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June 21 - June 23


Event Overview

Karst-O-Rama (KOR) is the annual caving convention hosted by the Greater Cincinnati Grotto (GCG).
Pre-registration for Karst-O-Rama 2024 will re-open in the Spring of 2024!

Yoga in the dome on Friday AM for those who arrived early.
Howdy Party is set to be on Thursday or Friday night.
Hay rides around the property at night.
Saturday: Yoga in the dome in the AM. Banquet, raffle, and speaker. Costume contest of your best Mad Max theme.
The live band is to go on around dark, then break for the costume contest, and then 10 pm the Bourbon Britches will play.
Hay rides around the property at night.
Dance laser rave in the dome, hosted by NGG at night.
Sunday: pack up and say goodbyes from the property by noon. Miscellaneous cave and hiking trips go out.
Cave trips will be posted the night before for Friday & Saturday—various difficulties, wet & dry, vertical & horizontal.
We are pushing to complete the brand new 16’x9′ hot tub by this opening week.
There are multiple activities to do on the property such as swimming in Crooked Creek with a rope swing, hanging out in the dome, slipping and sliding, vertical training, The Gauntlet course, squeezebox, and more!

  • Greater Cincinnati Grotto
  • June 21 - June 23

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