The Board of Governors, on advice from the Awards Committee, annually selects Fellows of the Society. Recipients will be those members who, over a number of years, have exemplified by their actions their dedication to the goals of the Society or the Society itself.

Candidates must have been NSS members for at least the past five years and members in good standing of the Society for at least two years immediately prior to being awarded fellowships.

New Fellows will be announced at the annual convention and will receive a certificate signed by the President and the Chairman of the Awards Committee.

Tips for Writing a Good Award Nomination

The Fellow award is typically given to members who have contributed to the NSS over a period of years. A good nomination letter should be no more than two pages in length and contain hard-hitting facts about what the member has done to warrant the award. Your nomination letter should be filled with specific facts and accomplishments and not vague generalities.

Tell what the member has done (cause and effect) and paint a clear picture for the Awards Committee members. Encourage others to write a nomination letter (this usually enhances the member's chances of being selected). However, supporting letters should be written so they can stand on their own merit. Supporting letters that are brief and non-specific (for example, "me too" or "I agree") will have very little impact and will not help the nomination.