Conservation Division Contacts

Division Co-Chiefs

Jim Werker & Val Hildreth-Werker


Cave Biological Response Committee
Cave Conservation Committee
Jim Werker & Val Hildreth-Werker, Co-Chairs
Geocaching Committee
David Irving, Chairman
Liaison for International Speleothem Protection
Thomas Lera, Chairman
Mammoth Cave Restoration Committee
William Copeland, Chairman
Resource Preservation Committee
David Joaquim
Vandalism Deterrence Reward Commission
Sarah Richards, Chairman




Regional Conservation Representatives


Arizona Regional Association Steve Smith
Southwestern Region Janice Tucker
Mid-Atlantic Region Doug Soroka
Rocky Mountain Region Chloe Beck
Southeastern Region John Hoffelt
Virginia Area Region Janet Tinkham
Western Region Joel Despain



NSS Conservation Task Forces


A Conservation Task Force (CTF) is a group of Society members or an existing organization formed specifically to investigate and resolve a certain cave and karst conservation problem. These organizations agree to the purposes of the Society and are overseen by the CTF Committee in the department of the Administrative VP.


CTF Coordinator: Jonathan Beard


Hawai’i Cave Conservation Task Force (vacant) (vacant)
High Guads Restoration Project CTF Jennifer Foote
Klamath Mountains CTF Steve Knutson
Ozark Conservation Task Force Kathy Kriska
Twin Lakes Conservation Task Force John Durall