VTC Advisory Board

Pat Kambesis - NSS VTC Advisory Board Member

Pat Kambesis

Active caver since 1974 with extensive national and international cave project, expedition and cave research experience. Over 20 years of teaching experience at the university level including developing vertical training curricula and running vertical training workshops.

Gary Holliday - VTC

Gary Holliday

A science educator for over 25 years, which includes extensive experience in curriculum development, instructional design, and assessment. Currently, Gary is Associate Professor in a teacher preparation program in Northeast Ohio and has presented his work at professional meetings in the US and internationally.

Bruce Smith VTC

Bruce Smith

A professional educator for more than 50 years, including private schools, public schools, industrial schools, professional schools, and wilderness settings, and wrote the curriculum and business manuals for McDonald’s Corporation. Bruce started caving at the age of 12 and seen became passionate about ropes and high places, he served as the Chair of the NSS Vertical Section for 7 years, has taught hundreds of people vertical skills, and served as Curriculum Coordinator for the National Cave Rescue Commission. Co-author of the first and second edition of On Rope and On Rope and founder and CEO of On Rope 1, Inc.

Devra Heyer

Devra Heyer

Has been an educator for over 14 years, and the NSS Education Division Chief for three years. Devra started caving in Texas and has participated in expeditions in China, Malaysia, Mexico, Kentucky and New Mexico.