Open VTC Positions

VTC is structured as a national commission within the NSS, tasked with overseeing vertical training of interested cavers within the US. To do this, the VTC helps define the vertical competencies and educational materials needed to train interested cavers through grottos, regional and national events. To do this, VTC is structured with a Board of Regional Coordinators and Curriculum Committee, and we welcome any nominations or self-nominations to serve in these positions, please fill out an application.

VTC aims to train cavers at the grotto level, and we will be seeking individuals to serve as future trainers. The following positions are available:


Open to any individual who wishes to train others in vertical techniques through grottos and other internal NSS organizations. Individuals wishing to serve as a trainer should be vertical cavers who have previously taken VTC curricula or demonstrate the minimum skills and have have a previous record of teaching vertical techniques, and complete the VTC trainer course. Please provide your information below.

Master Trainers

Individuals who wish to train-the-trainers will be vertical cavers who have previously taken VTC curricula or demonstrate the minimum vertical skills to demonstrate a good insight on handling various situations and problems, as well as complete the Master Trainer course. Please provide your information in the application at the link below.

Regional coordinator

Open to individuals who should be able to qualify as a VTC trainer. Works on behalf of their region to maximize opportunities for the training of interested cavers, approves curriculum, determines criteria for master-trainer and trainer qualification, and meets regularly with the VTC board.


Open to individuals who are interested in serving as an officer for the VTC Board. Duties include organizing the VTC finances in accordance with NSS policy and practice, building the VTC operating budget into the annual NSS Budget, ensuring that the activities of the VTC are financially self-sustaining, and maintaining a written record of all board meetings.

Curriculum committee member

Open to individuals with the requisite experience defined in VTC's bylaws to develop, evaluate, and revise VTC's educational materials.