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What the committee does:

The NSS Nominating Committee finds NSS Director candidates and runs the annual Director Election. If you're considering running for an NSS Director position and need more information, please get in touch with the Nominating Committee Chairman.

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Kristine Ebrey


Alex Sproul


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The NSS is a large, national nonprofit organization with sizeable investments, commitments, budget, property, programs, and operations. Managing it wisely to ensure its vitality and effectiveness is a huge challenge. As a result, the Society – and you, the membership – need a competent board with as much professional business, marketing, and management experience as possible.  

Do you have this experience? If so, we need you!

Do you know someone who would be perfect for the position? If so, please encourage them to become a candidate for director or officer, and pass their name to the Nominating Committee.

Considering being a director candidate because you would like the NSS to improve their cave conservation, education, safety and training programs? Please join one of those committees to get the ball rolling. An NSS director’s role is a level above – they manage finances and officers, and create policies, plans, and strategies. It’s the committee chairmen who make things happen!

Expectations of Directors:

  • Attend three meetings of the Board of Governors per year
    • Spring, summer (Convention), & fall
    • Send proxy if unable to attend
  • Provide the NSS with leadership, advice, and promotion
  • Establish NSS goals, strategies, policies, and direction
  • Elect NSS officers and Chairman of the Directorate
  • Participate on NSS committees
  • Conduct fundraising and outreach
  • Become familiar with NSS finances