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PO Box 2401, Indianapolis, IN 46206

Renew Your ICS Membership

We have two options for you to renew an existing ICS membership:

  1. Snailmail option: Mail a check (or cash if you feel lucky) to ICS, PO Box 2401, Indianapolis, IN 46206.
  2. Pay online: Please click on the buttons below to add to your shopping cart (the cart will open in a new browser tab). Click on one of the “checkout” buttons when done. The ICS accepts PayPal and major credit cards.

Joining for the first time? Please click here so we can collect your membership information.

Membership renewal dues at $5/year (Change quantity number in shopping cart to pay for multiple years in advance)


Donation via shopping cart ($5) (Change quantity number in the shopping cart for the amount you wish to give in $5 increments)

The ICS is a 501(c) organization and donations may be deductible on your federal taxes