Research Grants

Past Recipients

Steve Knutson (2007) Emergency salvage archaeology at Cueva Jumakrum, Peru

Katie Schneider (2007) Spatial analyses of cave invertebrates

Dorien McGee (2007) Models of carbonic acid driven cave dissolution

Maria Perez (2008) Place, Nation, and History in Venezuela's Gu√°charo Cave

Aurel Persoiu (2008) Assessment of the paleoclimate records preserved in perennial ice accumulations in caves.

Jon Sumrall (2008) Analysis of Hypogene Cave Deposits in the Cerna Valley, Romania

Dorien McGee (2008) Testing a Biologic Model of Carbonic-Acid Driven Cave Dissolution with Stable Carbon Isotope Tracing

Joey Pakes (2008) Feeding ecology of Remipedes in anchialine caves

Jessica Snider (2008)  Identification of Roots and Associated Microorganisms in Caves in the Southwestern USA

Joel Ledford (2008) Untangling the Webs in California’s Caves: The Biogeography and Systematics of the Cave-Spider Genus Usofila

Drew Westermann (2008)Assessing the sensitivity of water to surface, soil, rock, and cave conditions in Fitton Cave, northern Arkansas

Melissa Pardi (2008) Don’s Gooseberry Pit, Black Hills, South Dakota: A site based taphonomic study of non-analog faunal assemblages

Joe Lambert (2008) Karst Hydrology and Aragonite Forming Cave Deposits: A Case Study at DeSoto Caverns, Childersburg, Alabama, USA

Sofia Angelo (2008) Summer roost selection requirements of the cave bat (Myotis velifer) in Texas

Jason Gulley (2009) Ground-truthing GPR imaging techniques of glacier caves formed by englacial hydrofracturing and their subglacial extensions

Jennifer Hathahway (2009) Molecular Phylogenetic Investigation of Novel Microbial Diversity and Nitrogen Cycling in Lava Tubes of Terceira, Azores, Portugal

Joseph Resnik (2009) Conservation Assessment And Bioinventory Of Maine’s Cave Biota, With An Emphasis On Invertebrates

David Steinmann (2009) Cave Invertebrate Study to Collect and Identify New Species in Colorado

Ken Cannon (2010) Is There A Long‚ÄźTerm Record In The Stinking Springs Rockshelter, Teton County, Wyoming?

Ben Miller (2010) Examining the Hydrology of Carroll Cave and Toronto Springs, Missouri Through Groundwater Tracing and Geochemistry

Goniela Iskali (2010) Biodiversity and Food Web Dynamics in Bracken Bat Cave Ecosystem: Effects of Resource Subsidy