This award recognizes the conservation efforts of an NSS Group or Internal Organization. The recipient of this annual award shall be selected by the Conservation Division.

Tips for Writing a Good Award Nomination

The Conservation Group Award award is typically given to a Grotto, Conservation Task Force, Conservancy, Region, or a group of NSS members who have consistently made major contributions to the conservation, protection, or restoration of cave systems or karst areas over a period of years, and usually includes a body of work through hands-on action and outreach activities. A good nomination letter should be no more than two pages in length and contain hard-hitting facts about what the group has done to warrant the award. Your nomination letter should be filled with specific facts and accomplishments and not vague generalities.

Tell what the group has done (cause and effect) and paint a clear picture for the Awards Committee members. Give explicit details about what the group has done over the years to benefit cave and karst conservation. Encourage others to write a nomination letter (this can enhance the group's chance of being selected). Supporting letters should be written so they can stand on their own merit.

Your nomination letter should include details of the nominee's contributions. Please do not assume that "everyone" knows your nominee and your nominee's merits. Letters from other people supporting your nomination are helpful, especially if they provide additional useful insights into the nominee's contributions.