenter
Signs of Caves John Benton and Terry Clark
Bugs, Bombs, and Bureaucrats Dr Jerry Lewis
Agencies as partners in Karst Conservation and Education Kristie Lindberg
Conservation of the Federally Endangered Grey Bat in Indiana Lori Pruitt
Sellersburg Quarry Survey Bruce Trotter
Caves of Lost River Drainage Basin Bruce Bowman
History of Indiana Bat Management at Wyandotte Cave Todd Webb

9th Indiana Cave Symposium 2001

Discussion Presenter
IKC Updates Kristie Lindberg
Indiana Bio-Inventory Projects Dr.Jerry Lewis
Versailles State Park Karst Study Ray Shelton
Bats and The Bees Bill Greenwald
Lost River Cave System Tony Cunningham

8th Indiana Cave Symposium 2000

Discussion Presenter
Binkley Cave History John Benton
Crane Karst Study Ray Sheldon
IKC Update, Leonard Springs Update Kristie Lindberg
IKC Sullivan Cave Update Keith Dunlap
IKC Orangeville Rise Bruce Bowman
IDNR Bat Project Keith Dunlap
Bioinventory Updates Dr.Jerry Lewis
Versailles State Park Cave Inventory Ray Sheldon
Underwater Mapping in Blue Spring Cave Sam Frushour
ICS Website Jim Adams

7th Indiana Cave Symposium 1999

Discussion Presenter
Cave Capers Awards Dave Haun
Blue River Bioinventory Update Dr.Jerry Lewis
SR 135 Dye-Tracing Jim Keith and John Bassett
HNF Cave Inventory Kriste Lindberg
Acquisition of Sullivan Cave Bill Tozer
Bat Counts Keith Dunlap
Crane Karst Study Ray Sheldon
Lost Caves of Harrison-Crawford John Benton

6th Indiana Cave Symposium 1998

Discussion Presenter
Acquisition of Sullivan Cave Bill Tozer
Blue River Project bioinventory Dr.Jerry Lewis
HNF Inventory Kristie Lindberg
Crane Naval Depot Caves Ray Sheldon
State Cave Policy Jeff Cummings
Wesley Chapel Gulf Project Mark Deebel
Qualkinbush Cave System David Black

5th Indiana Cave Symposium 1997

Discussion Presenter
Activities of the IKC Bruce Bowman
Jefferson Proving Ground Update Ray Shelton
Bioinventory Blue River Project Dr.Jerry Lewis
IKC Bat Count Keith Dunlap
Mexico Expedition Joe and Tina Oliphant
Reeves Cave Project Andrew DuBois
Marengo Crayfish Count Tom Sollman
Caving in the 70s John Benton
Wesley Chapel Gulf Mark Deebel

4th Indiana Cave Symposium 1996

Discussion Presenter
Jefferson Proving Ground Update Ray Shelton, Bruce Trotter, Kevin Woods
Overview of GPS Units Harold Geick
Kool Spring Cave Scott Fee
Indiana Biological Inventories Dr. Jerry Lewis
Eric’s River Cave Chris Schotter
Whistling Cave Bill Baus

3rd Indiana Cave Symposium 1995

Discussion Presenter
10 Year history of the IKC Bruce Bowman
Tracking the Indiana Bat Keith Dunlap
HNF (KARST) update Clyde Simerman
HNF Management Larry Mullins
Surveying in Jefferson Proving Grounds Ray Shelton
The Northern Blind Cavefish Dr.Bill Pearson
Baker Hollow Cave Update Terry Clark
Nelson Maudlin Spring Cave Ronnie Burns

2nd Indiana Cave Symposium 1994

Discussion Presenter
Wyandotte Cave Cleanup Roger Gleitz
dye tracing related to SR 37 widening Andy Duwelius
Amblyopsis Cavefish status report Dr. Bill Pearson
Exploration of Carter Cave in KY Joe Parks
Extension of Baker Hollow Cave Terry Clark
Temperature Monitoring in Jim Rays Cave Keith Dunlap
Status report on crawfish of Shiloh Cave Tom Sollman
Jefferson Proving Grounds project Ray Sheldon
Exploration of Milltown Quarry Cave David Black

1st Indiana Cave Symposium 1993

Discussion Presenter
Karst Analysis Resource Survey Team (KARST) Larry Mullins
Bat Census Keith Dunlap
Spring Mill State Park survey project Steve Collins
Exploration of caves in Indiana and Kentucky Misc.