Millions of
years in the making

Formed over unimaginable timeframes and home to some of the last unexplored places on earth, caves challenge our understanding of ourselves. They provided opportunities for education, exploration, recreation, and science. See why we are dedicated to them.

Keystone River 📷 Chris Higgins
Cavernacle Pool 📷 Peter Jones
Cavernacle Pool 📷 Peter Jones

Caves Matter

Few environments on earth are as unique or as awe-inspiring as caves. And few environments are as fragile or non-renewable. Which is why we work tirelessly to protect the world's underground spaces.


Get Underground

Interested in what lies below? The NSS is a great way to explore and learn about caves. Attend a meeting at one of our local chapters and get underground!

Exploration continues

Caves represent one of the last great unknowns. Cavers are pushing boundaries and making new discoveries all over the world. The NSS is here to support them.

Cave Science

Whether it is through geology, biology, or chemistry, the study of caves helps us better understand our world. See how caves scientists are adding to the body of knowledge.

Cavers can help!

Cave Softly. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints.