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Tales from Dark Places

March 9


Event Overview

On April 1, 2023 the National Speleological Society (NSS) signed a MOU with The Explorers Club bringing the organizations closer together in sharing common goals of exploration, science and conservation. This year on the weekend of March 9th and 10th The Explorers Club will host at their prestigious headquarters in Manhattan New York the spring meetings of the NSS Board of Governors (BOG) and National Speleological Foundation (NSF) as well as the annual daylong event “Tales From Dark Places” (TFDP).

Tales From Dark Places will be Saturday March 9th at TEC HQ located at 46 E 70th Street in New York City. This day long event will host many distinguished speakers on exploration and scientific adventures to the darkest places on the planet. Yes this includes caves but not exclusively. Speakers this year include Retired Naval Captain Alfred McClaren nuclear submarine commander during the cold war traveling 2 miles beneath the polar ice cap and into unchartered Soviet Union waters. Another featured speaker will be Oleg Klimchouk from the Ukraine who, under his father’s guidance, the late Dr. Alexander Klimchouk, bottomed the deepest cave in the world – Krubera.

The event includes lunch and an evening social at The Explorers Club. Check out the event at www.explorers.org under Calendar of Events. Tickets are limited and will eventually be available on-line at the Explorers Club website.

On Sunday March 10th, both the NSS and the NSF will hold their spring meetings at TEC HQ beginning at 9:00 AM. All cavers are welcome and encouraged to attend. For additional details and information please contact Chris Nicola offline.

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