Timpanogos Grotto

We’ve only discovered a portion of the underground world in Utah, and the Timpanogos Grotto gives you the magnificent opportunity to unlock the doorway to the last unknown spaces on the planet. We are here to bring the joy of exploration through accomplishments, failures, struggles, and shared happiness. We bring you the adventure of caving into a teaching environment that prioritizes safety and conservation. Whether you want to simply visit some of Utah’s caves, or participate in a difficult exploration project, the grotto is here to help you with that first step.


Contact Information

Grotto Contact:

Matt Paulson

Timpanogos Grotto PO Box 808 Draper, UT 84020


(801) 717-6264

meeting information

The Timpanogos Grotto meets monthly at the Draper City Public Library, although locations may vary on the time of the year. Head to www.timpgrotto.org for our upcoming meeting schedules or email us @ support@timpgrotto.org.