About ACA

ACA serves as an educational resource for cavers and cave rescuers. Each issue of the ACA includes incident summaries based on collected information, along with comments, analyses, editorials and feature articles on caving safety and accident prevention. Readers of the ACA benefit from shared experiences of others, and have the opportunity to learn from those experiences and become safer cavers.

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EDITOR: Adia Sovie


Online submissions can be sent by using the button below.
Send hardcopy accident and incident reports, news clippings, etc. to American Caving Accidents by US mail at:
American Caving Accidents
6001 Pulaski Pike
Huntsville AL 35810-1122
In all incident reports, please be sure to indicate the name of the cave, the state where the cave is located, and the date of the incident. It is also helpful if you will provide contact information (your own, or that of persons having knowledge of the incident) so that we can follow up on missing details. When sending newspaper clippings, be sure to indicate the newspaper namecity and state, and the date of publication.
Submitted reports become the property of the National Speleological Society, and may be published in full or in summary form in American Caving Accidents. Credit will be give to the author when submitted material is included in ACA.