The NSS has proudly supported domestic and international member projects over the past 80 years. Read on for the latest updates in karst exploration.

Sardinia, Italy 📷 Kasia Biernacka
Sardinia, Italy 📷 Kasia Biernacka

Great discoveries are a product of persistence and and disciplined exploration.

A beautiful photo of a well-lit chamber or going borehole is an end product of exploration.

NSS members are out there on domestic and international expeditions pushing and documenting every foot (or meter) of cave passage to find the next breakthrough. This section of the website is dedicated to their efforts.

Member Exploration Updates

Great Gallery 📷 Tom Culverwell

Tom Culverwell—Climber, Caver, Artist, NSS Member

Schoolhouse Cave was an early proving ground for the National Speleological Society. Its rugged challenges helped to develop and hone underground exploration techniques. A rock climber turned caver named Tom Culverwell created a series of drawings that illustrated the wonders  Schoolhouse Cave.


Črna Goras, Montenegro International Caving Expedition

In 2014, during the Karst Without Boundaries Conference, Katarina Kosič Ficco fell in love with Montenegrin Karst. With karst springs that deliver up to 50 m3/s, a dramatic karst landscape, the Adriatic Sea, and the largest lake in Europe, what's not to love?


Mapping the unknown

Cavers survey and document passage as they move throughout the cave in order to draft a final map once exploration is complete.

Drafting maps is a very difficult, time-consuming process that demands precision and determination. Visit the Cartographic salons page to view some of the award-winning maps presented at the annual NSS Convention.