VTC News & Announcements

Vertical Training Commission board positions re-appointed

Pursuant to the NSS Vertical Training Commission (VTC) charter, NSS Administrative Vice President, Emily P. Davis has made the following re-appointments:

  • National Coordinator - Ron Miller

  • Central Regional Coordinator - Anmar Mirza

  • Northeast Regional Coordinator - Jessica van Ord

  • Western Regional Coordinator - Annelisa Moe

  • Curriculum Committee member - Derek Bristol

As outlined in the VTC charter, the national coordinator and regional coordinator positions are three-year terms; the curriculum committee position is a four-year term.

At its May 23, 2023 meeting, the VTC board unanimously nominated these individuals for re-appointment.If you would like to learn more about VTC, please visit vtc.caves.org

VTC Board and Curriculum Committee Position Announcement

Per VTC’s bylaws, the initial terms of several VTC staff expire in 2023. Although all of the incumbents listed below  have expressed a willingness to continue serving in their respective positions, VTC invites applications from any interested NSS members.


First Annual Board meeting of the VTC at the NSS Convention in Rapid City, South Dakota

First Annual Board meeting of the VTC at the NSS Convention in Rapid City, South Dakota, June 14 2022

June 14, 2022



The NSS VTC: Progress Report and Next Steps

Ron Miller, Jenny Tison, Hazel Barton, and Adam Weaver

An article titled “The NSS Vertical Training Commission” in the NSS News (October 2021) introduced the membership to a proposed new commission that would create a national-scale vertical training program for cavers. This article summarizes our progress and outlines the steps that we are taking to realize this exciting vision.