Shelta entrance

Shelta Cave Nature Preserve

Shelta Cave is located directly beneath the NSS national headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. It was the second NSS-owned preserve, purchased in 1967.  Approximately 2500 feet long, the cave has one of the most outstanding underground ecosystems in North America. It is the type locality for several species of cave life -- three beetles, two crayfish, a shrimp, and three other arthropods. Many other species are found in the cave. Shelta Cave continues to serve as the NSS' laboratory for cave biology.

A bat-friendly fence has been installed and completely encircles the two entrances.  This fence will replace the old hard gates.

Although the entrance to Shelta Cave is fenced, access is open to NSS members. If you are interested in visiting the cave, please contact the Preserve Managers, Ronnie and Patti Miller.


Photos of the New Fence Construction

Preserve Management Plan

If you have questions about this Preserve, e-mail Ronnie and Patti Miller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.