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Speleofest 2024


Speleofest 2024

May 24 - May 28


Event Overview

This years theme is Oh the places you’ll cave!!  Speleofest Website

Speleofest is an annual caving, hiking, kayaking festival in Kentucky that takes place on Memorial Day Weekend.  With guided cave trips and 8 caves on property.  Proceeds from the event have allowed the Louisville Grotto to purchase the Lone Star Preserve in Bonnieville, Kentucky, which functions as a permanent location for Speleofest and a year-round educational facility for caves and karst.

Oh the places you’ll cave,

In the heart of Kentucky, where the caves do gleam,

There’s a place called Speleofest, a caver’s dream!

With helmets and headlamps, they gather with glee,

For a weekend of caving, oh the sights they will see!


Oh the places you’ll cave, from Mammoth to more,

Exploring the darkness, and seeking much more.

Through narrow passages and caverns so dark,

With stalactites above and stalagmites so stark.


The Louisville Grotto hosts this grand affair,

With On Rope Course and speakers to share.

From novice to expert, they all come along,

To celebrate caves and where they belong.


They’ll rappel down cliffs and wade through streams,

In search of adventure and fulfilling their dreams.

With laughter and stories, they’ll gather ’round fires,

Sharing tales of their exploits and their cave desires.

So pack up your gear and head to the hills,


For Speleofest awaits,

with its thrills and its chills.

In the land of bluegrass,

where the caves do abound,

Oh the places you’ll cave,

when Speleofest comes ’round!

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