Cave Photographer by Derik Holtmann
Cave Photographer by Derik Holtmann

Cave Ballad Salon Submissions

NSS Cave Ballad Salon

ENTRIES - All entries must be sent to Roland Vinyard no later than June 1, 2024. There is an entry fee of $10.00 per entry, and all entries are considered donated to the NSS. Payment to be made via PayPal or credit card below, or send a check to the Cave Ballad Salon Chair made out to the NSS.  Entries can be submitted on a CD marked with the name of the ballad and its Salon category. Digital entries will be accepted in standard formats. Each entry must come with it's own the entry form.

CATEGORIES - There are two entry categories:

  Traditional entry: new words written to an existing song,
  Original entry: completely original words and music

We want to give credit where it is due. So for each entry, provide:

1) the names of the main and backup vocalists, instrumental musicians (and the instruments they played), computer/studio technician, and author(s) of both melody and lyrics

2) along with a copy of the words.

3) Discuss the source of the tune, date and location it was written, and any background comments you feel appropriate (preferably in electronic form, e.g., on disk or by email).

4) Please let us know which category you wish to enter and the title of your entry.

5) Include a self-portrait, preferably in digital form, though prints are fine.

All entrants retain copyright and all moral and intellectual rights to their work. Credit will be included with all objects displayed. The NSS requests the following rights, which are optional. Indicate your agreement with any or all by marking the box(es) on the entry form.


  The NSS may place mp3 copies of these entries on its Web sites for playback and download.
  The NSS may place mp3 copies of these entries on their Web sites for playback, but download will be disallowed.
  The NSS may include mp3 copies of these entries on a CD of all entries for the NSS Audio-Visual Library. This CD will be lent to NSS members for listening at no charge.

JUDGING - Judging will occur prior to convention. Don't forget to follow the general instructions for all salon entries.

MORE INFORMATION - Contact Roland at or 518-673-3212.


Roland Vinyard

597 State highway 162
Sprakers, NY 12166

Cave Ballad Payment Form

Salon Payment - Cave Ballad

Price: $10.00
Enter the number of cave ballad songs you are entering.
Submitter Email
Email address is used to inform user that the form was successfully submitted.
Payment Method
American Express
Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa