Welcome to the Indiana Speleological Survey

Simply put, our main purpose is to continue exploration and mapping of Binkley and other related caves south of Corydon, Indiana. We strive to include any cavers interested and able to help us; this is not a secret project, but does require careful coordination and organization in order to run smoothly.

Subject: June 21 Passage Improvement Trip Report & Upcoming Dates

Greetings, cavers!

Recent Trip Report

· On Sunday June 21, three cavers spent a several hours on passage improvement in Miller Cave; here is a link to the report: http://files.hoosiercavers.com/Binkley/Binkley6-21-15.pdf

Upcoming Trips/Dates: If anyone is planning a trip, please post it to the Yahoo group, and I will update the website calendar as well.

Recent Binkley Cave Trip Reports & Upcoming Dates

Greetings, cavers!

Recent Trip Reports

· On June 6, eight cavers entered the Geary entrance to Binkley Cave (near Fairground Spring) to visit a part of the cave which has gone unworked for over 35 years. The survey total of around 900 feet for the day was enough for the cave to reach the 42-mile mark. Here is a link to the trip report: http://files.hoosiercavers.com/Binkley/Binkley6-6-15.pdf


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