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Web Resources

The following is a list a Web Resources of interest to cavers.

Indiana Cave Survey is not associated with any of the sites listed.

Caving Links
Caves.org – The National Speleological Society.
Boy Scouts of America safe caving policy. – (PDF)
TCS How to Survey.– (PDF) © Author: Marbry Hardin
Land Owner Release. – (PDF)

IKC’s Cave Legal Resources
Indiana Cave Regulations
The Federal Cave Resources Protection Act.
Cave management policy for Indiana DNR properties. – (PDF)
The IKC/DNR Interim Cave Access Letter of Understanding. – (PDF)
The Agreement between the IKC and the Indiana Cave Survey.
The 1992 InDOT Karst MOU. – (PDF)

Cave Conservation
Indiana Karst Conservancy
Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy
Karst Conservancy of Illinois
NSS Cave Conservation
Bat Conservation International
Southeastern Cave Conservancy

Caving Vendors
Inner Mountain Outfitters
Gonzo Guano Gear
Swaygo Gear
Karst Sports
Bob & Bob

Indiana Location Links
Elevate – Indiana eGIS for property information.
ThinkGIS – Indiana eGIS for property information.
Indiana USGS Quadrangle Map
Indiana PLSS Township Map
Indiana PLSS Section Map

Location Links
Lat/Long – Nice simple site for multiple conversions.
UTM to Lat/Long Online conversions with NAD27.
NatGeo PDF Quads Printable USGS PDF 7.5 minute topographic maps

Miscellaneous Links
PDF Escape – Free Online PDF tool.