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Robert Wilkinson in a
        south-central Idaho pit cave

We are a group of cave enthusiasts affiliated with the College of Southern Idaho’s Outdoor Program, dedicated to the exploration, conservation, and survey of South Central Idaho caves.  The Silver Sage Grotto, an official internal organization of the National Speleological Society (NSS), was chartered December 6, 2001.

2016 Officers

Chairman: Jeremy Callen*, NSS #55399
Vice-Chairman: Stacy McDrummond*, NSS #63789
Secretary: Kody Krieger*, NSS #65594
Treasurer: Bruce Jennings*, NSS #58242
Trip Coordinator: Steve Frye*, NSS #57723


When: Second Thursday of every month, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
What: A business meeting followed by a slide or video program, or a live speaker.
Where: Pine Room (#258), Taylor Administration Building, College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, Idaho
Who: Everyone is welcome; no experience necessary.
Why: To discuss caves and cave exploring, plan upcoming trips, swap tall tales, etc.

2016 Appointed Duties

College of Southern Idaho Liaison:
Chris Anderson*, NSS #31497RL
Grotto Store: Robert Wilkinson*, NSS #50928
Librarian: Chris Anderson*, NSS #31497RL
New Member Coordinator:
Steve Frye*, NSS #57723
Northwest Caving Association Representative Chris Anderson*, NSS #31497RL
Stacy McDrummond*, NSS #63789
Quartermaster: Robert Wilkinson*, NSS #50928
Survey Master:
Chris Anderson*, NSS #31497RL
Webmaster: Chris Anderson*, NSS #31497RL

Want to go caving?  Check out our upcoming events schedule.
Paid members are invited to check out publications from the grotto library.
Virtual cavers can check out photos from past trips.

In order to protect fragile and vulnerable cave resources, the Silver Sage Grotto does not give out cave locations.  If you want to visit our local caves, join us!

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